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Мнение: Как крепкую дружбу можно испортить большими деньгами

Who needs more self-regulatory organization in the form of association PFTS, if by law, all traders must join in a single self-regulating organization, which has AUFT ?
What do you think? say
No one. Therefore, it was proposed to change the ownership structure of stock exchanges PFTS: Members of the association PFTS, which owns the stock exchange PFTS, become shareholders marketplace. A letter with such a proposal was sent to the management stock exchanges and PFTS Association. The answer came down to the question of involvement by members Association in the capital stock exchange to be considered at a general meeting in IV quarter of 2009. At the same time before the decision of PFTS Association members may be somewhat reduced. Some investment companies already expressed desire to refuse to pay dues. However, the management PFTS Association does not suffer. Indeed, the smaller dealers will be association, the greater proportion of future shareholders and management will be more easily sell exchange investor. Who may now be interested Exchange, which in the past six months have gone and the big traders, respectively, reduced the actual volume of trading? To answer this question, have little insight into the history of the domestic financial market. We Traditionally it was believed that Russia - is our friend, brother and partner. Not least due to the fact that Ukraine is working A number of large players in securities of Russian origin. In addition, the domestic stock market is now one of the capital market from Russia - Ukrainian Stock Exchange (49% owned by Russia's RTS stock exchange). Ukrainian Exchange (UB) has quickly established himself in a liquid market, in fact, "dragging" assume all stock trading in shares. But now comes the interesting: the main competitor of RTS in Moscow - the MICEX - watching with interest in the domestic marketplace PFTS, which is experiencing hard times. What counts as MICEX, showing interest in the stock exchange, with which the "left" almost all the volumes? The first plans for the MICEX in Ukraine related to the trade bonds, derivatives, securities and repurchase markets. In other words, MICEX wants to make of PFTS trading platform for banks. Everyone understands that the crisis would pass and the banks will come on the stock market with the volume of money immeasurably greater than have the investment companies and private investors. Doubt that could attract banks MICEX it on the PFTS, no. Originally liquidity will support the bank with Russian capital - VTB, Sberbank and PIB. Later to the site and catch up with other banks. As planned by the future shareholders, based software PFTS can organize and commodity exchanges. In Russia, they are functioning well, trading in wheat, metals, chemicals, energy and other products. At first glance, the prospects Ukrainian stock market are attractive, and the future - bright. Domestic market participants, drawing such a picture, enraptured, as liquidity grow at times, can not only sell securities. "And then we'll open possibility of trade between Ukraine and Russia. You can buy our paper and we - your "- encouraging Russian speculators. Here it is time to alert. It is not hard to imagine what will happen when will such an opportunity. Ukrainian capital spill over into Russia, because the main liquidity so or otherwise will be concentrated there. In the end, it turns out that our sites are foreign securities, and in Russia - Ukrainian money. "Excellent" tactics of "compliance" of national interests over the next several decades.


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