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Латвийский миллионер построил "Город солнца"

Heaven on Earth exists! Latvian millionaire realized in the vicinity of Cesis fantastic project.
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Bought 30,000 hectares of forest in the hilly area, he built the "City of the Sun", where there are special rules and people are quite different daily life. Under the terms of the project, all at home, and in the territory of 300, built from environmentally friendly materials. Each home is secured portion of 0, 4 and 1, 3 hectares, on which there is a small lake and forest. All the houses in Amattsiemse equipped with central sewerage, laid special equipment under the roots of pines and firs, high speed Internet and electricity. Heated houses mainly by heat from the earth in every house has a geothermal heat pump with well 90-100 m, which converts the energy of the earth to heat. This year-round heat enough to heat the house and hot water heaters. And only in the cold winter days residents have resorted to ignition of the fire, which is equipped with every home. From the windows of each house (with rare exceptions) are not visible to the other houses. This became possible due to the hilly terrain and competent planning. In the forest the city banned fences. This eco-friendly area with all the ensuing consequences around the city freely roam roe deer and other animals, and nothing should interfere with their movement. For the same reason, the town is forbidden to keep the chain dogs that bark may frighten the wild, but friendly animals dogs, under the terms of the settlement, can only be in homes. Aivars Zvirbulis "The idea to build a village came to my mind when I realized that I wanted to live in their own comfortable house near the water, a scenic location in the forest. As a result, I created Amattsiems where my family lives today, I and my children and grandchildren, my friends and like-minded people with similar outlooks on life for a place of residence and the environment. I confess that at first I created a project from a purely selfish motives wanted to create a comfortable "habitat" for a loved one. On the basis of and following the example of similar settlements in other countries and based on my personal vision of how living in a comfortable place you can be in harmony with its neighbors and nature, not to disturb wildlife have developed internal rules of the settlement. These rules are designed for people who share my vision, the people who do not consider these rules a ban, people who are willing to respectful towards others whether the observance of silence or the content of the surrounding area. Regulations, for example, provide that, within the village in the evening and at night is not allowed to make noise, not allowed to build fences, as well as draw attention to the fact that the dog is man's best friend, who should sit on the chain. My goal is to preserve the natural environment in the village. I try not to turn the forest into a city park. That is why next to the well-kept clipped lawn adjacent to a blooming meadow. On manicured lawns fireflies usually does not happen, and in Amattsiems warm summer evening at nightfall in the grass lit hundreds of small lanterns. And from the ponds in the summer sounds harmonious chorus of green frogs, I consider it a great honor because these frogs live only in very clean and unpolluted environment. Withered broken tree or wind I leave in the woods to the delight and as a haven for forest dwellers woodpeckers, squirrels and foxes. The balance between the environment, uses technology and aesthetics, creating a memorable image of the village, which clearly shows that the harmony between man and nature exist! ".


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