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Без котлованов и долгостроя

The majority of the term \" country house \" is associated with something that capital and fundamental, requiring a long construction process. but Technology recently shaken that belief, because the market came home a completely different type - mobile and modular.
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Mobile version Strictly speaking, a mobile home in a trailer on wheels familiar to everyone. As a rule, it brought to the construction site as a temporary housing for workers, but at the end of construction is moved to another facility. In rare cases, remove the wheel and turn the van into a stationary housing. But it looks like a country house is usually pretty lame. The situation is fundamentally changed after the Russian market began supplying country Mobile homes built on foreign technologies. Structurally, these Houses are made of a metal frame and a "sandwich" panels with an effective filling insulation - mineral wool. Through thick insulation panels homes 150 mm fully comply with the requirements of Russian SNiPs teplosberezheniya. Coupled with a strong frame and sealed double-glazed wall is very good protect the interior of the home from any kind of weathering, from severe frosts in the first place. Produced by domestic manufacturers mobile homes, consisting of modules of size 3, 5 x 7 m, or 3, 5 x 10 m The height of the house, loaded on a mobile platform that is limited to 4, 5 m by traffic requirements. However, this low can not call home. In addition, you can make a house out of several modules, each putting their other or side by side. Chance of a two-story mobile home, a three-story, however, anymore. For transportation, of course, need adequate transportation. In this case, use powerful trailers with a special platform a support for the finished house. He is placed on the platform, and then removed with her by mobile cranes. Naturally, the power used cranes, as well as trucks, is limited. Nevertheless, mobile homes are very ample, they can if they wish to live in comfort year-round. Great advantage is that mobile homes are made entirely in the factory conditions. This allows us to observe the production of high precision, as well as do not depend on weather conditions. The finished mobile home walls are finished inside and outside, they are inserted windows and doors, roofing is made, and internal engineering systems partially or fully assembled. In each version of the house is separated power grids, water pipes, installed plumbing. Some homes are equipped with heating, air conditioning, sewage system and gas fireplace. You may want to get a home even with inexpensive furniture and kitchen equipment. With respect to the interior layout, instead of the proposed manufacturer sold and designed by the customer. Plot mobile home requires a minimum training. No excavation for foundations. Area under house must be aligned just as well for the sustainability of its buildings set on concrete blocks. In addition, the stability of the mobile home provides metal frame, which is the basis of the framework. This rugged and reliable design allows to maintain strict geometry in any mechanical and atmospheric effects. Another, of course, must be brought outside engineering services: water, electricity. You should also consider some option of heating the house. How much expensive for these homes? They cost about two times lower than the cost of construction of similar houses stationary of the lowest wall materials. Factory method of making the application stream equipment to create a suburban housing with minimal cost per square meter. Modular Cottage Another way to avoid digging ditches and protracted - to build a modular house cottage. Such housing always popular, attracting customers simplicity and rapidity assembly. The basis of the modular home was a frame made of wooden boards. This a kind of "skeleton" construction was built in a few days after What builders build it taken as "meat" of sheathing that is type or another. Were wooden boards or panels, construction country house occupied by three to four weeks. However, the advantages "Module" does not rule out deficiencies, which are low strength and poor insulation. Made from plywood panels with glass wool inside as a heater could not protect from heavy frost, and the joints As a rule, were not airtight. When a fire burned the wooden modular home as a match, so that over time, their popularity significantly decreased. New Life modular chalet homes found with the advent of modern materials, which allowed to save them from these drawbacks. Frame home-module of the XXI century is made from light but very strong metal elements, so that no mechanical stress or a hurricane he is not afraid. Materials for covering now - it's a specially processed metal panels, or plastic, or the so-called "sandwich" panels (Most popular). Used for the manufacture of advanced insulation can very well keep warm. As a result, there is no need to constantly use the stove or electric heaters to keep the included and the house You can not live only in summer but also during the cold season. Modular homes are very easy to install. To install and requires only minimal training site: clearing, leveling, the easiest foundation in the form of concrete blocks. All parts are manufactured at the plant at home, so directly at the site need only collect the elements of this design, after which oblitsevat facade and make the interior, which can be any commissioned by the homeowner. The assembly of the house at the site of several days, maximum a week, the same amount of time required for finishing. However, currently there a modular home of another type - fully ready-made, portable, and equipped, and they, in essence, no different from the above mobile home (except the title). This house has been completely assembled, finished, usually in its standard layout includes a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Furniture and equipment compact and easy to make it convenient to stay and a comfortable stay. As examples of such kind of houses can be reduced on the market offers. Let's home area of


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