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Выбираем напольное покрытие для кухни

The kitchen is not just confined space dining area . This is a place of spiritual unity of the whole family.
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Therefore, striving to make the kitchen a cozy, warm, not only the body but the soul and the usual desire of every person. In addition to walls, ceiling and furniture in the kitchen an important role for the floor. Sex in the kitchen should be practical, but also give a sense of comfort. Let's see what kind of flooring is usually chosen for the kitchen: tile, ceramic tile flooring. Linoleum Linoleum in the kitchen deserves attention as a kitchen floor, which has its own advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include the democratic value of linoleum, a wide color gamut that can pick almost any interior. Figure linoleum often mimics the design of more expensive wood or stone surfaces. Now for the minuses. Figure exposed to direct ultraviolet rays can burn out. In addition, linoleum can be damaged during installation of furniture or household appliances. Also on the linoleum may remain on the spot long contact with water. Accidentally spilled juice, coffee, ketchup or mustard on the linoleum can leave an eternal memory. Ceramic tile in the kitchen Ceramic tiles on the right is one of the most popular kitchen surfaces. Among its advantages are a wide selection of colors, durability, fire resistance. Type of ceramic tiles can not hurt, not only spilled on the floor hot or cold beverages and sauces, and various chemical components. We add that the tile is very difficult to damage, rearranging furniture or installing appliances. Deficiencies in ceramics is still there. Sometimes high prices for ceramic tile is not always possible to use it in the kitchen average citizen. It is cold and not very comfortable material, which ideally should be used exclusively bundled with the system of floor heating. There is a danger of slipping and injury, especially if the floor is wet. Parquet flooring in the kitchen talk about the merits of the parquet. First, it should be noted that unique comfort, which creates a tree in every room. You can move around on the parquet floor barefoot at least you are not going to be cold, especially in comparison with the tile. However, it was in the kitchen all the advantages of such a noble material can be reduced to nothing. The tree is known to be not resistant to fire and various chemicals. Heavy items (gas stove, a table) when you move can ruin the look of a parquet. So, if you choose for the kitchen hardwood floor, you have to very careful to treat him. Marmoleum Marmoleum for the kitchen is a relatively new type of material on the market. Marmoleum is made of balsa wood and plant resins. Marmoleum has a wide color gamut two thousand different shades. Bactericidal properties are part of this floor covering natural resins can destroy harmful bacteria. Marmoleum is not afraid of fire, no chemicals or ultraviolet rays. It can withstand pressure of up to one hundred and sixty pounds per square inch, without receiving any damage. Of course, the choice of flooring for the kitchen is not only practical relation to objects, but also taste. But if the focus is on reliability and durability of the material, the first place is to give Marmoleum, a second ceramic tile, linoleum and a third.


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