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Выбор дома по фэн-шуй

Someone you know has lived - not grieved , save money and bought a comfortable apartment - and divorced before he could celebrate the crossing. But the small businessman found a new office - and from that point the money flowing river in his wallet ... a coincidence? A miracle ? Nothing of the sort : it is called - Feng Shui in action.
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Ancient Chinese science of creating harmonious space conquers all more fans in the former one-sixth of the globe. It is not surprising: without too much cost and effort, just the circumstances that are used to not paying attention, you can help yourself and money, health, and success in love. The main thing - to choose a habitat and place it under the laws of Feng Shui. Until then, good luck to you with favor so that you are now thinking about their own holiday home or buy penthouse, it is important not make the wrong choice, that Fortune is not turned away from the hosts after the move. Fine, if you're a Feng Shui applied at the stage of site selection for the home: in this case, you will be able to lay the foundation for future prosperity. Ideal is a site located on a gentle southern slope descending to the pond to the right and left protected by small hills. Preferred form square or rectangular. Somewhat worse trapeze, but the triangular area can be fatal for the hosts. The next step should be Choosing the right location of the house. Try to put it closer to center site, but still so that the house had a few more places than in front: this arrangement promises to the residents a good opportunity and help from friends. Open space in front allows easy access energy, which promises commercial success and excellent prospects for development. Assessing section, proceed to the next step: choose the house or the appropriate project. Feng Shui, the exterior of the house - not just to satisfy ambitions host and the embodiment of the creative imagination of the architect, but also guarantee well-being, welfare of the residents. Therefore, the "right" house, above all, friendly: nothing in his appearance should not cause association with the bastion of the fortress deliberately resist the siege of the enemy. Consequently, from windows, loopholes, speakers corners and blank walls should be abandoned. Do not promise a quiet life and buildings, equipped with sharp protruding spikes up towers: they seem to compete with the heavens, throwing them a call. Rest assured that heaven will answer you handsomely! .. If the vending mansion is too complicated for Architecture - consists of several as if the decaying parts - the better to give him: the same way as this house disintegrate and your family. Try to find or design a safe housing, creating an impression of integrity. Speaking of safety: great importance of Feng Shui gives the impression of stability, which creates house. Buildings on stilts, and other "cabin on chicken legs," perhaps air look, but life stability to the owner will not add. No, let your house is on a full basement, that he "grows" in the ground! Then the master and no one can move from the place that He managed to take in life. When choosing accommodation, note the location adjacent buildings and adjacent roads. Promises nothing good house, the fa


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