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Будьте осторожны! В городе орудует гипноз…

In the world there are many different criminals: thieves , looters , fortochniki , safecracker and , finally, just thieves. These people often spoil the blood of the peace citizens. However , in addition to known fraudsters are operating in the world even the so-called hypnotists that people voluntarily give their money.
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And none of us is immune from such crimes, because a good hypnotist Hypnosis can put almost anyone. So read on and shakes Us, as to protect themselves from criminal hypnosis! Hypnotized subject can be ordered, that they are a series of complex, as meaningless, and quite appropriate and even criminal actions, and he makes them, moreover, precisely in those moments that he had been given during hypnosis. Thus, thousands of people in a state of hypnosis, voluntarily gave all their money, as well as jewelry and expensive clothes. Resist skillful hypnotist practically impossible, the only way out - not to look into his eyes. In 2003, was a bank teller from the Irkutsk region Elena Smirnova gave under hypnosis 2 million rubles. The employee has worked diligently for 15 years and has proved itself as a responsible employee. But in just one hour of her life and career collapsed. Fatal in E. Smirnova was the day, when her hand came up Gypsy. Reliable lady in an expensive fur coat looked quite wrong, as usual street fortuneteller in colorful skirts. She asked me to change the five million rubles for dollars. Such a large sum in the bank was not, and the client went to exit, but almost immediately came back and said Helen, "I see someone damaging brought. Death. On you and your daughter. " Helen, being a superstitious man, very scared. Especially for his daughter. "I am a superstitious person - was recognized Smirnov later. - Just the week before that badly hurt. And my daughter was ill. And now this news! ". But soft-hearted gypsy reassured Helen - all fixable. It just witch. Hereditary. Remove damage in a couple of sessions. Free. "Bribery is that the gypsy was not asking for money - sigh victim of fraud. - She said she would help in such a way to kindness. She, they say, big business and money to burn. " Gypsy woman for three days forced Helen to leave at night at the intersection, throwing eggs over his shoulder, breaking the needle. And then said: remove the damage does not work. "There is only one chance: to transfer the curse for money - said the gypsy. - But the amount should be large and different currencies. " "Where they get it, money? - Helen cried. - I get all 5000 rubles ... "" In the box-office take. A total of half an hour. Then come back. Otherwise you and my daughter does not live. " The Gypsy repeated these words several times like a mantra. And all the while staring into the eyes of Helen. "It was a real hypnosis! - Crying Smirnov. - I forgot the instructions, raked money from the cash and went to lunch to the gypsy. " In the office that day met, unfortunately, a lot of money - 27 000, 10 000 euros and 1 million rubles. All this has brought Elena gypsy. Crook was not alone, but with two "spoiled" girls. Those too brought thick wads of money. Crook told them to take turns walking around hotel building, and money transfer each other along the chain. "First came the girls, and I stood with her and their money. Then gave them bags and went out. " While the victim goes around the building, Gypsy, and her "client" run away ... Smirnov immediately reported the emergency to the police. But the Gypsy to calculate failed, even with cameras recording at the bank did not help. Rather all, stopping gastrolersha as deemed by the police and the chances that it will find virtually none. Later, against Helen opened a criminal case. She threatened from two to six years in prison or heavy fine. A similar crime was committed recently in the Primorsko-Akhtarsk which have been reported unusual occurrences. For two hours, captured the crook 20 thousand rubles. The dark-haired, nothing no noticeable middle-aged woman came into the shops and post offices, each of which made the purchase for an amount just over $ 100. Crook calculated five thousandth denomination. Friendly communication with the seller, a woman has added detail to the surrender of a major denomination. The most amazing thing that she immediately received a delivery of $ 4, 9 thousand rubles. and its the same five thousandth bill. All sellers say they do not remember how and under what circumstances they operated. Why together with the surrender gave five thousandth dollar bill. Victims claim that they were in a dream or under hypnosis. Crook until delay was not possible - is wanted. Also, on 19 October this year, investigators arrested three Iranian nationals who are suspected of stealing money from banks Supermarkets using hypnosis. And the Iranians were detained in the act: Cashier supermarket, which was under hypnosis, she gave them money. Con artists operate in a well thought out scheme. Typically, one of They distract the guard questions the second, using Arabic, English and Russian words, talked with the cashier, asking for change for large bills. In This procedure carries with it a scam artists all the day's takings. A third accomplice was waiting at that time in the car. Investigators believe that the hypnotists acted not only in Moscow but also in other regions of Russia. And, according to employee of the police department, none of the victims did not remember how the robber gave the money. Scary? That's right, there is something to fear. These examples are by no means the only ones. Every day, hundreds of people are criminal hypnosis. And today, too frequent occasions when, for their own purposes people use psychological techniques. The most dangerous hypnotic code embedded in the subconscious of the victim - No wonder so widely prevalent in the people the concept of corruption and the evil eye. But can protect themselves from such an impact? And if so, how? The easiest way - To avoid any possibility of contact with someone who can help him. As Typically, most Roma operates on the same circuit. They are closely look in his eyes, while ubaltyvaya their prey. And the conversation "homeless people" Turns almost without provocation, as long as the money man were carried out, and it was later than profit. For example: "Matches treated, young, yes? You're a good man, let me tell your fortune to you! Beautiful you are, good, but there you have enemies, and they wish you harm. Black in their hearts! There is a Marina, she'll be the death of the world wants, but I'm tung - UFF! - See nothing will come of Marina ... And you've got a soul of gold, but it lies at the heart of stone and the stone due to the fact that you suffer from bad people, and you're honest, but these evil men, then oh, how badly will ... ". If you hear a similar a rambling tirade, and God forbid, to take back the conversation - beware! This is a direct way to part with their money. Gypsies from generation to generation transmit knowledge about hypnosis. In addition, they are excellent psychologists, always determine exactly what worries people. They are so totally owned by his trade, that it is almost impossible to resist. From a legal point of view, it is difficult to Roma to bring to justice: it is very difficult to prove fraud, because people give them money voluntarily, and the gypsy in any time, declare that she wondered, and it is like to thank for divination. So it's best with "fortune-tellers," just do not mess with. Remember: if you offer to tell fortunes Roma or remove damage, all at once runs, as if they may look solid. Gypsies have the gift of hypnosis. And if you start chatting with them, to stop the effect is almost impossible - 99%, that you give all the money and jewelry. Be careful, do not be fooled!


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