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Attic - additional area of your home. Idea Management space under the roof belongs to the French architect attic. first These were rooms for servants , pantries , workshops.
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A real revolution in the development of lofts has occurred in the 40s of last century, as in big cities in acute need of housing. Then it began active improvement of empty lofts. In recent decades, this issue became topical in our country. Lack of residential and office premises in cities has forced city officials to take another look at this kind of inexpensive area, to create that does not require much time and money. Economists estimated that the superstructure, and the attic of one or two floors will save up to 25% of the funds and increase the living space of the existing building to 6%. It is known that flat roofs with concrete homes are constantly in need of repair. To reduce these costs, it is advisable to build on their roof with sloping slopes, and to equip them with dormer windows, a perfect room for offices, apartments or studios. Moreover, the renovated building finds the best appearance, and on investment and can not speak: rent with interest and soon will cover all expenses. In recent years in the construction of individual houses, cottages use attic spaces to accommodate the living quarters became a kind of rule. Depending on the size of the house and the steepness of the roof to the attic can be equipped with one or more rooms, which can be either Shops or classrooms, recreation, etc. The construction of new dwelling house creation of well-maintained loft is easy. Works are carried out in a single ensemble with the design of the house, ie, attic space corresponding properly fitted and finished. Finishing materials are typically used the same as for the equipment room on the ground floor. Limited space attic, which is regulated by the slope of the roof and ceiling construction, determines the selection of furniture and equipment in accordance with certain requirements. These include compact size, versatility, ease of constructive solutions and, most importantly, ease of use. The presence of different niches and the slope ceiling and wall surfaces can be used hanging or built-in beds, bunk beds for children, sliding wardrobes, secretaries, benches with lift cover, etc. The rooms set a few lights above each zones of functional purpose (of the desktop, over the bed, etc. etc.). With their help you can get the impression that the increased size of the room. Given the layout of the attic floor, sleeping places, like the rest of the furniture, it is desirable to place at the longitudinal walls with a height from the floor to slope ceiling of 1, 8-1, 9 am conveniently situated close to the walls so inconvenient because of the beginning of the sloping ceiling, and therefore floor space along these walls are used mainly for chairs and beds. The central zone of the attic it is desirable to leave to pass. Here you can walk upright. The empty space between sloping roof and the floor is recommended to use as a pantry or built as separate containers (boxes) for storage bed clothes and household items. Their length is equal to the distance between the slanted rafters. The doors of these cabinets, niches can lean down and made of wooden slats, through holes between them provide the necessary ventilation for the bed linen. At the level of the top mattress bed or couch You can mount shelves for books, lamps and items for personal hygiene. The shelves are arranged in the form of ledges. They are attached to the inclined planes of the walls using a special metal or wooden parts. Distance between shelves vertically recommended 27-30 cm, which will arrange they were not only books, but the albums folder with drawings, etc. To organize convenient place to study or to put in the attic of a workbench for woodworking work is necessary to provide good coverage of the desktop. For these purposes use of oblique light windows, built in the roof of the house. If satisfied with the overall in the attic or living room, dining area is recommended have to be open or glazed shelf-niche (with sliding windows). In the area where the sloping roof is coming to the floor, these containers are used as buffet, where you can store utensils or other household items. Accommodation of special equipment and built-in furniture is chosen depending on the specific terms of placement of the attic. During the construction of creation of a new home a comfortable home in the attic is straightforward complexities. Another thing to construct and equip with modern attic ready operated by the house. In addition to planning and there are a number of constructive problems, including the stairs to the attic unit, increased floor and ensure reliable insulation of walls and sloping roofs. Strengthening the floor and the rafters of the roof is solved with the help of triangular trusses made from the tree. They are easily mounted on the roof of the individual elements. Elements farms are interconnected by means of punched metal plates nailing on both sides. In our experience, this design and reliable, and durable. It is convenient and economically advantageous for complex roofs, where load-bearing structures are composed of several elements. With regard to reconstruction old attic in a comfortable home or working space, then there Several questions arise that require specific advice and guidance, which associated with the construction of floors, roof rafters, insulating walls and a new lighting in the sloping roof. If the house is a relatively recent construction and the surface of the rafters with a little "cosmetic" is finalizing Decorative interior elements, then this placement is not difficult to give general stylistic unity. The easiest way to handle the walls - it's covering space lining between the rafters, wall panels or sheets of plywood. And do rafters covered with dark varnish or pinoteksom. Paul made a wooden attic: boards nailed directly to the joists overlap on top of insulating backfill. To loft could be used in cold weather year, the space between the rafters is filled with effective insulation - Slab of mineral wool, polyurethane foam, foam, etc. Then covering of boards or particle boards made over a heater, forming smooth walls. Then, the surface is treated shpaklyuetsya and cover with paper or colored latex or oil paint. When the interior attic, a small and relatively low premises, it is desirable to choose light colors of paint or finish, thanks to people who are not psychologically feels "pressure" of the walls and ceiling of the limited space. An important and essential part of the attic is a box that placed in a vertical front wall, or cut through the roof. Light openings in the roof let more light than vertical walls, so such windows attract special attention of the inhabitants of those areas where natural daylight is short. In the case where it is necessary to reduce light flow into the room with appropriate sun protection - Decorative tension curtains - blinds. Skylights are safe in operation, so how to install double glazing tempered glass with high strength to mechanical stress. In the manufacture of glass can be installed in shock, absorption or reflex glass. Wooden items windows (laminated pine wood, treated in a special way) are protected outside of external influences aluminum profile (salary) with polyester coating. For copper roof designed special copper salaries. Salary virtually invisible on the roof, as its top and sides of the closed roofing material. Virtually every manufacturer of roof windows several versions of the salaries for various types of roofing materials: Flat, profiled, etc. They have not only a protective function for timber elements, but also divert rainwater from the surface of the window. There are special salaries, can merge dormer windows in Group: horizontal, vertical, combined. Important point - Right inside the window seal slopes. Slope above the necessary carry out horizontally, and under the window - the vertical. This will provide the necessary circulation of warm air (space heaters should always be located under the window), to avoid condensation on the window. If necessary, install a window sill it useful to have a some distance from the wall, leaving an air gap, as well as providing the possibility of complete axial rotation of the window frame. The design of window boxes in the vertical end walls of the Attic plain and requires no special comment. Certain difficulties arise when installing windows and fixing it in an inclined roof. Constructive solution depends on the material of the roof and its covering (slate, iron, tiles). For roof windows offers wide range of accessories. Blinds allow you to completely control the amount of and direction of sunlight coming into the room. On the external side Venetian blinds are termootrazhayuschee coating that allows you to save warm in winter and reduce its supply in the summer. To the sun warmed room, blinds turn termootrazhayuschim coated outside, and to maintain heat - inside the room. Curtains create an atmosphere of comfort and control access light in the room. Awnings - the most effective means of protection from the hot Sun. They reduce the amount of heat at 65%, scattering the sun's rays before they hit the window. The material of the fine grid is transparent to the eye and did not worsen view from the window. Awnings are attached to the window from the outside, but can be easily adjusted from the inside. Non- state collapsed awnings and tucked under the top pad window. At one window, you can simultaneously strengthen and awnings, and the inner curtain or blinds. Cord, rod and remote opening system used to control windows located at different heights. Creating a full-fledged residential premises in the attic due to the heating device, which has its own characteristics and complexity. It can be fireplaces, stoves, or small tube (battery) Water heating.


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