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Как купить квартиру на вторичном рынке.

Pay attention to the apartment, which has belonged to someone, that is the secondary market.
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Recommendation number 1: Decide you do it yourself or with the help of Realtor. Here, of course, up to you, but if this is the first deal, it is better not to risk it. Too many subtleties that costs just a check so-called purity of the apartment. Rid of this headache can real estate, which is not only the staff of Realtors, and Legal. Support of the entire transaction process is not cheap, so if you still feel sorry for the money, you can use a separate service, hire a lawyer to enter into a contract of sale or clarity grading apartment. But a lawyer should not be easy, and specializes in real estate transactions. Price issue: support for the entire transaction agencies usually charge between 2 - 5% of the purchase price, including service on the selection of options and check for legal clarity. However, practice shows that almost always negotiable. However, it is important to remember that there is still a limit below which the agent does not go to work on the deal. Required documents: a contract with the agency / law firm, which defines the rights and obligations of the parties, payment and cancellation of the contract, the sanctions for breach of contract by the parties. Recommendation number 2: decide whether you are suitable options for alternative transactions. Alternative transaction actually sharing an apartment through the sales transaction. For example, a family transfer any "three-ruble note" in a one-room and two-room apartments. In turn, the owners are looking for a studio apartment "three rubles" or "kopeck piece" for a fee, etc. As a rule, it involves several apartments: not such a rarity and 1012 participants in the chain. Most of the transactions with the "secondary" are taking place under the scheme. As a general rule, selling house, people tend to buy new, not communicating with cash. Agree to the cache are usually the ones who really need it, or those who are going out of town or out of the country in general. Alas, the "alternative" method has significant drawbacks. First, the unpredictable timing: to build a chain so that all of its links to choose exactly the apartment that suits them. Moreover, in all phases of the risk of rupture of the chain, one of the parties may change their minds, the other will reveal problems with the documents and start anew. If you absolutely do not like the alternative transaction, the canvassing of selected proposals ask whether it is not an option. Remember that, as a rule, "alternative" apartment because of the complexity and length of the transaction are 10% cheaper than the "pure", whose owners expect to receive a bag of money. Recommendation number 3: Choose the unit. It all starts with selecting the area where you want to live. Do not trust the memories of favorite childhood places you will most likely there just walking and just did not pay attention to the number of kindergartens, schools and shops. Over the Internet-based real estate study price range of apartments put up and making sure that there is plenty to choose from according to your budget, once again walk on the favorite areas, preferably in the rush hour. Believe me, you can wait for a disappointment. Finally, when the suitable areas are selected, start close monitoring proposals. Be prepared for the fact that if you are looking for an apartment in the databases the Internet, 99% of the time you get to the mediators. Recommendation number 4: Check the selected option. Finally, you've found the best option that suits. Take your time. If you were on the first viewing with a real estate agent do not be lazy and go home again. Agents, no matter how decent people they are, they are primarily interested in the transaction. Who knows, maybe, coming on their own, you will consider the previously unnoticed details that you just really do not fit. A good idea to talk with the neighbors. In casual conversation you can learn many interesting things: whether the porch drinking, is it safe to leave the car in the yard, a large part to the kindergarten and the like. Maybe after this visit to check the legal purity apartments matter not even come to that, to say nothing of the transaction itself. If all is well, begins the most difficult stage of checking stories apartment. The risk here is great you can lose even an apartment, bought by the law, if you declare the heirs. Or, for example, the current owner purchased it from a recognized incapacitated citizens. Bona fide purchaser (the one who buys the apartment, observing all the requirements of the law, and not knowing that there are circumstances that prevent the transaction) can expect some compensation from the state, but in practice it does not get worked out, and the amount will still be several times less than the price of Moscow apartment. Difficult to independently verify the story: a layman in such matters does not know all the details and have no links to the relevant authorities, which will be checked without delay. Documents required: need to check documents of title to the apartment (for possible charges and to study the conditions for the acquisition by its current owner of the apartment), an extract from the Unified State Register of Rights to Real Estate and Transactions, information on citizens in the apartment, the presence of solutions Boards of Trustees, capacity of participants of previous transactions with the apartment, the history of previous transactions, particularly if the apartment was sold several times in a short period of time Recommendation number 5: close the deal. If everything is clean, make an advance and start cooking the deal. If you have chosen an apartment that is sold without an alternative, to confirm the seriousness of it is enough amount of 1000 y. is, which is applied as an advance payment. The alternative is paid in advance, and the amount is more significant figure in 3000. is, and above, usually on the order of 5% of the price. By the time of the transaction the parties must agree on a contract of sale. In theory, the transaction itself can be closed during the day, first signed the contract of sale, after which the bank lease contract cell. Next most important feeding of documents for registration of transfer of ownership. Usually sign a contract of sale is paid in two parties, but the transfer of the contract is the buyer. Next is to wait, usually no more than two weeks. Required documents: the buyer is required only photocopy of your passport as well as his original and harmonized sales contract; seller prepares the rest of the documents the registration certificate of title, the title document to the apartment, explication, cadastral a flat (original) receipt the payment of state duty for registration, notarized consent of the spouse of the transaction or a notarized certification that the person is not married, an extract from the house register (valid for 1 month), a copy of the passport. Recommendation number 6: get the keys. Usually key handover is conducted on the same day that the BTI issued registered contract. Accompanied this event, usually by signing the act of handing over the flat, which indicates the condition with which the seller sends the furniture housing buyer. The same day, the seller takes the money out of the cell. Top 5 mistakes that are usually made by the buyer. Casually refers to the collection of information about the house and area. As a result, the neighbors are alcoholics or visitors, and the path to the nearest decent shop takes more than an hour on foot. Neglected by specialists. Do not try to save the expense of a full verification of the apartment. Yourself it can be done, especially if you already have experience of purchase, but is much safer to entrust this time professional. Saves on security. Better not to explore options, even if they are cheaper than the market, with the sale of a proxy, do not buy an apartment from the people who are registered in another city, do not mess with the contract rent. Choice of apartments is large enough, you should not economize on the little things, creating a risk of losing everything. Hurry to buy. The decision must be weighed carefully, do not be talking about the rapidly rising prices. Paid in advance, have not checked the legal purity apartments because the seller insists on it. Do not agree to these terms, please reconsider, but the pledge will remain with the seller.


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