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Почему в Центрах занятости мало привлекательных предложений

In June , employers have applied to 90, 5000 Professional
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State Employment Center believe that creates maximal conditions to unemployed Ukrainians quickly able to find a decent job. These services, in particular, and all-Ukrainian base of vacancies, and advice inspectors, and refresher courses and retraining, as well as support entrepreneurial initiative. That only applies to employment centers quarter of all unemployed people of working age, defined by the methodology International Labour Organization. "Bagnet" decided to find out why. Especially, earlier that our portal have already written about what job-search assistance can State to offer, and employment center does not have this issue unaddressed. Offers below the average view the list of vacancies that have in the network of public employment centers, we can not only in the centers, but also to related resources. The number of reported vacancies by employers in June of this year has declined, according to Goskomstat, 4, 7%, compared with May and amounted to 90, 5000 proposal. Half of the proposed work seats reserved for professionals working professionals, one third - for employees and others - for those who have no profession. In general, the Nonprofit As a rule, always make up the bulk of the proposals in the employment centers. If you look at occupations, the most requests from a wide simple jobs - cleaners, porters, janitors with the salaries of the minimum wage of 960 hryvnia to 2-2, 8000. No less in demand are "Managers and professionals." True, the proposals in this category, non-uniform. For example, along with the message of the vacancy production director with the stated wage levels in 29 000 40 hryvnia can be found and ad for a certain "Team leader" at 961 hryvnia salary. In contrast to private services recruitment agencies, to gosresurse almost always indicated the proposed size wages. That is only slightly higher than it is often the minimum wage and still far short of the average salary in Ukraine 2, 7000 hryvnia. Blame the employer? On this account the State Employment Center notes that the base is formed by Employment Service vacancies only on Based on the information supplied by employers. And experts Centers law does not have the authority to influence the employer regarding the increase quality jobs: "In the framework of its competence Employment Service carries out regular outreach to business leaders, and organizes for Employers special seminars, calls on employers to social responsibility ". As the lawyers law firm "Rybin and partners," Stanislav Lobko and Vitaliy Savchuk, existing long-term vacancies are often left in the shadows. Find them unemployed through employment centers is more difficult than in self- search. The employer expects a significant reduction in load on the payroll labor, without which it is hardly possible to achieve significant improvement in quality jobs. These questions are just the responsibility of the Ministry sotspolitiki, in the management of which is and Employment Center. True, the vision Ministry on how the legalization of salaries is limited to only administrative methods. As noted by the executive director of the All-Ukrainian employers' association of light industry Izov Tatiana, and their production Now, as the air, reduce the tax burden, "Manufacture paying all taxes: gas, energy, raw materials are constantly becoming more expensive. The result - in terms of wages, this sector can not compete with the light industry as trade in goods that do not require long investment, and can be quicker to profit: commodity bought and sold. At a seamstress for our businesses average salary was 1, 6 thousand hryvnia for 2010. Although there are enterprises where earn 3-4 thousand or even 5-6 thousand hryvnia. But young people are reluctant to goes into production. Now the trend is that most of the directed unemployed from the employment centers are asked to "Write to me, that I will not go up," - Said Tatiana Izov. Employee is guilty? According to her, in some regions enterprises in light industry has developed fruitful cooperation with the centers employment, but on the whole staff for the production of sorely lacking. "Employment centers today do not provide employers with needed workers personnel. By working professions today crisis in the country. We are prepared mostly lawyers, accountants and economists. " Interestingly, half unemployed registered with the Employment Center, are just representatives of the job specialties. The problem is that people are interested to be registered and receive assistance on unemployment, rather than accept go to work for a salary that is less than their expectations. The number of registered unemployed as of 1 July was 506 000 people, over 70% of whom are unemployment assistance. Its size is on average for a single unemployed 838 hryvnia. That is, it's only slightly less than the minimum wage. What is the meaning of work in those places where the proposed "minimum salary"? What Employment Center is unemployed, with whom we have been able to talk in Kiev employment centers, say even a deficiency. It is the absence of In some cases, a preliminary analysis of the job centers employment. As a result, the unemployed can get from your inspector a lot of proposals, the lion's share of which does not meet its specialization. In the worst case, the vacancy may do at odds with the essence of the work. For example, under the guise of economists employers may actually be required sales managers or promoters. But they do apply it to the economist, and the inspector simply convey information. The State Employment Center "Bagnetu" reported that in the case of selecting a suitable job, "Specialist Centre Employment necessarily pre-associated with the employer by phone, clarifies the existence of a vacancy, the demands on education, qualifications, experience of applicants for the vacant position, provides information to the employer for vocational qualifications as a candidate to work, coordinate the date and time you access the enterprise. " Jobs for unemployed as noted in the Employment Center, is a job that corresponds to the formation, Profession (specialty) training and is available in the same locality, home to people. In this case wages must meet the level man who had on previous work based on an average wage, which was formed in the respective industries. What a system - such and employment According to the chairman of the Association of Private Employers of Kharkov Alexander Chumak, the state does not currently cultivates confidence citizens and as a result of the employment service becomes less as competitors, and employers who have a real need for skilled employees. "We normally develop private recruitment agencies, which use advanced search techniques and training. Existing employee candidate they output to a level at which it necessarily fit the employer ", - said Alexander Chumak. It is understandable, after all, private recruitment agencies have a specific motivation: jobs for employee - to work, but is not employed - was left with nothing. In general, it is possible as much as to say that the current system of government centers Employment poorly suits the employer and even less - of the employee. But we can not forget about the conditions in which it was formed. It is a condition the highest in Europe per cent charge on payroll, that forcing employers to look for opportunities to minimize taxes. This high level of corruption, rigid regulation of business. All this, of course just affects the labor market.


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