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Обустройство маленькой квартиры

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In this case, preference should be given to what can in one or another degree transformed to carry a few functions. This approach, with an emphasis on versatility, combined with a number of techniques to help visually enlarge the room, can largely solve the problem of resettlement living space a little flat. Living room includes a small minimum of furniture. Preferable to open racks cabinets with a variety of shelving systems. Storage is the ideal solution wardrobe with mirrored sliding panels. The dining table can be folding or sliding type. Convenient set of "nesting" tables - almost the same width but different height, which can put a under the other. Sofa corner sofa, usually takes considerable space. Therefore, when clicked, stay at a comfortable but not bulky form. To him may be included in a chair or, better yet, stools. Their number indoors is much easier to regulate - extra (which need only in case guests arrive) set aside in a corner, for example, in the bedroom. Buying sofa, think about where to place it (sitting on it do not have to look on the wall in front of him). Make the necessary measurements to the acquisition no more then your "headache" and you would hate in a month. Bed Sofa-bed for small-sized apartments are ideal. Besides him, the successful design solutions can be collapsible or folding bed mounted in a special wall. In planning their purchase, give preference to quality and convenience, especially for healthy sleep. As a table and chairs noted above, for a small space is the most convenient option with folding or sliding table. The minimum size for two people - 80x80 cm, four - 130h80 see table with a glass board looks like generally more elegant than a wooden one, but not all feed sympathy to the glass surface. Chairs preferable to choose those that you can (when not necessary) or fold up on each other, than largely to save space. In combination with a wooden furniture will look best with colored chairs upholstered seats, although there are alternatives to the interior in a modern style - metal and plastic chairs. Small flat space required in particular elaborate spatial solutions. This is where, as we can no longer appropriate, "look before you leap - cut once!" Allocation of Function zones, furniture placement, colors - all important components interior, which affect its functionality and aesthetics. Equipping the apartment, the most deplorable results can be achieved by turning it into a warehouse of furniture. Do not forget, the space must be "air". This will help you use in light-colored interior, the division of functional zones of the optical boundaries, the choice of door panels with glass-filled, the application of light furniture designs.


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