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Без чека подарки не принимаются!

The Verkhovna Rada has banned gocsluzhaschim since the New Year, take presents more 302 hryvnia (the size of a single social tax benefits). true, this provision of the new law is formulated so ambiguous that a large desire officer can be held responsible for any expensive show. Even presented to his wife or children for my birthday.
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All the complexity of translating it would be funny if it were not so sad. Due to changes in anti-corruption legislation is now criminal Code promises to be replenished with a new article. And to punish the so-called illicit enrichment are not comical administrative fine, and solid imprisonment. Once the amendments appear in the Criminal Code, any officer after the anniversary, New Year, a professional holiday and so on can take cushy. Even the most honest and principled. How do I find "BB", the development of new instrument - the consequences of aspiration in Europe. To enact legislation required the Council of Europe Group of States against Corruption (GRECO). Analyze the Ukrainian realities, using international experience and carefully insert innovation into its own legal database developers were too busy. Then they simply moved a couple of Western provisions and "blinded from the fact that it was" the law "On the basis of anti- and prevent corruption. " At a meeting with the president of GRECO Drago Kos President hurried to report - prepared the bills. But the deputies pulled rubber, making some amendments do not want to enact legislation to whole. Comments from the EU was immediate. - Package of the three bills has been developed in accordance with international standards, - Drago Kos, said during a one-day visit to Ukraine. - Council of Europe was confident that it will agree without any problems. But we saw what fate awaited him in parliament. The same can be said about the creation of special department, which must fight against corruption - talk being a long time, but it or not. But the lawyers explain, in accordance with the best international standards can be developed completely stupid national law. Enough to place commas correctly or forget write a word. That's what happened with the article, limiting the right of civil servants from accepting gifts. Completely innocuous idea, the successful implementation of used in many states, is completely delusional form. Law with The first trick, it is not clear from whom and what kind of gifts prohibited receive. Whether any general, or only the "official we launched," presented to in connection with the service. Legal scholars are inclined to believe that the "workers" gifts (donated by in the office) in any case should be referred to the state, and private (obtained outside the premises) could not be more expensive than 302 hryvnia. Independently of who presents them - a colleague, friend or family member. Second, it is only guess at who and how they will assess the value of gift. Not Obliged same officials after each holiday to take all the offerings on examination. And it's not clear how the hero of the day he learns how much he spent on donors. Need an honest civil servants to find out, return the gift or you can keep. Ask each guest or check price - it's even more than just bad taste. No reservation in the law and whether it is possible to present parts of an expensive gift (300 UAH). in a few hits? And is it money? Of course, one million bribe to portions of a few hundred will not give, and several thousand hryvnia present very real. Innovations come into force on January 1. So on New Year's gifts officials can receive more, not fear consequences. But as will be more difficult to say. Sergey Mishchenko, Chairman Parliamentary Committee on Legal Policy: - I tried to make amendments to the bill when it had not been passed. But I have not heard. It does have a lot of good, proper standards. But stupid enough. The same prohibition to accept gifts - absolute nonsense! The deputies simply do not understand what this will evolve in practice. And for each of them is among others. And all because he did not bother to think about it, just not very well- transferred to a European regulation. Therefore, we have developed number of changes in anti-corruption laws, which will correct the existing errors. And hopefully, before January 1 will be able to accept them. Presents to buy or return In the U.S., federal officials and the president to declare and surrender State Archives in foreign gifts if their value exceeds $ 305. True, civil servant may buy favorite subject. Each year the Department of State U.S. publishes a list of gifts in the Gazette of Federal Register. Any offering of more than $ 50 (except for gifts from foreign deligatsy) official at any level considered a bribe. The cost of gift senators can not exceed $ 300 per year, gifts worth more than $ 75 are declared. For Congress These figures are $ 250 and $ 100 respectively. In Singapore, the heads of departments and their family members code of conduct forbids the Minister to accept gifts, if they brought in order to curry favor with the recipient. Items worth less than 50 Singapore dollars ($ 32) are allowed to leave yourself more than this amount - you can buy. Other officials accountable on gifts received before the Special Commission. If the offering may deem expensive, it will be sold at auction and send money to the budget. In the UK value of the gift of civil servants can not exceed 140 pounds ($ 266). More expensive things are possible only in if the recipient intends to return to a similar gift amount. In France, the marginal price offerings to an official - 35 euros. Presents higher price must be returned to the donor. For example, former French President Francois Mitterrand was forced to return to horse breeders racehorse. In Canada, public servants not accept any gifts that cost can be expressed money. Violation of this rule is a criminal offense. In Latvia even the prime minister can only get their we launched after leaving the and only on the condition of redemption. Cost of goods determines the commission, includes employees of the State Chancellery and the Ministry of Culture. In China, law established list of items prohibited for donations to officials. Accept incoming it is regarded as gifts and bribes is punishable by death. In list does not include books, so, according to media reports, often for selfish purposes civil servants are presented in the precious tomes cover. In Georgia, the official You can make a gift to no more than 150 GEL ($ 80). More expensive items are allowed receive from their nearest relatives. Offering, the price is 10 times exceeds the annual cost of living, a civil servant is obliged to specify in the declaration the income statement. Caesar what is Caesar's powers that be prefer does not apply to receive gifts. But the fact that the offerings at a cost of over 300 UAH., understandably so. As they say, from each according to ability - to each according to needs. President Viktor Yushchenko, given his passion for collecting things social and cultural life of Kievan Rus and folklore, portrayed mostly themed gifts. At 53-years guarantee Yuriy Lutsenko has pleased his old Bible. Taras Stetskiv prepared for Viktor Yushchenko's historical monograph. His press secretary, Irina Gerashchenko bought as a gift from the famous Sumy doll seamstress, made from old towels. On the toy presents samples of different embroidery Sumy. Holster - also embroidered. Only in the most approximate estimated that each of these gift several times higher than UAH 300. Not less modest offerings were on the day of birth, as, indeed, and this year. After all, the head of state and gave embroidery, and towels, and pictures well-known artists. But the most chic gift (of all known) was in 2007 from the President Viktor Yanukovych. Viktor Yushchenko signed a secret order, which passed in using the former head of government Cabinet giving "Mezhyhiria" in the holiday complex "Pushcha Voditsa." It is in This residence (rural Petrivtsi Vyshhorod district) resident leader Opposition last few years. Territory "Mezhyhirya" is 136, 8 hectare.


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