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Кредитные программы банков и автоимпортеров - в чем выгода?

Affiliate Programs avtoimporterami banks and financial companies manufacturers can offer borrowers the most favorable terms.
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Virtually collapsed banks loan programs to buy cars gradually gaining momentum. This is mainly due to launch joint programs with manufacturers and avtoimporterami. However, to date, The number of banks, car loans, barely more than a dozen, and the potential customers must meet strict conditions of loans and be prepared for a high probability of failure. The current situation issuing car loans is similar to driving in city traffic: the process of developing slowly and unevenly, but the movement is going. The most prominent players in the market today are the Astra Bank, UkrSibbank, VTB Bank, Credit Europe Bank, Index-Bank. In this case the former leaders of the most active issue loans in the pre-crisis period, according to executive director of the consulting company "KreditSvit" Love Slobodenyuk, waits until the market changes its structure and rules of the game. For the former flagship car loan is compounded pressure of large amounts of arrears, which account for create reserves. In such circumstances, most lenders structures have to forget about previous giving. "Analysis of the latest market trends clearly shows the dependence of credit activity on the level of liquidity in each of the banks - says board member, director of retail business and network INDEXBANK Galina Zhukova .- In autumn last year really gave out loans to buy new cars only Index-Bank, the 'Forum' and Astra Bank. In the first half of 2009, banks managed to increase the liabilities and the market replenished with new members. This initiative did not become popular because Not all shareholders are able to increase the capital of banks and depositors, by placing deposit, operated selectively. On the issue of loans and can not decide structures that previously were ill-conceived policy risks. For example, many Banks got burned, producing mainly currency loans and not paying sufficient emphasis on measuring the solvency of the borrower. "ahead of the convoy New leaders actively exploring the deserted car loan market niches. Thus, the Astra Bank, which did not stop issuing loans or in December of 2008, nor in 2009, increasing the volume of loans. According to Deputy Chairman Board of Astra Bank Anton Pogorelov, in late July, consumers were offered program with the new conditions, so that bank's share in the segment of auto loans increased from 15% in July to 30% in August. In the Index-Bank lending to new machine also did not stop, and the very direction of one of the priority. Close cooperation with domestic manufacturers established in VTB Bank - its corporate partners are predominantly Ukrainian autocompanies. In the Bank "Kievan Rus" car loans have been renewed this year. According to Deputy Chairman of the Board Tatiana Lobashov, after carrying out measures to reduce the volume of bad debts the bank came free resources that will partially reopen issuance of loans. According to the deputy chairman of the board of Erste Bank Svetlana Cherkaev given credit institution plans to resume issuing loans for cars in the national currency by the end this year. In OTP Bank, as well as a number of other credit institutions largest group, while there are no plans to resume lending programs individuals to buy cars. "We are constantly monitoring the market, monitor situation in the country, macroeconomic indicators, - says head of credit products of OTP Bank Svetlana Spitsyn .- When will the signs stability of the domestic economy, credit buying cars again will be relevant. "In general, the comment topic for car loans today ready far in all credit institutions. The new order Model car loan this year is significantly different from the democratic programs of the past. "Right now, credit conditions are more comfortable for banks - said Galina Zhukova .- This year rates have risen and the average Market 25-30% annual in grivna, and the sum of the first payment has increased 40-50%. "Additionally, most banks have reduced the maximum time loans. Thus, the "Kievan Rus" today makes loans of up to three years (previously - Up to seven years). "Now in the case of financial difficulties, the client may extend the term of the loan agreement, reducing the load on your Budget - explains Tatiana Lobashov .- borrowers who received loans five to seven years, this is not possible. Indeed, wear and tear over this period makes a rollover loan inappropriate. "Loans in Dollars United States or the euro is now practically inaccessible. Even receiving the proceeds in foreign Currency potential borrower credit may be given in national currency. According to the press service of VTB Bank, the failure of the institution of foreign currency lending due to the desire to protect themselves against exchange rate fluctuations, as well as the requirements of the National Bank with respect to provision for foreign exchange loans (Resolution number 406, adopted in late 2008). "Loans persons in national currency, we estimate as being less risky, - says Galina Zhukov .