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Народ жаждет лекарств

One of the tenets of health has always been \"do no harm .\" On the whole pharmaceutical in Russia and lives by this axiom with some deviations , but here medicine is faced with the business. Try to get away from double standards decided one of the deputies and the State Duma introduced a bill to ban advertising drugs in all media.
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On the one hand, we can tell, the ban on advertising of medicines is enough forward. After the ban on advertising alcohol and tobacco use on television, the main point advertising revenue remained pharmacology. Recall at least all specialized transmission of health on TV. On the other hand, self-nationals on the basis of Advertising information is not conducive to treatment in the hospital, which means that insurance companies do not pay the amount of compensation for the sick. There is also another several angles. For example, the same doctors themselves to fully itself "competent" conditions take part exchange for advertising by pharmaceutical companies. On this occasion, even the Russian prime minister recently spoke as an illegal situation. "It is unacceptable situation where pharmaceutical companies pay extra for health professionals that they prescribe produced by these companies, drugs, sometimes used for this even forms of recipes printed Suppliers ", - Putin said. He stressed that the drug manufacturers' corporate sponsor activities, various seminars, including the departure of the warm sea. " "Such activities in Russia include thousands of professionals - in fact, are or have already created deep echelon of major lobbying pharmaceutical companies, and this vicious practice must be stopped "- Putin said. It is necessary, it is necessary, but in the end it turns out that all chain: the pharmaceutical companies - hospitals, clinics - the insurers, but in fact and patients are quite pleased with himself. This raises the further question But will there be a case for seeking medical attention insurance covered a large amount than it will pay any of the pharmaceutical manufacturers. Well, come fewer patients, but perhaps here the number of interrupted quality. Problem In principle there is not only in Russia. For example, U.S. Pfizer, the largest pharmaceutical company in the world for the promotion of illegal drugs 13 funds through the doctors paid a record fine - $ 2 3 billion according to investigation, the pharmaceutical giant gave bribes to officials health, so they promoted it was his drugs. "This historic settlement will return about $ 1 billion in Medicare, Medicaid and other state insurance programs, "- said Minister of Health, U.S. Kathleen Sebelius. Thus, the problem is the same solution and in general too. But judge for yourself that these Pfizer $ 2 3 billion in this case, recall FAS fines for oil and gas giants. However, we do not and smart enough to such a measure. But decided to ban advertising in the media. Allegedly without knowing the drugs, the Russians would be more likely to visit doctors and less grass. As the deputy of the faction "Fair Russia", leader of the movement "Our project - health," Anton Belyakov, RF State Duma introduced a bill prohibiting the advertising of medicines in all media, "except for specialized medical magazines. "" I introduced a bill, involving, if adopted, total ban on advertising drugs on television and radio. This is justified measure ", - said Alexander Belyakov, the radio station" Echo Moskvy ". He said today in Russia has increased the number of cases in which citizens, instead go to the doctor, using these or other medications independently. "It's very sad statistics overall, because the reaction on-the-counter medications kill far more people than all the illegal substances sold together, including alcohol and drugs ", - A. Belyakov. He cited data showing that mortality side effects of drugs and their misuse currently ranked fifth in Russia, second only to deaths from injury, "including car accidents, from diseases of the cardiovascular system and oncology. "Belyakov said that the practice of advertising ban drugs exist abroad. "In all EU countries banned advertising of OTC drugs. This international experience. In our country it could not be justified "- MP said. According to him, according to sociologists, is while 75% of Russians prefer not to go to the doctors, and to self-medicate. "This is bad practice due to the fact that councils are constantly on the air and from the screens, "- he said. And here we must agree. But only to TV programs. The well-known program "Health" Elena Malysheva, which is already conducting operations still all right. In any case, there is no self-medication is recommended. The "no prescription" also does not carry medical functions. As stated in its abstract - it's educational channel, whose main objective - to help the viewer to use and strengthen all natural body reserves to maintain and improve health. And it is well-known heart surgeon, MD, James Brand. But all of the above does not apply to all the known transferring "Malakhov +". Here we have stated that a "program for those who are thinking about their health, who seek a better life. "In this case, "The protagonist, a leading ideologue and transmission - the author of original methods to improve the health Gennady Malakhov. He described his years of experience in books, calendars, have become for many Russians, this guide to the road to physical perfection. Drugs, tinctures, ointments, herbal teas, recipes are checked more than one generation will be prepared immediately in the studio and immediately tested by representatives of official medicine. "It is questionable statement, and because there are always those who believe in its "proven more than one generation recipes. "And this folk art and healing show daily, in contrast to the above programs. And the most important thing, that once the ban on advertising by no means associated with such "requests the success and health. "Well, be removed from such peredachek advertising of medicines and will start advertising hospitals. And the same doctors, in turn, will advertisers certain medications. Remind the people to our deputies saying to begin with. The fish rots from the head then.


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