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Today it is hard to imagine a comfortable life in their own homes without those already familiar amenities like running water, bathroom, toilet. Even here must Add the normal sewage system. Otherwise, wastewater can be a serious problem ...
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Bacteria help According to experts, to effectively address discharge of domestic waste water from a private home is to install on the farm individual site underground treatment plant. Today use two basic technologies for wastewater treatment. They are similar in that that include biological waste treatment microorganisms, but they differ in methods of organization of this process. In the so-called. aerobic systems Cleaning the air supply are utilized with some types of bacteria in anaerobic systems where recycling of organic matter occurs without oxygen, - Others. In fact, in the first case there is a natural decomposition organics in the second - forced. Note that the technology allows aerobic purify wastewater by 95-98%, that is, the output is almost pure water is colorless and odorless, which you can water plants, wash the tracks and etc. When using anaerobic technology drains are cleaned in two stages: first 65-70% (first stage) and then sent for purification in seepage field (second stage). In general, aerobic systems are more complex by design, but compact. Anaerobic systems such as simple, but require a lot of space: for arranging the field of filtration area is needed 1-2 weave (where digging the pit to a depth of at least 2, 5 m, to fill it with sand and gravel, and then to pave it drains). But in any case from the kitchen and bathrooms wastewater primarily fall into the septic tank (special capacity for accumulation of wastes), where they undergo biological treatment - Full or partial. The minimum amount is calculated based on the septic tank of three times the daily water consumption. Regulations on the average consumption for per person is 150 liters per day. Consequently, for a family of four or five people is enough septic tank capacity of 2 cu. m. In fact This figure may be higher if we are talking about homes with multiple bathrooms, swimming pools, etc. However, experts say, is very roomy decanter also useless, because the normal functioning of the system in which is dominated by bacteria, it is necessary that certain microorganisms have been number of "food." Otherwise, may not work properly. Often, in order to improve the process of cleaning septic tank separated by transverse partitions into two or three cameras. Or consistently connect two or three-chamber tank. As a rule, single-chamber tanks used at a flow rate of water up to 1 cu. m per day, two-compartment - up to 5 cu. m / day., three-compartment - More than 8 cubic meters. m / day. Septic tanks should be strong and tight, so make them from plastic, metal or concrete. Concrete waste tank is a well (solid or constructed of standard concrete rings). Perhaps the greatest shortcoming of such a tank - its solid weight, which certainly complicates the process of installation. Also have to spend money for waterproofing. Therefore, as an alternative to today released polymer and steel septic tanks. Tanks made of polystyrene or polypropylene pretty cheap easy and simple to install. They are usually mounted on a concrete foundation (So


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