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Инвестиции и кредиты сегодняшнего дня

Primary Market in Kyiv froze. Some developers simply lost sight of journalists, some on the contrary , intensified hoping thereby to attract investors for the construction of facilities started .
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What is really happening and, most importantly, what will happen Next? Credit after "freezing" issue, what else, credits, Analysis of various companies began to raise their forecasts for each. Let's remember who said what about the resumption of lending at the same time. Dmitry Zinkov, Chairman of the Board OTP Bank: (July 2009). "I think that talk about the resumption of lending to the corporate sector, we could in the fall .... " Anticipating the possibility of resuming lending to households, D. Zinkov noted that "this does not happen in 2009." Analysts of the investment of "Socrates" (August 2009). "Landmark revival of active loans - I quarter of 2010. We believe that by the time the banks finally will necessary steps and begin to write off bad debts ", - experts say. Analysts' Prostobank Consulting "(February 2009)." Lending the primary organization in the previous volumes will not resume until 2011. " Bartosz Brzozowski, Director of Development and Marketing, Individual Business Bank "Forum": (May 2009). "One of the main prerequisites for the stabilization loan market is to return people's deposits in banks. But this will only happen after the restoration of confidence in the banking system. Money market will never be the same as before the crisis. " Boris Tymonkin, Chairman Board Ukrsotsbank: (June 2009). "We can resume lending as money in the financial system is more than enough. " Igor Umansky, Acting Minister of Finance (May 2009). "I would expect able to provide the banking system of mortgage loans in October-November this year. " Financial analysts and now are very modest in the projections because of the previous quotations see who and what was wrong. Moreover, the question arises: if the chairman spoke about the real possibility beginning of a new wave of credit - why it still is not in reality? Rhetorical question, apparently ... to attract investors to the fact to the developer continued to build, he just need to attract clients. Investments in construction - that's due to what some today developers are still building. But how to attract people to invest their savings, if trust is lost? Today's reality is that people are looking at the number of unfinished projects and "frozen" objects afraid to invest it's not that at the level of the pit, but in the final stages of construction. Portal 100m2 asked for a comment to the Chief Marketing and sales Ukrainian Development Partners Olesya Romanenko. That's how she commented on the situation: "Bring buyer's unfinished in today's reality is almost impossible. People understanding how the real estate market was dependent on credit, and, seeing a huge number of "frozen" residential real estate, have become very distrustful attitude to housing in the primary market. Now buyer go to facilities that are being built despite the crisis. At the same time a great attraction are residential properties that are in the final stages of completion, "- says expert. "In our opinion, to attract buyers now on the object (unfinished) You can only work on active construction site and the completion of the object. As for the new building to attract customers, but now for sales of more effective financial instruments as part of the marketing programs. However, these tools must be used correctly, knowing when they are really effective, and when not, "- says Oleg Romanenko. "For example, last autumn a number of companies in the property market offering large discounts when buying residential real estate, but the great effectiveness in sales was achieved. The reason - a significant discount on the purchase of Apartments perceived potential buyers as a negative factor: if the developer is ready to make an impressive price concessions, then - case the company is not doing so well, and, therefore, to invest in a construction site is unsafe. In our time off also applies, but and apply it to competently, supported by pricing strategy: knowing


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