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Фен-шуй для маленькой квартиры

It is human nature to desire harmony. And if in the European tradition more emphasis on the attainment of itself, the harmony of thought, desires and actions , the East thoroughly developed rules of coexistence person with the outside world , which is now immortalized in a popular teachings of Feng Shui.
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I believe - I do not believe Believe in the tenets of feng shui or not, you decide. But before than to accuse this doctrine to disability, superfluous to recall that in China it has existed for more than four thousand years and not losing ground until now. Moreover, it is gaining popularity among the educated and cynical Europeans, who are pretty tired of sparseness and randomness of modern world. Maybe our stress, illness and other troubles really stems from an incorrect location in space and careless Treatment with the energy of "live Earth"? In any case, you will always have a choice. Feeling that everything in life is "wrong" and "wrong", you can fall on about these things in the gloom and remain in this state indefinitely, and can try to change something and why not start this process with its own home? Fight with the reality of good intention to remake their home with a view proper redistribution of energy, usually stumbles upon the impossibility of thoroughly fulfill all necessary conditions. It is at this stage often "Go the distance with" enthusiasts. You really really want to do everything correctly, as necessary, and cramped conditions of Russia's housing crisis is not only not allow to take into account in the planning of the surrounding landscape, but even in his own apartment does not allow to roam. At 25 square meters. m one-bedroom apartment can inglorious death of any initiative in the ancient Chinese. Of course, you can not afford intervene in the process of laying the foundation, change the location of bathrooms, towering skyscrapers next to clean, but do something you do in the state. First - Down Clean trash and lack of rubbish - one of the principles of feng shui necessary for normal circulation of Qi energy (life energy). Start Your conversion to general cleaning. Pay attention to each corner, Let us examine each locker, committed clearing the balcony and pantry. Cruelly Get rid of unnecessary things, split cups, pots cracked and torn tights. Do not store old slippers and irrevocably broken refrigerator. Unclaimed items present to friends, acquaintances, neighbors or the poor please bring to church. Rules of etiquette says - if any thing in your clothes lay untouched for over a year, so you do not need it, and you can easily transfer it to the "good" hands. But before you start a grand cleaning, look at the lunar calendar. This event should be planned on the waning moon. At the same litter are not recommended for revenge in the direction of the input doors (sweep money), and in the kitchen. Fumigation After all stale dust will be removed, and extra trash finds its home on garbage, go to the next stage of energy cleaning the room - Fumigation. This process can be done with candles, joss sticks or patches of grass. Instead of sprinkling holy fumigation may water. Move in the process of cleaning is needed from the threshold time clockwise, stopping at each corner (there is going to negative energy). After cleaning the shower. While you were fighting for "clean environment" all the bad energy settled on you. It is best to cleanse his person use cold water, if your health is, of course, will. In order to consolidate result of energy cleaning, use the amulet. They can be traditionally eastern: statues of elephants, dogs, flying dragons or Fu (guarding the entrance door). And may our Slavic: Horseshoe, broom, various products from the tree. Suit and bundles of onions, garlic, pepper, herbs or special bundles amulets Feng shui. In a small scale after you have cleaned the apartment, it's time to think about it the right arrangement. That the "malometrazhe" not so easy to make, require considerable ingenuity and resourcefulness. One-room apartment at once, and a bedroom and living room and office. And this versatility have to consider. First and foremost, with a compass to determine in directions the light and decide which area (wealth, health, career, family, etc.) you want to emphasize at this point. As part of its select priorities appropriate sections of the apartment. You can do this through a variety of wallpaper, "multi" lighting and furniture. For example, in order to activate the zone of knowledge would be good to put back shelf of books, family area will emphasize additional sanctification, and glory in the zone, place the "witnesses" of their achievements (medals, diplomas, cups). Carries particular weight center apartments. From this energy diverges in all other sectors. It is therefore important to strengthen this zone. The easiest way to do it with a rug or crystal bright chandelier. Behind the screen requires special attention sleeper. While we sleep, our body filled with the strength and health. Therefore, you should have the bed beside with a window or indoor plants (take energy away), as well as near the "achievements progress "(computer, TV, music) that produce bad energy. And do not hang over any sleeping racks and shelves. Besides that pile on the bed prevent energy to circulate, they still and unsafe. That will take some nails or screws and broken ... In small apartments bed often plays simultaneously the role of the sofa. Feng shui, of course, does not like furniture-transformers, but to get to. Correct provision will cover, without which in a studio apartment can not do. At night, she enclose your bunk, and the day desk. Effective area In small apartments, each meter account. In Feng Shui - too. Can not lose sight of the associated facilities: kitchen, bathroom, toilet, pantry and balcony. In the kitchen you need to separate the elements of fire and water. If the plate is too close to the sink, separate these zones with something made of wood, such as cutting board. Bath and toilet "wash out" energy. To prevent this, the door to the "sanitary" room should be tightly closed. As well as cover toilet. In combined lavatories separate the main components (bath - WC) of each other fronts. If unsuccessful due to lay toilet room you were in the area of


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