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Ремонт в новостройке: с чего начать?

Moving into a new apartment - not only pleasant chores associated with the design of the living space, but also numerous repairs.
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On what we complain? When buying an apartment in new building owners often have difficulty with the first, but major repairs. It sets out the repair is important to consider the construction of a new home, as well as the form in which the delivery of apartments is carried out, as it affects the complexity of the work and the choice of building materials. In the primary housing often in poor condition are mounting adjacency window units to wall openings. Balcony apertures also require a partial revision. There indent from the rules and respect decorating. Quite often, despite the fact that the apartment rented for finishing, there are problems with uneven walls and floors. Many residents are dissatisfied with the state of the facades, balconies and loggias. Often it is necessary to perform a complete seal interpanel seams, as well as thermal and sound insulation work. It follows that one cosmetic repairs in this case can not do. Easy start of the complexity and scope of the upcoming repairs, as well as the approximate budget repair is determined by taking into account the characteristics of buildings that is in any form Flat for rent. Has the alignment of the walls, installed the radiators and wiring is made whether the water. Some developers offer apartments almost ready renovated, but many owners still prefer to do repairs yourself. The main and perhaps the most important part of the repair rough finishing. They are carried out in several stages: Electrical work. At this stage, installed machines and shields to further organize the wiring in the apartment. Held-cutting grooves tion walls, wiring and installation of electrical cable Enclosures. Plumbing shtroblenie include walls, wiring pipes to connect hot and cold water, as well as the installation of faucets and plumbing fixtures. At this stage it is possible to carry out installation of filters for water purification. Screed floor. So it called base floor layer of cement-sand stretch thief between the ceiling and decoration materials. The quality of laying the flooring of the future depends precisely on how smooth is the basis. Alignment of the walls and ceiling. Most often, these works take the most time and money set aside for repairs. Alignment surfaces made plaster or plasterboard solutions. The material is selected depending on how large the irregularities. At the finish line next stage of repair of the ceiling decoration, wall and floor finishing materials. It is at this point, you can make as all previously performed repairs. This means that before embarking on the finish, determine how smooth the surface. You can use a laser or water level of the building. Adjoining walls and corners, you can check the usual line-triangle. Also make sure that on the surfaces did not have depressions or bulges, or when wallpapering, tiling or flooring can be difficult. Through finishing finishing work, best to stick to a particular sequence. Start with the ceiling finish. Then move on to the walls and at the very end proceed to the floor. Selection of materials for apartments in new buildings choose finishing materials, which are able to move without significant changes strain the floor, walls and ceiling, related to the shrinkage of the house. First of all, it should be high-quality materials of proven producers. For walls, you can pick up a glass wall for painting or thick vinyl wallpaper. In the bathroom tiles can be used instead of the plastic panels. They are more flexible and are not afraid to mechanical stress, and several years later they can be replaced with tiles. If the ceiling height 2, 6 m and for their registration can be used in combination with drywall to painting. Drywall will also help to hide the necessary communications and minor microcracks. Given that the shrinkage of the house most susceptible to damage corners of contiguity ceilings, around the perimeter of the ceiling is best to attach the polyurethane moldings, he hides deformation. It is also possible to use a suspended ceiling, as it is sufficiently resistant to the various shrinkage. For the flooring is preferable to use high-quality parquet board or laminate, linoleum more economical option. Zone System particular attention to heating and water supply. For plumbing work better to use plastic pipes are more durable than other peers. Radiator choose, calculate the required power. Window. When installing windows, it is important to leave a gap for the mounting seams. If you do not, shrinkage home opening may become deformed and this violates the integrity and quality of windows. Soundproofing. To create a comfortable environment, especially when installing powerful speakers should take care of the sound insulation. For this purpose, basalt or mineral wool. Thermal insulation. Choose modern materials for thermal insulation, for example, such as mineral wool and always soblyudayte technology of their installation costs are otherwise not justified. Waterproofing in the bathroom and kitchen. This will protect the room from damp, in the case of flood protection from damage and repair your neighbors.


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