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Депутаты завели дело о коррупции на прокурора Киевской области

The prosecutor of Kyiv region Alexander Gardetsky and MP Vladimir Stretovich quarreled over 48 hectares of land
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At first, held on December meeting of the parliamentary committee on combating organized crime and corruption, which will be considered case prosecutor Kyiv region Alexander Gardetskogo. The reason for this request are People's Deputies of the two factions - the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc and the "OU - NA" in which regional Attorney accused of corruption, abuse of office and "Nepotism." Patrons of the rescue, for example, MP from the BYuT Bondarev Konstantin repeatedly send requests to the Attorney General Alexander Medvedko with a request to verify the information that the prosecutor Kyiv region for the means oblprokuratury settled down a private home in the city Irpin. In addition, "BYuT" says Gardetsky illegally used funds for maintenance and prosecution of buying forensics the sponsorship of the technique. At this Medvedko said in the audit no violations of the law was not found. "Is it right and in due course obtained and used as intended (procurement of forensic engineering and maintenance) financial assistance of some charitable funds. Appeal to them for such assistance due to known problems with Financing of the prosecution, "- said in a document signed Alexander Medvedko. gardetsky Alexander from the materials available to the "BUSINESS", that the financial assistance provided oblprokurature Kiev two charities - "Pravozahist" Vilna mass "and" Law and Order. " However, none of them are not listed in the records of charitable and public Justice organizations. But, apparently, the prosecutor's office did not pay attention to such detail. At the same time the head of the subcommittee of the Verkhovna Rada on Economic Legislation Yuri Nikolaev said that the acquisition help charities by police is illegal. "Money Transfer to the needs of prosecutors, police, tax - a veiled bribery. And for that, the law provides for liability ", - says Nikolaev. Gardetsky himself was unavailable for comment - his mobile phone is switched off. In turn, Bondarev comments in the "case" noted that his claims to Gardetskomu nothing personal. "I get a week several hundred complaints of voters in the work of different authorities. All they are issued and sent to different institutions. Apparently, the same situation was, and the Kyiv Regional Prosecutor's Office "- he said. The investigation leads Stretovich Seeing that the letter had no effect Bondarev the desired effect, personally to the President with a confidential letter addressed MP from the 'OU - NA "Volodymyr Stretovych. It gave examples of the deputy, when the prosecutor of for appointment received financial reward from their subordinates. In particular, MP writes that his father Obukhov district prosecutor Rustam Mamoyana - Cholo Mamoyan - bought Gardetskomu apartment on the street. Chornovil, 25. A deputy prosecutor Kiev-Svyatoshinskiy district Nodari Tsitsuashvili thanked boss car Lexus-460. In addition, the MP said that the Kiev regional prosecutor is the owner of apartments in Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye and Poltava. "I Gardetskogo do not know know him, but I've had a number of citizens, so I reacted as MP ", - said sharply," CASE "Stretovych. By the way, Attorney General's office here did not find violations of the law. Inspired by the protection higher court prosecutor also hit the epistolary genre. He addressed to the head of the committee on combating organized crime and corruption, communist Igor Kaletnik (document in the possession of "business"), in which not only denied all the charges Stretovych, but have reason to attack him with a by the deputy. "I would also like to inform you why Stretovych wrote this is a lie. Prosecution authorities filed 9/12/08, the 36 claims Boryspil to the court to invalidate the state acts 48 hectares of land that is left from the highway leading directly to the airport "Borispol" and the terminal B. Stretovych I personally called in connection this by Government Communication and demanded to withdraw the suits. I did not agree, " - Said in a letter Gardetsky. He also attached a letter from the documents. They indicate that from September-October last year, inter-district prosecutor's office to verify the legitimacy of granting land plots in order then head of Boryspil state administration Ivan Polyukhovich. Allocation land was held in 2006, when 25 plots were given to natural persons for 2 ha land just outside the terminal at the airport "Borispol". The regional prosecutor's office felt that the plots were distributed illegally and, therefore, began to court litigation, and some of the 36 lawsuits have already reached the Supreme Court. In turn, Polyukhovich, which was about two years now retired, said, "CASE" that these plots were leased to private entity, and if it raspaevany already in favor of 25 persons. Airport unaware of the Director-General airport "Boryspil" humorously refers to the struggle for the land around his possessions. "What land? Grass grows, ears "- joked Shahsuvarov. At the same time he is not aware of litigation in 48 hectares of land adjacent to the Terminal B. "At the moment we are having a lawsuit over disputed ground the airline "Aero Sweet" on the other arguments I personally do not know " - The general director of "Borispol".


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