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Что мешает нам отправиться на природу? Десять популярных заблуждений о туризме

Many of us, watching popular TV shows, admire the heroes of travelers endearing mountains , Amazon jungle or the Siberian taiga. often our friends returned from the exciting hikes, causing a feeling of envy, but in response to an invitation to join them , we invent a bunch of excuses actually conceal our uncertainty .
What do you think? say
What prevents us from taking the first step towards an amazing and exciting nature, to ensure that the break for a week from the shackles of civilization? Maybe in our heads firmly entrenched misconceptions? Then let examine them and see how things are in reality. 1. "Spend the night in a tent cold, damp and uncomfortable, "In fact: in a good tent is always dry, but in a good sleeping bag is always warm. And it does not necessarily have to be very expensive things. Quite suitable equipment from the middle price range. The combination of a good tent, sleeping bag and mat will give you comfort night. 2. "The fire is difficult to separate" The real story: it depends. After the rain really hard. Then you will rescue the dry tablet alcohol. If desired, can take it and use a sufficient number of times, and in good weather as well. 3. "No easy thing - to cook on the fire" In fact, actually, if lazy to cook a full meal (breakfast), not the worst option can be a cereal, soups, instant noodles. Boil water and poured a bag there. 4. "In nature it is difficult to monitor and maintain hygiene purity "In fact: tourists usually spend the night near the water (which, incidentally, You can warm up, and for washing the feet come down and cold). Extremely useful wet wipes, which can be sponge oneself down from head to toe. Plate can be Wash without water - again (immediately after a meal, while her remains had not been dried) carefully wipe with toilet paper, and then with a damp cloth. In the summer of put enough water in a plastic bottle in the sun, and a few hours it will be hot. Take the shampoo (eg, bags) and my head. 5. "The backpack is very heavy," In fact: not all that difficult, if correct pick up equipment. Count: he backpack - 2 kg, a sleeping bag - 1, 5 kg, mat - 600 g, Tent - 2-4 kg, tarpaulin - 500-600 g, a spare sweater - 300-400 g, dishes - about 0, 5 kg, the food - 0, 5-1 kg per day, depending of your extravagance. Total: 10-12 kg, when going for 2-3 days. It's a little bit. The same or even greater weight, we often have a home from the store, but not in a backpack, and in the bags and packages that are much less convenient. 6. "In the campaign a lot of walking and very tired, "Actually, it all depends on the manager. Find a good leader or become themselves. Explore the area, plan on each day shift no more than 10-15 km (or even less if strain does not want to). Periodically arrange dnevki - days when you standing in one place for camping and going nowhere. 7. "Equipment is expensive" In fact: going camping for the first time, the easiest way to ask for equipment with friends. Later on, having some experience, you buy yourself your own. The main stuff (backpack, sleeping bag, tent, sleeping pad) in the sum may be less $ 100 if you take the cheapest. Set of sufficient quality things will cost you somewhere in the $ 200. In addition, if your name with a friends, they have certain there will be too much space in the tent, so you should not buy a tent in the first place. Start with a backpack and sleeping bag. 8. "The I have no money to go camping, "In fact, the main thing - to have equipment (His or borrowed), and money for transportation. But if you're not going to hike to the other end of the globe, go to the nearest forest, then transport costs are penny. And many penniless travelers cross the entire country hitchhiking (ie, the hitch). Expenditure on food will not make holes in the budget: in fact you always have to eat (and buy food), regardless of whether you go camping or not. Perhaps, in a campaign you might even save by eating no-nonsense, since the forest does not sell beer or ice cream. 9. "How can I without electricity?" In fact: perfectly able. Charge the phone, a camera, take spare batteries. Do not talk much, do not hold the phone for a long time included - and you may well stretch out week. Take charge. If you pass through the village, insert your equipment in someone else's wall. Let recharge while you snack. Buy Headlamp LED flashlight. Hands free, and put him two weeks is absolutely unreal. Iron in the campaign is not needed, and from your computer TV and need time to rest. 10. "In nature it is easy to get sick or injury "in fact: the practice shows that the sick on the nature less frequently than in daily life, because the body's defenses are mobilized. Injuries also occur more often in the city (apartment, public transport), than in the campaign. Even if you go to the mountains, cross country, in the presence of head on your shoulders and common sense will be the likelihood of injury is very low. 11. "The nature of ... "But perhaps that's enough. You already got it. What remains? Call you friends and recite the sacred words: "See you on Saturday morning at the station! "


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