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Энергетика Вашего дома

Living in your own home or in an apartment high-rise building , always want that you are surrounded by comfort and warmth of home furnishings . In order to make your home into a source of life-giving forces of positive energy , it should be properly allocate the rooms according to their functionality and pick up appropriate atmosphere .
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The first impression is that we get, crossing the threshold of a house or apartment - Impression of the hallway. It was at this point we draw ourselves impression from the house. If debris has accumulated in the hallway, dirty, littered newspapers smells bad, then you and come to you people feel uncomfortable. Also, the discomfort may occur if the hallway is narrow and unlighted. That solve this problem - in the design, use bright colors and mirrors. Hangers or hooks for clothing, attach at different levels to each a family member found his place. Cosiness can create a shoe rack or small mats. The most important thing - get rid of rubbish, which takes positive energy. Living room has served us for a variety of goals. Here we rest, receive guests, watch TV, going to with family, sometimes we eat. Make a cozy living room to help correct color scale and proportion. In a large room with high ceilings and furniture are best set in small groups, because if you create a single space - you feel Pound in a circular frame in which to feel themselves freely can not. In a small room set furniture low to it has not produced a depressing effect. Armchairs and sofas with armrests give a sense of security and footstool - a sense of support and assistance. Furniture should arrange so that no one was behind the door. Guests should feel that they are happy so give them the best seats - Opposite the door. If some of the guests was someone too talkative - Put him back to the door to reduce the impact on others. Unwanted the guests sit outside the better of the main group. For color choices lounge suit all shades of beige and orange. These colors help communication and create a relaxed environment. Lighting should also be variety to meet all the goals room. For Family Affairs Games and lighting should be bright. In addition to bright lights should be sources mute key light: lamps, floor lamps, lights in the corners. This coverage will help to keep warm and quiet. Appliances must be placed so not to be the center and not attract attention, because for such centralization of communication in this room can do to stop. Remember that all the things that you hang on the walls reflect your inner world. In room, where all of the members of the family should hang just nice and cheerful things. Ideally - a photo of the family. If you feel lonely - remove from living solitary and group all things in pairs. Also do not forget that every household own internal world, so try to create private nooks in the living room for each member family. [Http://i.domik.net/_xmlimg/xml_4b03d690cba8565d6f1189e8a461ca1a10c15dfe.png ] Now, when the meal is on the run, the role of food significantly decreased, although this part of the house symbolizes wealth and prosperity Your family. To finish the kitchen, choose bright colors that stimulate appetite. Lighting should be carefully chosen: the table should not fall shadows. Candles should not be abused, even if you want a romantic dinner, because a lot of candles can only irritate you and your satellite. Choosing the decorations and paintings on the walls of the kitchen, stop your attention the paintings depicting the solar landscape or fruit, and the jewelry choose low-key so as not to detract from the meal. Placing utensils should be aware that: slab should be in the best for you place, because, preparing meals, you should not feel uneasy, otherwise tasteless food will, instead of hanging lockers for utensils, use open shelves or floor cabinets, they will not depress you; refrigerator can not be placed in front of plates, otherwise there is a conflict between energy fields; knives hold only in a closed box, choose the table, stop its attention to the table with rounded corners. Also pay attention to trash, which accumulates in this location. He also had a negative impact on the entire kitchen environment. [Http://i.domik.net/_xmlimg/xml_83e1846e9ac2cc71cea3b41b1c32accd771cf9bf.png ] Bedroom. One of the most important rooms in the house, because it is in her people spend the most time. Therefore, care should be taken, that the situation is not only relaxing, but also to create a romantic and mysterious atmosphere. The best place to bed - on a diagonal from the door. If a person lying on the bed, the door is not visible - should hang a mirror, but the bed should not affect it. The bed should be elevated above the floor to below the air can circulate freely. Preferably, if the furniture will be made of natural materials, as aura of nature brings only positive energy. High head - a symbol of protection, just be careful how firmly enshrined. Any thing in a single copy is not desirable in the bedroom, so try to make sure that everything was in pairs. Best colors for bedrooms, all shades of blue, purple and pink. Avoid peach finish for bedrooms spouses, because it can serve as a cause of adultery. Try to abandon the appliances, since electromagnetic fields will have a negative impact on your sleep. If it did without some kind of instrument You exist in the bedroom can not - put it out of bed. The most difficult room in terms of design is the child, because the kid will grow and mature as it is, the room should be changed. While child is not aware of their needs, parents should pay attention the following things: a bed should always be a wooden, if the family grow the same age - do not buy a bunk bed, as it will inhibit both children and if there is no room in his carpet, and it must necessarily be, then put the fluffy rug beside the bed so that every day a child could stand up to him and not be afraid of the cold floor. Refer to design color nature of the child. If it is too active and mobile - using calming or cool tones, and if the child is unhurried and the mobile enough - bright colors. As an adult, the child himself will choose for themselves and the wall color and accessories, which will need. The main thing he did not impose their views, simply advise and reward him for what - a decision. [Http://i.domik.net/_xmlimg/xml_f2be6f44afbb57740497e58d3b70617d9da2d3b1.png ] Bathroom and toilet also play an important role in shaping positive energy at home because the water is always associated with wealth and income residents of the house. Green and white are perfect for these premises, as symbolize the purity and harmony. Shades of blue will help relax, because it is believed that these lower blood color pressure and promote deep breathing. Do not forget that, along with color, huge role to play smells relaxation, so take care of the aromatic side, taking a shower or bath. A lot of mirror surfaces will help reduce the feeling of depression from a low ceiling, and the wavy patterns or pictures would be great to combine both on the floor or on the walls. To energy not stagnate, all cosmetics store on the open shelves. The door in the bathroom and the toilet should be kept closed. Remember that each room is individually needs to be carefully designed and warmth. Do everything according to instructions will not be enough to create the kind of aura, in which you yourself feel comfortable. Trust your intuition and do not reject advice friends and relatives, because only together You can create one corner, which would you care and you want to back again and again. Photo www.homevisions.com, www.accenti-ltd.co.uk, designtalk.homevisions.com Source: Green mama.ru


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