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Купить землю и построить дом, или купить квартиру в многоэтажном скворечнике?

Which is better - a private home or apartment - have been questioned those who are going to twist the new cozy nest for your family.
What do you think? say
If you want to start from scratch - just a private home. Because after the date of multi-storey building in operation for about two years you will wake up and fall asleep to the enchanting sound shtrobilnyh machines, drills and hammers for laying ceramic tile. Private house - this is a quiet and seclusion, which makes even a small plot of land near the building. The crisis, after missing a speculative frenzy to buy the land is very simple, and only a few kilometers from the city (10 extra minutes by car but ecology is not an example clearer), and still is several times cheaper. Versus with previous years, when speculators reindeer raced through the city and villages, buying up everything in its path and simultaneously trying to resell at inflated prices, Now everything has changed dramatically. The excitement was gone, buyers almost No, but speculators are trying to get rid of fast desheveyuschih assets. Sale of land now is so dull that if the seller needs cash urgently, the sale of the land and can make 50%. Naturally with the quiet in a whisper: "Only you do not tell anyone!". And, despite claims are pretty weight loss of no deals to realtors, real estate market is growing and grows, the number of actual transactions and the real price point on the contrary. As lending has decreased dramatically and very down earnings citizens, the transactions are now basically only in the economy segment, and private construction of a few are thinking, because he is still alive stereotype that the land is worth big money, but the house - even more mad. On actually land on the outskirts of the capital fell to 4-5, but for 20-kilometer zone of more than ten times. Also decreased the cost of construction. Decreased costs, not only for building materials, and services workers. So way to buy land and build a house on it is not that expensive to buy than apartment in a dusty bedroom community. For example, for a distance of Kiev 25-30 kilometers from the city it would cost about 80 000 dollars, which is comparable with a two-bedroom apartment. But the advantages of private homes - are obvious. It and environmental, although relatively clean, and no neighbors above head, and settled a place to park the car.


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