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Десять фатальных ошибок водителя

People make mistakes , but driver error can cause a lot of grief not only his family, but to many others. Only the first in Ukraine year on the roads caused more than four thousand people. There are many common errors that can lead to accidents . The most common of them .
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There are many common mistakes that can lead to accidents. Most common one - speeding. This is eloquently statistics. The greatest number of fatal crashes occur precisely because it exceeded the set speed. However, despite this, breach of speeding is the most popular offense. From the beginning in Ukraine traffic police had been more than two million cases speeding. For driving under the influence provided a huge penalties and even disqualification from driving. But many Ukrainians are still persist to drive after drinking. From the beginning, traffic police found 330 263 cases of driving under the influence. Perhaps, as proposed by the Minister of Internal Affairs tightening penalties for violation of this will change the situation? Sufficiently serious mistake the driver is a violation of the rules on overtaking. After overtaking is actually quite dangerous maneuver, the speed of moving towards cars combined, and in the event of a collision with both drivers is too little chance to survive. This year, traffic police identified 305,304 violations of the rules on overtaking. Errors drivers at roundabouts are not as dangerous as when overtaking, but all the same often lead to accidents. According to traffic police in the current year have been identified 278 535 cases of violation of the rules of roundabouts and 139 270 cases of travel for red light traffic controller or a gesture. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian SAI does not publish statistics on fines for talking on a cell phone while driving. And to determine what caused the accident was just a conversation on a cell, the guards order is problematic. British scientists conducted a survey and found that 52% of respondents, despite the draconian penalties talking on a cell phone while driving without the necessary headset. One of the common causes of nighttime accidents is drowsy state driver. According to a survey by British scientists, 36% of drivers At least once in a lifetime "turned off" during night driving. In order not to fall asleep at driving a long journey, experienced drivers are advised to lower the air temperature in the car, loud music or turn to talk with passengers. But the best option would be to stop a few hours of sleep. One of the most common causes of accidents in urban areas is failure to a safe distance and hit a vehicle in front. Most often, these accidents do not kill people, and causing only material damage. In the rules of the road is not clearly specified distance which can be called a "safe distance". Keep the distance to the front walking machine with a better margin. Psychologists say that to drive under stress is dangerous. In the rules of the road there is no point, prohibiting driving a car hot-tempered and emotional people. But an unbalanced behavior on the road can cause an accident. There is also no clear definition "Aggressive" driving. After all, you can do without breaking, to bring the other drivers to the "boiling point". The technical condition of cars is also strongly influenced by by accident. Tires that do not match the time of year, faulty brakes broken suspension and can cause accidents. It is important not only to contain good condition, my car, but stay away from old car sometimes lose their wheels on the road. With the introduction in Ukraine of high seat belt fines were many, but there were also those who harness "Interfere". The fact is that for the safety of cars being spent huge amounts of money and thousands of cars are broken. Pay for the system Safety when buying a car and do not use them - one of the most stupid errors that a driver can commit.


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