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Аналитический обзор: Рост цен на топливо вызван подготовкой операторов к повышению акциза

The last two decades of oil held above the October 70- dollar mark. At the end of the month quotes rushed on, picking up close to the ninth ten
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As a result, the average price race the price of oil was $ 72, 8 for barrel. As was the case earlier in the heating market, "blame" the Americans accidentally discovered that the GDP growth. OPEC President Jose Botelho de Vasconcelos stated that the Petroleum Exporting Countries meeting in December to raise quotas for fuel, if barrel price will rise to $ 100. The cartel said comfortable for the world economy the price of $ 75-80 per barrel. However, many Experts explain inadequate jumps in commodity markets speculation. Nor statistics or corporate reports for the first half did not give any reason hope for a speedy overcoming of the recession in the global economy and, consequently, to a recovery in demand for fuel. Still Waters Run Deep The European market is held oil traders on their toes the entire last week of October. Wholesalers caught Any messages that give at least hope for lower oil prices and, as Consequently, for petroleum products. But the intrigue remained until the last days past month: the cost of premium gasoline A-95 was October 30 $ 700 per ton, and Russian gas oil - $ 625 per ton. Ukrainian producers throughout the week kept quiet. At least the price of gasoline and diesel fuel Lisichansk in Kremenchug and remained steadfast. In the market there have been proposals fuels of different origins. For example, in the Khmelnitsky region actively proposed petroleum products from the State Reserve. In the summer sale was DT (6750 UAH. per ton) of production of Russian oil refineries and Nadvirna nizkooktanovyiy Gasoline (8130 UAH. per ton). Traders from the southern regions added optimism news of the reopening in November, the Odessa refinery. However, after one month downtime they have to wait until at least mid-month free volumes on the market. Top news last month, were the events that take place on liquefied natural gas market. Last week, the price of propane, butane, literally exploded - to bid on the Ukrainian Agrarian Exchange was raised once a record price. At the auction on Thursday, October 29, where trading resource enterprises "Ukrnafta", the price of propane and butane from the stated 6200 UAH. per ton increased to 7980 UAH. According to market participants, sky-high gas prices were the result of scarcity of the resource. Market participants do not exclude that the price for liquefied gas may remain high until the end of the year. Psychologically In volatile retail prices continued to rise. Increase affected all major operators. Synchrony in changing price tags on stelae provides a strong argument toward the validity of growth. As a result, made during the last calendar week of October, the average price changes, according to monitoring Upeco, were as follows (per liter): A-76 - 6, 67 grn., A-92 - 7, 22 hrn. A-95 - 7, 60 UAH., DT - 6, 36 grn. More significant increase in diesel fuel with respect to gasoline has been called, most likely, the preparation of the operators to increase the excise tax, which is scheduled for November 1. Diesel fuel excise warmed runs the risk of fly over the mark of UAH 7. per liter. In addition, operators overcoming fear of the new psychological milestone of 8 grn. per liter "Ninety-fifth." Chances are good that it will continue to rise in price of propane and butane mixture of retail.


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