- In addition, the NBU policy aims to stimulate lending in the national currency, and therefore prepared a draft resolution to ban foreign exchange loans. "Some experts consider such a strategy as a negative regulator factor for the development of the credit market. In particular, according to Svetlana Cherkaev, loans to buy cars en masse is not renewed Ukrainian banks not only due to lack of hryvnia resources, but also because of some NBU restrictions, including those relating to foreign currency lending. Sieve for customers In addition to changing the conditions of service issued loans, have undergone significant changes and requirements to potential borrowers. According to Love Slobodenyuk, banks began to apply strict criteria assess the solvency of borrowers: they must have a stable job, official salary of at least 5-6 thousand USD per month and a reliable guarantor. At the same time is measured not only documented the level of income client, but the state of the industry in which he engaged. "Banks are segmented borrowers depending on the scope of employment, - says Galina Zhukova .- The most venture include representatives of industries that significantly affected by the crisis - Construction, insurance, steel. "An additional factor is in favor of the client is entitled to ownership of real estate, securities, cars or other property. Impeccable credit history increases the chances of a positive solution, while the problems identified with the repayment debt in previous periods can be a significant argument against the client. A valid credit, on which the payments are properly received, however, will not be an insurmountable obstacle to making a positive decision issuing a new loan. By the conviction of Tatiana Lobashov, expect to receive another loan the client can, provided the previous debt paid on time, and the level of income allows him to serve the second credit. However, the current procedures for issuing loans to leave the potential where borrowers are less likely to receive funding from a year ago. "Percent positive decisions on applications declined - says Anton Pogorelov .- We will carefully approach the assessment of the solvency of the borrower, weigh risks that exist at present or may arise in the future. But we do not say 'no', and offer credit terms under which the client able to service the debt even if the deterioration of their financial situation and economic situation in the country. For example, we propose to increase the advance payment to reduce monthly payments. "However, economic crisis has not only caused a change in credit policy of banks, but also "sobered" potential consumers of financial services, which are now more adequately assess their own ability to service loan debt burden. In However, the lack of chances for a loan they are told little immediately. "Customers are relying on their real financial opportunities and income in future periods to take a more balanced solution - Tatiana says Lobashov .- Given that the bank selects potential borrowers yet at the stage of receiving loan applications, almost all of them the problem is solved positively. "In the VTB Bank, according to the press service of the institution, the proportion of positive solutions in comparison to last year changed immaterial. But decreased the number of calls to the bank. Union for Tough conditions for the calculation of loans amid a general decline income is not of great interest to a new bank program. "Now demand for car loans is insignificant, - says Love Slobodenyuk .- Reason lies in the appreciable decline in the purchasing power and a tightening of requirements to potential borrowers. Many prefer to postpone purchases on credit before the crisis and stabilize the country. "At the same time, operators market point of interest for joint promotions and special programs with car dealers. "There is still a strong demand for promotional credits from zero-rated - confirm the tendency in the press service of VTB Bank to the bank .- within a month received about 70 applications for such loans. About 60% of them shall be made a positive decision. "For the banks today the greatest prospects in the field of auto loans are to develop partnership programs with car dealers or automotive finance companies. Such programs offer the most favorable conditions for potential borrowers - for example, lower interest rates than the market average (From 0% to 5% per annum). The partnership allows car dealers to increase sales, and bank - to attract customers. To compensate for short-received direct interest income at special car loans, banks impose a one-time and monthly Commission for borrowers and receive compensation from the partner. However, the conditions cooperation in such programs are confidential. Partners Astra Bank's car loan programs now serve around 240 dealers. "The depth of cooperation ranging from the possibility of completing an application for loan directly to the car dealer auto loan joint programs, in which we offer a reduced annual rate, - said Anton Pogorelov .