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Until recently, Latvia , Estonia and Lithuania were among the few European countries , where real estate transactions can be very good money. In the debate about how many percent more expensive housing here for 10 years , experts operated three-digit numbers. But rapid growth has changed ... at least sharp fall .
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It was expected that as soon as Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia joined the European Union, Western corporations and start mass production opened here and create new jobs, the economy of the Baltic countries would rise and prices real estate will grow by leaps and bounds. At first it was so. Three years traveled around the world back the agency study the British television channel Channel 4, in which the three Baltic countries held 4th place on the attractiveness investments in square meters, second only to Romania, Poland and Portugal. British experts, dubbed Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, "Baltic tiger" believed that from 2006 to 2016, the value of apartments in Riga will grow by 340%. Latvia struggles with pessimism, however, to date, one bedroom apartment in a typical house in the capital of Latvia is about 15 000 euros, which is almost 70% less than it was before the crisis. In the city of Daugavpils in the south-east a similar version can be bought for 8,000 euros. It was in the Latvian market Real estate has suffered more than in other Baltic countries. Fall began in the spring of 2007 - six months before the world crisis, when restrictions were imposed on lending. "At its peak, the market has been artificially inflated. Was done a lot of speculative transactions, quickly changed when the objects Owners - said Zigmars Turks from Century 21 BaltWest. - In country felt stable, and were very affordable mortgages they were given virtually everyone, with a minimum of instruments and also a small percentage. " However, the "bubble" in the property market led to an increase inflation - and the authorities were forced to start putting things in order. But strict restrictions on the issuance of loans actually crossed out the demand for housing - and the market went into a dive. Two-bedroom apartment in the Latvian capital today are in the range 25 000-35 000. Two-bedroom - 40 000. In the center of Riga respectable and spacious apartments can be bought for 150 000-200 000 euros - in this segment of the reduction was about 50%. Contrary hopes that "the bottom has passed," the fall of the market in Latvia as a whole continues. Back in May, spoke of "signs of stabilization", but the decline in June average price is 4, and 5%. The government, seeking to escape from the economic peak, taking unpopular measures, and as a result of the pessimism of the population increases. Interestingly, the elite segment of this situation does not react lower prices and the decline in offers - the owners simply do not exhibit to market their property. Estonia - without a policy has not done a recession Estonian approximately coincided with the Latvian, but here in the case including politics. To some extent, the impetus was the history of the monument to the transfer of the Bronze Soldier, which occurred in May 2007, "From now on because of dissatisfaction Government people feel uncertain about their future. Soon there stopped the transaction, and only then began to spread news about the global financial crisis and began falling prices ", - notes Edward Kostin, head of real estate Shade. According to experts, the cost of Q1. m on the secondary market dropped by 40-60%, so that one-bedroom apartments in Tallinn today offered to 20 000 to 40 000 euros, doubles - 35 000-60 000 euros, two bedroom - 50 000-100 000. Prices luxury apartments and farmhouse estate declined by about 20%, and vendors try to hold them until better times. Lithuania Lithuania crisis in waiting does not feel as strongly as in Latvia and Estonia, and he came here a lot later. Reduction of macroeconomic indicators has been seen only in winter 2008-2009. When the country started to increase in unemployment and wage cuts. Clearly, this is reflected in real estate transactions. One of the reasons in which a few years ago the market was growing rapidly Lithuania, became tangible deficit supply and new construction. Played a role and Scandinavian banks with their low-cost mortgages. Today, the Lithuanians did not take out loans in euros, for fear of denominations, and the loans in local currency terms are unfavorable. According to Saulius Vagonisa, Representative consulting firm Ober-Haus, the Lithuanian real estate prices Since December 2007, when the market was at its peak, decreased by 32%, actually returned to the level of January 2006 The biggest drop was recorded in the largest port city of Lithuania - Klaipeda, where the cost of 1 sq. km. m at the moment boom was almost the same as in the capital Vilnius. Typical "odnushka" in Vilnius today costs about 30 000-45 000, one bedroom apartment - 40 000-55 000. Three-room apartments are rarely bought, their prices fluctuate from 45 000 to 70 000 euros. On the demand side, the people who are interested Real estate in Lithuania, a few, but many potential buyers, it seems, took a wait. "Paradoxically, falling prices, and attendance portal in the Lithuanian real estate is growing, "- says Saulius Vagonis. Expert sure that for some time prices will fall, but it should have a positive affect the number of transactions. Do not forget about the plans for the Baltic states as soon as possible rather go to the European currency, "I think that when he announced the date of transition to the euro in Estonia to start panic buying everything, "- said Edward Kostin and agree with him specialists in Lithuania and Latvia. Resorts are always in the price of Real Estate in the capitals of interest mostly to locals and foreigners often choose resort areas. In all three countries the cost of holiday home has decreased less than the national average, and that this market is now gradually returns to demand - from foreigners, especially Russians. In Lithuania interest seaside town of Palanga, spa resort Druskininkai, as well as unique Curonian Spit - "a museum of natural areas," - Included in 2000 in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Before the crisis, housing here can be purchased for 4000-7000, now - 2000-4500 EUR per 1 sq. km. m Homes during the boom of cost from 600 000 to 2 million euros, and now house the area 100 square meters. m can be purchased for 450 000 euros, but hardly appropriate bargaining: such proposals on the Curonian Spit naperechet. In Estonia, according to Edward Kostin the greatest interest among the Russians is Narva. "There are Russian-speaking environment close to Russia, there is a gorgeous sandy beach, sea, pine forest, there good ecology - says the expert. - You can think about investing, but mainly real estate in most coastal town of Narva and Narva-J


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