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Крупнейшие ретейлеры Украины накопили миллионные долги

Retail chains can not pay on time for goods received .
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The largest retail chains in Ukraine have been blacklisted debtors. Thousands vendors who filled the shelves of supermarkets, require immediate reckoning wrote in a recent issue of the weekly Reporter. In particular, According to reporter, a number of vendors have complained that the supermarket O `Kane did not pay for the goods. The total amount of debt a network of hypermarkets O `Kane, which is operated by Expert Capital Estonian billionaire Hilary Teder, according Gonina close to 100 million USD. On He said the stores were closed on Okay so rapidly that he and his colleagues did not even meet with the leadership of the hypermarket. "At one moment just been closed head office, shops sealed and exhibited protection, who did not know where all gone, "- said one of the entrepreneurs. The correspondent writes that the situation in which hit the capital providers, is not unique - in conjunction with them about the chronic debts for goods, said companies from the city. The principal debtor then became the company Intermarket, owns the distribution network and indebted Arsene about 145 million USD. As a result, Association created in suppliers and manufacturers includes about 500 companies from all over Ukraine. In the list of debtors' Association have been the largest trading Network Reception, Silpo, Eco-Market and Great Kyshenya. According to the head Lvov Vladimir Yavorsky organization, today in Ukraine is hard to find network, which would be calculated in time with its creditors. "Now crisis deducted a lot of superfluous, and the problems retailers have shifted on the shoulders of suppliers, "- he says. The experts do not exclude that the emergence of such organizations may ultimately lead to a redistribution of Ukrainian retail. According to Director of International Marketing Group Dmitry Rodenko, in the current low market value networks retail trade association organized to vendors today can claim to share in their business. Otherwise, empty supermarket shelves may become commonplace, and thousands of companies and entrepreneurs who provide most of the filling shelves, waiting for bankruptcy. Reduction assortment of products, delays in payments to suppliers and non-payment of wages staff - this, according to market participants, the first signs that trade network is about to close. "The first to disappear from shop windows tobacco and alcohol, Suppliers are starting to sue at once to the network for the debts, as well as significantly reduced range. Then, the same personnel on the streets, and leadership disappears, "- says one of the entrepreneurs. Suppliers About Okay were in precisely this situation - at the door once widely touted hypermarket meets them sleepy guard. A main office was closed and completely a perpetual lunch. Many entrepreneurs are afraid of: leadership distribution network in Ukraine is no longer like their money, which suppliers must for the product. Now, say the victims, to sue retailer although some of the money is simply impossible. For more information on why retailers can not pay on time for goods received and how vendors can collect the debt, read the number 33 magazine correspondent September 4, 2009.


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