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На чем депутаты зарабатывают миллионы

Why do we have politicians live in a big way with the official salary, for example MP , in a $ 2 thousand
What do you think? say
Place people's choice did not pay valuable 16 000 hryvnia (although and these revenues are officially the People's Deputy five times higher than the average salary Kiev). Once in parliament, a man "doryvaetsya" to incredible resources boundaries are defined only by his entrepreneurial spirit and desire. As clarified "newspaper in Kiev", the additional income of one member of parliament can range from several thousand to tens of millions of dollars for one "Productive" meeting. According to "Gazeta ..." a source in the Verkhovna Rada for the "hack" does not come from only 40-50 people's deputies. And of them are really "Ideological" - units. Others simply have not learned how to use their opportunities. Large and small lobbying Thus, the simplest additional earnings are parliamentarians or parliamentary inquiries the same treatment. - For the scoring of a particular problem in the official a letter from his face in people's representatives can get an average of 2 to 10 000 dollars (if the information is sound from the podium - it's estimated more expensive just write on paper - less expensive) - says, "The newspaper in Kiev" source. - From the same series of earnings - lobbyist registration bills. Moreover, ensuring that they are making is not a condition of the transaction: important for the customer - "light up", the deputy also gets its "fair earned "5-10 thousand USD, and the bills" buried "under a pile of other documents. But if the customer is really intended to "push" beneficial for their business law, then he needs to do things differently: go to the leadership of a committee or leadership factions. And separately for mediation services in establishing contacts between businessmen and "necessary" People's Deputy Parliamentarian receives a "fee", the amount of which depends the seriousness of the transaction. Sometimes it's a couple of thousand euro, and sometimes - 10% of the amount he wants to "save" the entrepreneur, advocating the easing of taxation or support a particular industry, and this - for millions of dollars! - In this situation, the bill increases the guarantee almost 100% - continues the source. - Because the leadership committee usually consists of influential people in the fractions, which provide their own party members voted. With ordinary MPs in this case, no one is divided. Package "Unlimited" for members - sometimes performs the role of mediator MP, which "delegate" businessmen who paid for it passage in Parliament of the amount required - continues the source. In this case, cooperation with the management committees of business is simplified to the amount paid for passage of a person in the parliament, as in "No Limit package "that includes a number of bills that need to be taken from his parish. - More than half of all economic bills which are discussed in the parliament, to some extent are lobbying, - Says, "The newspaper in Kiev" People's Deputy of the last convocation Eugene Filindash. - Usually in lobbying laws and people's representatives in the budget are "tithe" - That is, 10% of the issue (this may be to support a particular industry, finance the construction of the object). Filindash considers this practice unacceptable because it leads to the fact that public policy is hostage to big business. Itself is considered as profitable sale MPs to vote for political decisions in the interests of other people's factions: here every single member can earn from 2 to 10 million dollars. True, the risk is much greater than the lobbying of business interests. Peculiar, but all the same reputation for parliamentarians is not an empty phrase: Unreliable 'comrades' The next time the list can not take their no, no strangers. Fee entrance fee - up to 15 million is obvious that access to the above resources also offers a lot of money. Thus, the source said, "Newspapers in Kiev" in Parliament, the fee for the list of all the political forces in approximately the same and several million USD With some fractions of the candidates MPs in paying for a certain place in the list, and if it turns out no-go - money he will not be returned. In other set is rule: if a person does not get into parliament, part of the amount he returned. - Typically less than half - said the source "Newspapers ...». - But it is possible and "kidalovo" when the money is not returned at all. Sometimes the money can be compensated by the presence of the candidate media or administrative resources, it shall provide for the use of political force. Do not envy those forces that are involved in the election, but the parliament did not pass: the money that could confuse those wishing to become MPs usually go in the campaign, and in case of failure they simply do not return from what. - In this situation the political forces forced stud thresholds of different government agencies with a request to arrange the "right" people to work. Thus, one can compensate for the losses that are incurred These people, - concludes the source. As soon as the deputies take their place in the courtroom, began fighting for Committees: the three most prestigious are fiscal, industrial, and banking. Leadership positions in They do not accrue for the money, but to pull - depending on the degree of influence of the deputy faction. - Despite the fact that the amounts that paid for a place on the list seem to be huge, they can pay off literally for one or two "productive" meeting, or a "successful" advanced article in the budget. The price of the issue - it is millions of dollars, - says the source. Prices for deputy services Service Name Amount, USD How many MPs to make this Deputy's request, 10/02 thousand each treatment Flatten second right people 10% of contract amount or a fixed amount by appointment from 1-2 to 10-20 thousand every second vote for the lobbyist law (taxation, support for the industry) 10% of the contract or a fixed amount of 200-500 thousand dozens Promotion Articles in 10% of the budget amount allocated for the financing of this article a few Vote for dozens of political decisions (in the interests of a foreign faction) 10.2 million units


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