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10 советов из США Януковичу или как оживить экономику Украины

Here are 10 tips that anyone should be done within the next year to revive the economy .
What do you think? say
1. Show us the money. Make sure that the banks borrow on favorable terms money (which they literally squeezed) to small and medium-sized businesses. Invest money in new products and services - the best way to create new jobs and ensure economic growth. Who should do it? Policy. They took Banks in bail and was saved from bankruptcy, and now they have to follow, that banks are not held back funds that may be key to recovery economy. 2. Actively looking for investors. Foreign direct investment strengthens weak sectors of any economy. Each state should review system of tax benefits - especially those countries that are experiencing a recession. Large international corporations looking for a skilled workforce and stable political situation. With these components - will come investments, there will be production and jobs. Write about their president or the Prime Minister. 3. Develop infrastructure. Once in 2008 erupted, the global financial crisis, Barack Obama has proposed focus on relatively small ready-to-implement infrastructure projects to provide jobs and restart the economy. But America needs to run larger projects and in larger quantities, then we ought to do and other countries. Here are the projects that are within a short time generate enormous profits: construction or reconstruction of high-speed highways and railways, modernization of airports, construction of new bridges. Robust Infrastructure Update does its thing. It will allow companies to move to areas more suited to their needs. You listen to me, the government countries with a stalled economy? 4. Keep it simple. There is nothing complicated in is to reduce red tape in hiring new employees and start a new company. So why does almost everywhere, this process continues remains a lengthy and costly? 5. Refuse on fossil fuels. Fuel prices are higher, stocks are limited and not growing instability guarantee reliable supplies of oil and natural gas. Investment in renewable energy sources will open new opportunities for qualified workers, lower their prices in the industry and will provide the next generation of energy. In working on this state and the private sector must work together. 6. Follow the formula of "talent without borders." Skilled and enterprising workers in demand in virtually any market in any sector of the economy. But until now, the employer often has to overcome numerous bureaucratic barriers to enter the world market and to use the qualified there frames. Our world is now very small, and the work force - more mobile. You have already posted a sign saying "Welcome"? 7. Teach people to produce. Germany is the locomotive of the European Union for its production and technological base. What is stopping other countries to adopt the German model? U.S. excelled in technological innovation, but the production of software software and electronic equipment are increasingly moving into new "Silicon Valley" of India, China, and eventually to Brazil. Production - A "new frontier" for expansion. We can no longer treat him lightly. 8. Avoid the "student stores." In many areas Knowledge university course may be shortened to allow trained personnel quickly to begin work. In some countries, where students take out a loan for education, by reducing training time, they will have more and less debt. In almost every area, except that the medicine, the standard three or four years of training can be and should be reduced. Colleges have become something of a warehouse, where students store, instead of effectively and efficiently to prepare them for productive work. 9. Offer flexible schedules along with a full working day. Millions employees around the world would prefer shorter working hours, but they do not provide such a choice. The widespread shift work and flexible hours would reduce unemployment drastically reduced and the accompanying costs. People who want to work less - often to carry out more time with family - need to have this opportunity, while others from returning to work. Win-win situation. Nothing prevents this, except to the tradition. 10. Restore stability. And finally, an appeal to the heads of state around the world. Governments should pave the way to financial stability. It is necessary to reduce the interest rates on loans, money should flow freely through the banking system. Control over private companies are now not as important as support investment. Only it would set in motion a mechanism to create new companies, new jobs and new markets, which, in turn, will restore confidence and make people proud of their country's economy.


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