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Долевое владение, чего ждать?

What do you think? say
It often happens fractional ownership real estate. But it is necessary to clearly separate the concepts of equity and shared ownership. So in the first case, there is a clear division and indicates the exact area that belong to another host. If we are talking about joint ownership, no clear framework not. Of course, in this and in another embodiment, or you will not be able to sell or to rent an apartment for rent in Nikolaev, without the consent of the owners. The same can not be divided and the following rooms: hallway or corridor, kitchen, bath and toilet. Quite often there are cases when the co-owners can not find a common language, then the way out of this situation will appeal to the court and this problem will be resolved in court. Can be determined by a specific residential area (say room) or, on the contrary may be prohibited, deny access to any of the rooms. If redevelopment will infringe or impair the living conditions of some of the owners, it will also be banned, but only in the courts. If the situation between hosts is not critical, it is possible to take a long-term apartment in Nikolaev and earn, but again remember that this requires the consent of all owners notary, otherwise, such transactions will be declared invalid. With respect to utility bills, so everything is pretty simple, they are often divides itself housing complexes. Statement indicates a specific amount for a specific owner. Only, there is little nuance, despite the fact that the payment for utilities is divided, do not care if one of the owners will not pay for them, you will suffer all the hosts. And the reason is quite simple, and sewerage and water supply, and gas pipeline, often all that common, so turning off the water alone, without it will remain as the rest of the owners. With a loan, everything is different, if one does not pay its interest holders, if the bank has no right to take away all the property, he has to recover damages only to the share of the debtor. Of course, banks can sell his share, but before you take this step, they have to offer co-owner to buy it, and only in the event of a second, can put it on the open market. In order not to fall into an awkward position when buying or renting property because of its fractional ownership, you must give preference only to firms that have earned a name. Thus, the site dom.ria.com. presented apartments for rent in Nikolaev.


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Разместите объекты — Бесплатно!

Панель управление своими объектами с фото. Неограниченный период размещения!


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