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Кто стоит за крахом банка «Надра»

\"BUSINESS\" found the biggest problem borrowers of the bank \"Nadra\"
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Most of the largest troubled borrowers of the bank "Nadra" - is little known company. Their names will not say anything ordinary reader, their products or services are unknown to the mass market. Despite this, the end of last years, these firms received without any problems at the bank "Nadra" multimillion-dollar loans. Funds issued by billions of refinancing, which carried National Bank. Now, to return this money is unlikely to expect. Part of the debtor companies already bankrupt and liquidated. According to the bank, in bankruptcy proceedings are now about 100 borrowers. At present, Bank "Nadra", which runs the interim administration, has filed dozens lawsuits in an attempt to return borrowed funds. In this issue, "BUSINESS" tell what happens to firms debtors of the bank "Nadra", who are at "Continuum." This business conglomerate controlled by businessman Igor Eremeev. The list of problematic corporate bank "Nadra", published recently, includes 11 companies from this group. Bound One single door of them - "Yount-TT." The company specializes in the sale of petroleum products. The only reference that is found in open sources, characterized company is not at its best. In 2005 the firm was on the list of six enterprises, which, according to police, illegally obtained compensation from the state budget of value added tax on the total amount of 13 million USD. Odessa Oblast Prosecutor's Office in this regard was filed criminal case. Even better, "Yount-TT" is suing the bank "Nadra". By accepted October 1, 2009 the definition of economic court, the text of which is in before the "cause", the company, the debtor through the court requires to leave the terms of the contract a credit line at the bank "Nadra", concluded last year. The size of a credit line in the statement is not specified. At the present time, "Yount-TT" located in Kyiv at the address. Briullov 7. This two-story building Institute of Complex Transport Problems, close to the railway station. "Yount-TT" takes office here at number 38. Company Director - Basil Zaychuk. Such information is contained in the directory from the guard at the entrance of the institute. However, going to the office number 38, you can find another interesting information. On its door hanging sign, which states that is "Putting People's Deputy Katerina Vashchuk Timofeevna." Katerina Vashchuk and Igor Eremeev - countrymen, they come from Volhynia, both long and closely (In the parliament of the previous convocation were members of one faction). Threshold for the office whether a deputy, or a scandalous company to get uneasy. A call to door came a woman who had an assistant deputy. She confirmed that the door is really the office and the deputy, and the company "Yount-TT." "Employees of commercial structures at this time no director is on vacation and return to work until November 4. That binds MP Katerina Vashchuk and the debtor of the bank "Nadra" I do not know " - Cut the deputy representative. It is worth noting that the building of the Institute At least three premises have signs "Putting deputy Katerina Vashchuk ": one on the ground floor and two on the second (see photo). In an inconspicuous building Institute of Complex Transport Problems There are several areas of national MP Katerina Vashchuk. One of them is a major office of the debtor Bank "Nadra" - the company "Yount-TT" At the same time the MP Katerina Vashchuk, told very surprised to hear the information that her office is located on the street. Briullov 7: "You are confusing something, my office is located in another place "- she assured, adding that the company" Yount-TT "does not know and no links to it does not matter. Later, the deputy nevertheless clarified that the party office has been repaired and others were hired premises. "But this is not dealt with I (hiring the premises. - "BUSINESS"), now completed repairs and a few days we will move back into the party headquarters, currently haul our stuff " - Explained the situation as Vashchuk. Wealthy neighbors Noteworthy Another coincidence: at the door waiting to the MP, where the office, "Yount-TT", also located office № 36. According to the "business", ul. Bryullov, 7, of. 36 - this is the legal address of another notorious Company "Invest-vez». The scope of its activities - wholesale fuel. In 2008 by size of net income, the company found itself in a hundred of the largest Ukraine (3, 4 bln.). Reports of some online media indicated that "invest-vez» in 2008 and has been involved in obtaining credit funds from the bank "Nadra". In this case, according to official information of the Office Tax Pechersk district of Kiev state inspection in 2008, the company "used scheme evasion of VAT to a considerable extent with the participation of WFP, "CCF Invest-vez », and" tax hole "LLC" Rayagropostach '. " Also, I might add that the relationship of "Invest-vez» to the business group "Continuum," Igor Eremeev may indicate now undergoing trial between the "Invest-vez», and "Continuum-Ukr-resource" (included in the list of debtors of the bank "Nadra". - "BUSINESS"). Last company is trying to sue the defendant's 300 thousand UAH. Gone before Time Among the firms that received credit funds in the bank "Nadra", there is Two other companies - "Knight" and "K-L-O", who had already purchased a mixed reputation. The amount of loans they had exceeded 380 million USD. As previously confirmed the prosecutor's office, 211 mln. company received from Dneprodzerzhinsk "Knight". A little-known firm Dnepropetrovsk "K-L-O" was 173 million USD. Companies before 2013 were open lines of credit. As security both gave credit to mortgage land, which belong to Property guarantors of borrowers. The "Knight" and "K-L-O" were some of the same structure - "Molprom-Factor" and "Alpha West Oil Group". It is with them now suing the bank "Nadra", demanding payment of arrears. True, the first authority has already rejected the creditor. Economic Court of Kiev explained his decision to the bank "Nadra" that "Knight" and "K-L-O" was bankrupt (this spring). On judicial logic, thereby cut short the legal thread, "the lender - borrower - Property sureties. " Judicial decisions on loans for these two Companies court the same day - September 4, 2009. It is worth noting that Currently, there is the bankruptcy of two debtor companies bank "Nadra", which fall within the interests of Igor Eremeev. May 12, 2009 Economic Court of Kyiv declared bankrupt, "Whelan Telecom." As previously stated the Minister Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko, the company was granted a loan of 132 mln. to create a voice based on CDMA. The legal address, which previously has been registered company, "Whelan Telecom" (street Molodogvardeyskaya 11), is a pretty old house of five flats without a single office premises. Bankruptcy of the company was preceded by a negative assessment of its activities by tax Solomenskiy district of Kiev. Fiscal Body recommended that in the II quarter of 2009 included a schedule of inspections OOO "Whelan Telecom", which, according to a database of tax administration, "No customs declarations, and according to the State Committee of Financial Monitoring transferred abroad of foreign currency. " Eliminated and debtor company "Ukrainian group Sitel," which, according to the Interior Ministry, was Last year the bank "Nadra" 215 mln. She is also a group of "Continuum." At the same time, several companies of the group "Continuum," which also are among the debtors' financial institutions have a long history of work and remained on the market. Most of them are located in Lutsk. These include "West Oil Group", "TD-Continuum Galicia", "Continuum-Ukr-resource." Throughout last week, the "case" could not be reached with the leaders these companies and get a comment on the situation with the return of credit funds. According to the duty office managers of "Continuum", the directors not in stock. In turn, the general director of "Continuum" Sergey Koretsky conveyed through his secretary that he refused to give comments. On According to the Internet edition "Ukrainian Truth", the total loan portfolio group of "Continuum," the bank "Nadra" is more than 1 bln. In two months of 2008 - October and November - the company withdrew from the bank Eremeev "Nadra" 805, 1 million UAH.


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