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Как сделать из одной комнаты три? Часть I

The fact that your apartment is only one room, not a reason for disappointment. First of all, sincerely rejoice that it generally is. Second , recall lesson of functional zoning , include fantasy and more!
What do you think? say
Since we are talking about "odnushke 'room will be a bedroom, and living room, and the cabinet, and if there are children, then another and child. To start, decide, what function you put at the forefront, and safely proceed. Fortunately, in your arsenal are many ways to separation of one area from another. The most time-consuming and expensive way to make "odnushku" in a spacious apartment - it's redevelopment. For example, the union room with kitchenette, hallway, balcony or loggia. As a result, the first "fusion" get fancy, but not so practical studio apartment, as a result of the latter - a real extension of useful area. You can take the opposite for the building and in addition to existing erect an additional 1-2 wall. I think a long time talking about the traditional walls do not sense. Suffice to note that modern materials (foam block, drywall, etc.) can reduce their thickness (up to 10 cm), as well as expand room for imagination on the possible shape. However, such a drastic way I would advise you to separate the sleeping area only, and then only in the case of the onset of the "crisis of the genre." And so he did not threaten you, I will briefly describe about a wide range of existing alternatives. Partitions. This is not about traditional solid walls - there are a lot lighter options, especially for cases where perfect insulation is not necessary or possible. 1. Sliding aka slaydingovye panel (sliding) and foldingovye (folding bellows) door. They are particularly relevant in cases where a recurring need to expand or combine living space, for example, between kitchen and bathroom (the studio), bedroom and living room. Such panels double advantage, because they can become more and excellent decoration of your interior. The spectrum of materials is truly boundless: stained glass, polymer glass of different shades, so-called silver and bronze, matte, Tinted glass and mirror, wooden panel, solid, cheap plastic or wood panels with frequent rassteklovkoy, patterned plastic panel - all this can be an important element of decoration. 2. Openwork wooden design. With a low wall made of chipboard and plywood slats You can create one go in a room two functional zones. 3. Textile partitions. Now it's, frankly, a rarity, but because if you want exclusive, safely choose this option. The main thing - do not overdo it. The fabric is good for highlight the work area or bedroom. Once assembled, a canopy will be look understated decoration. Another option - the curtains, consisting of individual thin filaments the same or different colors, sewn along the upper edge on a continuous tape. Such a "long fringe" will create quite erotic border between different areas of your apartment. By the way, they have recently successfully are used for decorating the windows. 4. Screen. Most mobile and practical partitions, which are like nothing else decorate your interior and bring in He notes the exotic. 5. Low walls. Very original way division of space, enabling them to maintain a sense of his integrity, are partitions, not reaching to the ceiling. You can play with their high (For example, do a little taller than a man) and give a special piquancy vertical or circular opening. Just think over in advance, which will be seen through a "window".


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