- In addition, a number of dealers makes out loans directly to showrooms. That is customer service on the basis of a single window by even in regions where there are no bank branches. "Index-Bank in 2007 became a member of one of the first affiliate program for car loans in Ukraine (Renault Finance, a little later - Nissan Finance) and is now expanding such co-official importers of car brands Toyota, Mazda, Subaru, Suzuki. VTB Bank is working with the corporation "Ukravto", TD "Nico", "ViDi AutoCity" and "Ukravtoholdingom." In its forecasts for situation with car loans experts are kept: in the coming year they do not expect major changes. "Possible exit of new players in the partnership programs with dealers and insurance companies - predicts Svetlana Spitsyn .- However, it will not affect the quantitative growth of the market as the crisis is very narrowed the range of potential borrowers. "Unobtrusive With the advent of supply of the active phase of the crisis banks are mainly focused on working with existing debt and for loans for the corporate sector are now taking in the main banks with foreign capital. According to financial analysts the company "Prostobank Consulting" Vladimir Payuka, if last year loans in local issued under the 18-20% annum, the rates are 25% and higher. Foreign currency loans rose from 14-15% to 19-20% per annum. According to Director of Development Corporate Business Index-Bank Larissa Bondareva, now dominated by credit lines for working capital up to one year, documentary operations and trade finance. "At the present time has increased significantly share provided by the short-term financing - confirms the senior analyst of investment company Phoenix Capital Andrew Nesteruk .- Many companies are experiencing liquidity problems, with banks and is easier to find just short resources. The most popular products - refinancing existing debts and loans to replenish working capital. "In the current environment banks are trying to pursue a more balanced policies of credit portfolios to improve their quality. "In During 2009, our bank has cut its loan portfolio problem sectors, with particular attention paid to cooperation with government corporations, as well as enterprises of priority sectors, such as agriculture, energy, military-industrial complex, aircraft etc. These customers are more stable sources of funding "- said Director of Corporate Credit at Alfa Bank (Ukraine) Svetlana monastery. In addition, banks have been thoroughly analyzed business processes and standards for each of the companies applying for loans. "When deciding on funding opportunities, banks are now paying more attention to assessing the quality of the business potential borrowers: study portfolio Sales, professional management, the ability to manage sales and profitability in the changing market conditions, as well as further examine the sources of return credit and the likely risks - Bondarev said Larisa .- So, on loan Index-Bank can expect a company that has managed to retain or even increase the level of sales over the past year. In addition, financial the borrower must be sustainable and transparent business. " Fearing the depreciation of collateral, banks are tightening requirements for loans. "Banks now lend only on hard collateral - real estate or property rights to the deposit, - said Vladimir Payuk .- In addition, almost in all cases, loans of require that the bail was at least 1, 5 times more than the loan amount. "Thus the strategic importance of facilities for the corporate borrower's collateral for the bank acts as a kind of guarantee. "If a customer is ready to transfer as a pledge of your company's best assets - Means that he is confident in its business, - said Larissa Bondarev .- For the bank it is a signal that credit is more likely to be returned. " In the Index-Bank as the main collateral ready to accept deposits, assets enterprises involved in its core production activities, as well as private property owners. Alfa-Bank is ready to consider such liquidity provision, as deposits, property, land, standard equipment (not highly specialized and unique), transport. "Crediting the customer's need to understand the sources of loan repayment not base its decision solely on the mortgage, - said Head Credit Management "ING Bank Ukraine" Alex Bridge .- The deposit is additional important factor in many cases - possible 'fire exit 'from the deal. However, I do not exclude the use-case lending, which based on the collateral, but only if it proceeds, or it is a structured finance, where work rules and conditions. " Conditions for issuing hryvnia loans for the purchase of new vehicles Bank Loan Term (months) Interest Rate (%) Minimum deposit (%) Processing fee (%) Monthly fee (%) Index-Bank (Renault, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Suzuki) 12-84 0-25, 25-30 9 2 5-4 - Index-Bank (other mark) 12-84 30 30 2 5 - VTB Bank (Kia, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Toyota) 24 7, 77-20, 49 30-40 1, 99-3, 54 - "Kievan Rus" (partnership program with the Ukrainian Automobile Holding) 36 18-26 30-50 2, 5 - Astra Bank (in partnership programs) to 84 3, 99-8, 0-1 99 25 19 0, 99-1, 19 to 60 Volksbank 22, 23-22, 99 35 0-1 99 - Credit Europe Bank 12-48 21, 1-25, 20 30 2 50 - Ukrsibbank 12-60 30 40 - - Source: online banking sites (as of September 21 , 2009)


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