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С 1 ноября литр дизтоплива подорожает на 18 копеек

Such a forecast made
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Increase from November 1, the excise duty on diesel fuel containing sulfur from 0, 035% to 0, 2% EUR15/tonna will increase prices for him in the wholesale and retail trade by about 18 cop / liter (at today's rate euros), according to Director of Consulting Group "A-95" Sergey Kuiun. In turn, the spokesperson of the PAO "Galnaftogaz" (Lviv) Oles Edge admits that in general an increase in excise duty on EUR15/tonna is more expensive diesel fuel by about 20 cop / liter. Kuiun stressed that the growth prices for brand diesel with lower sulfur content than 0, 035-0, 2% will be smaller because of more "gentle" excise tax. "A smaller increase would have low-sulfur diesel fuel grades, as the excise tax on them grace. Rise will be about 10 cop / l ", - the expert believes. Among the other factors influencing to rise in price of fuel, except for excise duty, called the rise in oil Kuiun and DT in the world markets, which is October 7, already at 11, 1% and 11 2% respectively. Predicts rise in price of diesel fuel from the excise tax increase and Director of the SEC "Psyche" (Kiev), Sergei Sapegin. He said wholesale prices for fuel with sulfur content of 0, 2% could rise in the price of approximately 300 USD / ton. "The Ukrainian DT (at retail) will grow by 25 kopecks / liter, and its quality European "brother" - just 15 cents, "- said the expert nefterynka. Sapegin believes it unlikely a significant rise in prices - this is dictated by intensification of the struggle for the consumer in terms of economic recession, the completion of harvesting in the fields, that is, reduction in demand from farmers. In his opinion, the greatest rise in prices will affect consumers as less quality diesel fuel sulfur content of the (higher sulfur content, the greater the increase in excise tax on it). This expert does not consider valid to say that most farmers will suffer. This sector, according to his assessment, today provided not only obsolete Soviet-made equipment, but also to a large extent high-quality imported machinery, which requires and high-quality fuel. Summing up the increase of excise duty on diesel fuel in Ukraine, Kuiun considers positive differentiated approach to their size, depending the level of sulfur content. "This encourages manufacturers to improve the quality produced products, "- he said. In addition, the experts gave their forecast regarding fluctuations in gasoline prices in the first decade of November. As said Border, remain key factors in the pricing of oil price and exchange rate dollar. He noted their instability. According to experts, more expensive dollar against the hryvnia for 10 cents increases the cost of gasoline Grade A-95 7 kopecks / liter. In the next two to three weeks is expected to increase the price of gasoline by 20-30 kopecks / liter, but only if the increased cost of oil, growth of the dollar against the hryvnia. In this Kuiun reminded that the world's gasoline going up along with oil. According to the expert, for three weeks of October petrol price increased by $ 74/tonna, which is equivalent to a rise in price by 720 USD / ton (At the interbank rate 8 1grn / $ 1). "In this connection, we can predict: If the increase in price will hold another third decade of October through November Prices may go up by 50 kopecks / L, "- says Kuiun. Sapegin gasoline market expects "preserve the stability of an unstable, ready to be broken in the future growth of world prices "." In addition, wholesale prices have already shown Ukrainian reaction at world prices, rising over the past few days, and exceeded the level of weekly limitation on the value of 2-4%. Of course, this will be reflected in retail prices on petroleum, "- he concluded. It was reported that at the end of April 2009 Ukrainian president signed a law that significantly increases the rate of excise duty on some products, in particular, 42-50% - for diesel fuel. The law increases from November 1, the excise tax on diesel fuel containing sulfur than 0 2% - to EUR45 per tonne to EUR65 per tonne, 0, 035% to 0, 2% - From EUR35 to EUR50, 0, 005% to 0, 035% - from EUR30 to EUR45, less than 0, 005% - EUR20 to EUR30 a tonne.


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