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Деловые новости Украины: 13 октября

Bank \"Kiev\" has declared its readiness to restructure loans to construction businesses and customers of the bank \"Nadra\" may apply to the court for placement bank's website a list of troubled borrowers , experts say
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Exchange Rates Tuesday average selling rate of cash dollar was 8, 32 hryvnia for one dollar, the average rate for the dollar - 8, 25 hryvnia for one dollar. The average selling rate of euro in exchange of Ukraine was 12, 35 hryvnia per euro. The average rate of buying euros - 12, 25 hryvnia for one euro. Average rate the sale of Russian ruble - 2 85 hryvnia for 10 rubles, the average buying rate - 2, 70 hryvnia for 10 rubles. October 13 trades in the interbank foreign exchange market opened in the range of 8, 26.8, 29 hryvnia for one dollar. They were held in range of 8, 22.8, 26 hryvnia for one dollar. Bidding closed in the range of 8, 08/24, 25 hryvnia for one dollar. Banks Bank "Kyiv" is ready to restructure loans to the construction industry and construction dofinansirovat projects, according to a press release from the bank with reference to the Vice-President Galina Hovalko board. It is thus clarified that one of these conditions, in particular, the preparation of an updated business plan with projections estimates of financial results and cash flows of the borrower for a period of restructuring, revaluation of collateral for the loan, as well as a guarantee of owners and managers company. Customers Nadra Bank may sue the financial institution for disclosure of bank secrecy, but the data breach will be difficult to prove individual customers. So the experts have commented on the bank's actions "Nadra" about posting on its Web site lists 42 thousand individual borrowers - Small and medium-sized businesses, corporate customers who have overdue debt. Company News Global Crisis and complex relationship with the Ukrainian government forced a British company Cadogan Petroleum curtail the development of oil and gas fields in Ukraine. It will reduce the staff there and is already selling surplus equipment. Cadogan Petroleum declares that at the end of August, the Government of Ukraine threatened to take away the company has several licenses for the development of wells in eastern Ukraine and transfer them to "Naftogaz Ukraine", like, the advice of the Ministry environmental protection. Cadogan Petroleum said that, despite the threats, the end of September it five licenses for Pirkivskogo, Zagoryanskogo, Bitlyanskogo, Monastiretskogo Krasnoilskogo and gas deposits in eastern Ukraine were neither revoked nor transferred to someone another. Mobile operators U.S. Court of Appeals ignored Norwegian Telenor's request to suspend the consideration of her claim to the structures "Alfa-group" with which the Norwegians signed a truce. The Russian co-owner "Kyivstar" - OOO "Storm" (controlled by the "Alfa Group") - violated the agreement shareholders from 2004, a few years ignoring the shareholders' meeting of cellular company and giving lawsuits in Ukrainian courts. Such a conclusion was October 8 Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit United States, considered the complaints of both shareholders "Kyivstar" (Telenor and "Storm") on the verdict of the U.S. Federal Court for the Southern District of New York handed down in July 2007, lack of labor market any opportunity to earn forcing residents of depressed areas go look for work in the capital or other big cities. Experts argue - about 25% of the unemployed residents of Kherson, Vinnitsa, Kirovograd and Zhytomyr regions are ready to move. According to these employment centers areas, the flow of applicants this fall considerably reduced in comparison with the same period last year - the unemployed lost faith in the possibility of find a job with them. Politics President Yushchenko Requests to speed up construction of its own plant for the production of nuclear fuel. To date, this production happens in Russia. President Yushchenko declares the need for early bidding for the selection of a partner in the construction of a plant for nuclear fuel fabrication in the country. Ukraine currently only produces uranium ore on their own, then sent it to Russia for enrichment and the production of so-called "fuel assemblies" that are then used at Ukrainian NPPs. At the same time Ukraine produces only a third of the uranium ore, necessary to complete the work stations. The remaining volumes of this country buys Russia.


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