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Покупка квартиры в новостройке: как заставить застройщика сдать дом вовремя?

Rare apartment in new buyer does not face the godless delays At the time at home. How do I get the builder to hurry ?
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A month or two delay in the delivery of housing in the operation - it's almost a dream any investor who invests in housing under construction. Delay 4-6 months - almost the norm. But while tightening more than six months should be alarmed - this is a bad sign. If the building does not fit too schedule, active investors are trying to somehow influence the developer. But before jumping into a desperate battle with a protracted, lawyers recommend determine the cause construction delays. To do this, the buyer must Apartments send a written request to the seller of housing. From this point on all issues responses and reactions of the parties should be recorded - this information is very helpful during a possible trial. For a start it is important to investor carefully examine the contract and assess the legal perspective of some their actions. For example, if a buyer has invested in construction of apartments through the purchase of bonds, target date of introducing the house in operation, the reflected in the contract as "information data" may differ significantly from the date of redemption. So the developer leaves itself "in reserve" some years, during which time you can with impunity to delay construction. "Known practice, when at the end of the maturity of the bonds to investors could to claim damages from the builder, who up to this point failed to comply with commitments, "- said the lawyer law firm" Vasil Kisil and Partners "Natalia Dotsenko-Belous. If the situation is really quite hopeless, You can go and take extreme measures - to achieve change and to attract the builder investors in the project management. You may then need to pass a difficult path and ultimately renew the facility under construction for housing construction Cooperative (CAV), established investors. After that, shareholders would have dofinansirovat construction of his own pocket. Examples of this kind Action is: because the developer of the bankrupt investors Kiev RC "Three Heroes" organized HBC "Our House". According to preliminary estimates, completion of home they need to invest another 500 USD. for "square". This is a small price to pay saved investment, because thanks to the cooperative created at the site today resumed work. Alas, the legislation does not promote Protection of the Rights of the primary buyer. Builders in 2009 were able to "push" adoption of the Law of Ukraine "On prevention of the global financial crisis the development of the construction industry and housing ", which introduced moratorium on the cancellation of contracts, the return made by cash, as well as application developers to financial sanctions. However, this law gives relief to developers only for 18 months. If the delivery delay in operation over this period, a moratorium on the imposition of sanctions already does not act, and therefore can be safely deployed "combat operations". But for contracts with builders until January 2009, the law does not apply. And in 2013, this anti-crisis situation and did lose its force. Thus, there is three documents that define the position of the investors: the Civil Code, Law of Ukraine "On Prevention of ..." and contract with the developer. The road to court Identify causes of delay, the buyer can move into action. First, you must send in a claim construction company with a demand fulfill the terms of the contract. "In the case of non-issue is resolved in court order. Usually you can only ask for damages. But this does not solve problem, as the object remains unfinished (and investment - unreturned - Ed.). Therefore, investors often sue for divorce treaties or declaring them null and void "- sums up the Senior Associate AK "Konnov and Sozanovsky" Dmitry Sichkar. Lawyers confirm that the isolated precedent of judicial decisions in favor of the investors is, however, the parties, as generally do not reveal evidence of termination of contracts or payment of actual compensation. In parallel with the litigation group of enterprising residents storm offices of city officials, talk to the media and organizing public protest. Sometimes it makes sense and appeal to law enforcement authorities a statement that a criminal case against the builder. Of course, into the hands of the buyer is the presence of the contract on tangible financial sanctions in case of default. But even if there were none, You can follow the law - Civil Code clearly indicates responsible contractor and the compensation of damages for breach their obligations. The worst thing with which the investor may face - is if the company considers himself a bankrupt. Lawyers say that if the developer is not solvent, any method of exposure, including lawsuits and complaints the police, give a zero result. The same applies to implementation of court decisions in favor of the investor. After all, "trust, which burst," are unlikely to rush to seek funds to pay customers for virtual meters. Therefore, the latter remains the only chance - to create and HBC finish building the house. Apartments remaining unsold, land and other property of an insolvent builder, if any, will not advance pillaged - all this will help investors to complete the project with minimal financial injections. But, unfortunately, a company files for bankruptcy, usually leaves no tangible assets other than office furniture, office equipment beushnye and in fact unfinished. And the story of "The three heroes," which we mentioned - It's more from the category of the happy exceptions. Having bought the house from the builder to just put into operation the house, I have to defend more than six months their right to move into an apartment! Sergei Bahini, a resident of Kiev when I was able to pick up a deposit to recapitalize the banks of the "Kiev", I decided to buy an apartment new building in the capital. To minimize the risks, I chose what I thought, the most reliable construction company - HC "Kyivmiskbud". This builder In February 2011 I purchased a one bedroom apartment in the house at ul. Urlovskaya 34-A. Pleased that the new building had already been put into operation. The developer promised to start settling within 1-2 weeks, and I did not expect that in this situation may arise some problems. However, the house is not populated for the past 6 months. We have found the true reason for the delay Check in: "Kyivenergo" does not connect the home to a permanent power supply scheme due to the fact that "Kyivmiskbud" allegedly failed to comply with certain conditions. That achieve justice, a member of our group was on the initiative reception at the head of Kiev city state administration Alexander Popov. We have applied the prosecutor's office are preparing a suit, holding a protest. The hosts offices, day after day promise to immediately resolve the issue, but the situation does not change. Before taking any tough action against builder, is to assess its condition and its legal position.


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