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Квартира-студия: как создать удобное пространство?

An example would be a furniture store , where sets exhibited no separation exhibited in the main hall .
What do you think? say
A sense of fragmentation and lack of comprehension has only to those long as the general chaos will not be made to order, and furniture will not be posted in a niche part displays a possible situation in the room. The presence of even small separation creates comfort. By the methods of zoning is to come seriously 1. Podiums are good only in the event that the rise a multiple of three steps - two 45 cm, and especially a man step are not tracked. Bruises, falls, sprains, etc. will be provided. Enough remember the inscription "Caution threshold!" located at properly designed entrances to stores, drug stores, repair shops, etc. The zoning can be do a combination of different texture or material of sex. Textures can be placed not only up and down walls, visually expanding or extending premises, and obliquely, to add dynamics. 2. Elevation at the junction of the ceiling two functional areas are very interesting and original look. Multifunction and multiplicity are the delimiter string. They may be supplemented shelves or niches for your favorite souvenirs and collected collections. Arch and decorative sculpture stands to make a space at a height of more than 1, 8-2 meters, in the process of movement in the room none of the guests or household members not touched their heads. 3. Svetotsvetovoe distinction with fixtures different power, brightness and shape. 4. Significantly increase the chances of zoning the following items - bars, lightweight portable wooden partitions or textile (curtain), dressers, TV stand or other items. An interesting division can provide housing furniture made of chipboard or plasterboard, designed as a triumphal arch, arcade, "Pseudo-fire." This element brings a special mood in your decor. Apartment-studiyaObstavlyat studio apartment is a pleasure most valid different options, the only important thing - move around the room should not be be difficult without good reason. Only without the extremes, in this case also should adhere to the golden mean. If you do not intend to engage in sports or fitness at home, do not stick to the perimeter of reception situation. It is better to buy a light or mobile furniture, which in the case need without any problems can be offset against the wall. Studio apartment - it's fashion trend and top class! A problem with the rapid spread of odors alone does not clear hood! Do not want to saturate all the furniture environment edible flavors - Isolate the kitchen area with sliding partitions. Fortunately, the walls are made of various materials in any desired style, easy to install, simple to use, looks good in the interior and have a useful function "load" - cutoff smells of the total space. It turns out that with the right approach to zoning the space can be achieved not only the aesthetic and stylistic qualities of high, but the functional significance and benefit, without which the situation makes no sense. In conclusion, I note that in order not to create problems themselves and all who live next to you - all made alterations to be carried out in strict accordance with the law in the state. Any redevelopment must be registered by law order by state bodies.


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