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Подайте будущему президенту, или Откуда у кандидатов деньги на кампанию

Who and how to get their finances. CRS can still cancel the rate of 2, 5 million UAH. pledge for candidates.
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Increasing the size of the cash collateral for registration as a presidential candidate, abolition of the upper ceiling of the election fund (it was 31, 5 mln.) and setting contribution limit for a single physical persons up to 252 ths. - The most controversial rules that take effect after the change of the Law on presidential elections. For the leading contenders for the "throne" five-fold increase in fee is not a problem but for smaller caliber politicians innovation has become unaffordable if not burden, then certainly a headache. How will the money factor in election campaign and its results, found out the newspaper "NOW". Thus, a one-time ticket in national politics for three months (so much last campaign) will be worth 2, 5 mln. (Formerly - 500 ths.). Conversely this amount will be only two candidates who emerged in the second round. Others may and not to rely on financial boomerang - their money will be sent to the budget. Candidates, is actively working with the supporters! Initiator increase the amount of bail, Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Mykola Tomenko not see anything wrong in innovation, assuring that the rate is characteristic of all civilized countries. "Cash collateral is indication is supported or not supported by this politician society not that he is poor or rich "- said the Deputy Speaker. Candidates He advised not to complain about the letter of the law, and actively work with supporters that can to help. Tomenko sure: Given the characteristics of political mentality of the Ukrainians, the deposit will reduce the number of fans to run for president and compensate at least part of the cost of elections. The head of a grocery store should not run for president - Portnow. According to calculations by his colleagues in the BYuT faction Andrei Portnov, while maintaining a pledge of 500 thousand UAH. selective newsletter could be as long as three to five meters, and now it will be much less. "If we have one grocery store manager will assume that In order to implement their ideological views, he should run is a presidential, I do not think this is the answer, which should be, "- said Portnow. Have 2, 5 mln. at the hands of the candidates to the beginning of the campaign on 29 October will have an official Registration of candidates for the Central Election Commission (CEC) and the introduction of cash deposit into a special account of the commission. Raising the threshold of collateral made adjustments to the campaign plans of individual candidates. On the financial possibilities of the political forces that lobbied changes in the law on presidential elections, is not necessary. It is to the same extent As for the president, although some close to Bankova experts say somewhat differently. "What Tymoshenko and Yanukovich should spawn technical candidates? 2, 5 mln. - No money for Tymoshenko and Yanukovich, and hence they have Yushchenko? "- asks the director of the Institute of Global Strategies Vadim Karasev. Litvin: I will take credit for the curious way participate in the elections planned speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn. He intends to take the credit in the bank to make the necessary collateral, as in the hands of such amount no. Chairman of the Parliament, however, did not specify the name of the bank, in which intends to address: "The one in which the will." To me at all No one is built - Lytvyn. Lytvyn pledged so far looking for sources of campaign funding. "Today, even the oligarchs survive not the good times. They have already considered candidates. To me at all No one is built. And I can not help foreign countries ", - said the speaker. So try to campaign in the poor, but make it more effective: to meet with people, "right on the steps of houses of culture, on the steps of institutions," that will not spend money on renting rooms. Gritsenko: ask people No less an original method invented by the head of the parliamentary committee National Security and Defense Anatoliy Gritsenko fraction of OU. He has asked the voters to be thrown off by the unfortunate collateral, because that the money "did not steal." Gritsenko has opened special accounts separate, and asked assistance. By the way, "lay" should not be 2, 5 million UAH, and several more refined Gritsenko. According to him, taxes totaled 375 thousand UAH. that is, only have to find a 2 875 million UAH. Paradoxically, during the crisis, citizens have been helpful. During the first two days to the Gritsenko sent over 55 thousand UAH. - 20 hrn. 10 ths. During the first two days Gritsenko sent over 55 thousand UAH .. For five days after the cry has been given to the account received 500 thousand 732 UAH. True, 10 000 has the family itself Gritsenko, admitted "the first no-go" (as calls himself himself) presidential candidate. The parliamentarian is sure that he could gather up the remaining amount before the start of the election. "I look forward to supporting active, committed and responsible people, people! I do not want to go to bow to several families, but correct and honest appeal to the citizens, " - Summarized Gritsenko. Tigipko: I myself finance easier in terms of finance Sergey Tigipko. "For me it (raising the Candidate collateral. - "NOW") no problem, but it was incorrect to raise five times the amount of collateral, "- he said. The banker said that already spent on his election UAH 20 million campaign. "I finance myself. For me there are no oligarchs and I now feel very comfortable ... I can say is that I see fit. I know what I do: invest practically in democracy, and partly to himself, " - He confessed. The purpose of Tyhypko by his own admission - to people he remembered, and who knew - knew. Yatsenyuk: sponsors to know the country Invest in democracy and partly to himself, - Tigipko. Increase mortgage should not create trouble for Arseniy Yatsenyuk. He is still in February opened several bank accounts, which can transfer money on development initiatives. The names of all donors are published on the portal "Front for change. "The only thing that does not say - how much money has been collected. However, given the massive advertising campaign to question the financial ability to command the ex-speaker is not necessary. In addition, in the near future time, Yatsenyuk planning to introduce other forms of sponsorship - for example, transfer of funds via the Internet. Vitrenko: just do not go on In contrast to the election Tigipko, for which a five-fold increase in collateral The weather did not play for the leader of the Progressive Socialist Party Natalia Vitrenko innovation was a tragedy - it is forced to abandon to participate in elections. Although the party congress in late June recommended her fight for the post of guardian of the Constitution. Pure bandit conditions mortgage - Vitrenko. "It's oligarchic elections," - said Vitrenko comments in "NOW", stressing that all participants can not be guaranteed for example, equal access to media. According to her, the Council of Europe drew attention Ukrainian authorities to the fact that during the election campaign should not be go no advertising on television, not to zombie people, and give opportunity for free expression. "In Ukraine, this is not close and purely gangsters that bail conditions are that the organization of the election campaign, therefore makes no sense at all to participate in it "- the leader of Progressive Socialist Party complained. She also criticized the fact that the new law has removed the restriction the size of the election fund. In general, according to Vitrenko selective law in Ukraine is limited, which makes it possible for people with small or medium income to take part in presidential elections. The leader of the Progressive Socialist Party does not believe that CCS will cancel the rate of 2, 5 million bail. "CCS has no influence on the course electoral process, except that annul the election results ", - summarized she said. Tyagnibok: gather with fellow candidate Increase mortgage has become a problem for the leader of "Freedom" by Oleg Tyahnybok admitted he comments, "NOW". According to him, it would be better left on the rate needed collect 500 thousand signatures. Tyagnibok outraged that people are completely discarded from the process of impact on someone who may be a candidate for president. Tyagnibok not exclude that due to finances may miss the campaign. Money on deposit in the party has already collected - to the members and supporters. "If before the start of the campaign we will be able to collect among the supporters of the necessary an amount that will be the answer to that, whether "freedom" to nominate its candidate, " - Tyagnibok explained. In other words, he also does not exclude that due to financial question can skip the campaign. The leader of the "Freedom" doubts that LCP override provision on bail. According to him, the court, which previously did not differ over-speed, too little time before the official launch campaign. "It is better to look at who now has greater control at KSU: President or PRiBYuT "- concluded Tyagnibok. And yet the norm Pledge 2, 5 mln. for presidential candidates may still be revised at KSU. Victor Yushchenko has turned back, however, rule on the pledge he had not appealed.


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