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Как выбрать материалы для строительства деревянного дома?

As the theater begins with a hanger and a wooden house construction begins with the choice of material. The modern market offers and laminated veneer lumber , and cylindering , and CAP , and more. It would seem, see your income level , and choose material for the home. But it is not so simple.
What do you think? say
First, you must answer one simple question - what is most important to you in the future, a country cottage. If the priority is the large area halls, lounges, pool and basic principle - the desire to hit the scale guests and relatives - choose laminated board. Only this material allows satisfy the ambitions of your architect. If you want the house to "breathe" but not a lot of money and you do not much care about the issues of strength and durability - Choose a round logs or profiled bar. If money quite low, but cottage in the village desperately needs - frame house, filled with various synthetic insulation - your destiny. House of pine has an optimal value for money. Pine has a beautiful environment. Everybody Loves walk in the pine forest and breathe beautiful air. The main drawback pine - blue. Blue occurs usually in summer wood if improperly stored. Larch - more durable, but also more "cold" tree. The thermal conductivity of about 20% higher than in pine, so the house wall have to make thicker. Optimal use of larch in the lower crowns. Cedar (cedar pine) - a soft and beautiful tree. Unfortunately, very expensive. At this point, see themselves in income. Increases the further north woods, the more robust timber. The shorter the distance between growth rings - the better. In wooden house, sleep well. There is some scientific explanation. Wood is a natural air conditioner, because inside it there is a constant air. The log walls of the room contribute to removal anthropotoxins (Substances derived from human activities). Even a small their number affects the well-being, reduces efficiency and alertness activity. Next. Relative humidity in the range 50%, which is optimal for humans. Being in a wooden house not only improves sleep, normalizes blood pressure, relieves stress, but also stimulates the memory and increases intelligence. This only applies to homes, made from an array of natural drying. There will be no air conditioning air if the walls of the house is, for example, mineral wool or any other artificial insulation. Or if you're lining the walls obili and covered it with three coats of varnish. Wood - a unique organic material, invented by nature. Man, unfortunately, so constituted that Mother Nature is always trying to fix. That pear on apple growing, then log into the dryer exhausts. No, the goal is clear. You need to reduce construction time, reduce problems with shrinkage of the building. But for everything in this world has to pay. During artificial drying, for example, is the crystallization of the resin, the pores of the wood closed and it ceases to "breathe." Glued laminated timber - perfect material for larger rooms. But if you decide to build a house out of it, it is necessary to think twice. Tree in laminated veneer lumber is one of the materials. Second, as you probably guessed - the glue. Will this stuff work as natural air conditioner - can answer that question yourself. In addition, it the most expensive material on the market. As for otsilidrovannogo logs - use it only if you want to save money on construction. In otsilindrovochny machine is wood, usually from 18 to 26 cm are often immature forest and "tapping." The main disadvantage - you get the same output pencils but not exclusive, as in manual cutting. I'm not going to talk about withdrawal lasting the top layer - this topic has been beaten. The West has long realized that the most prestigious and expensive houses only from the array and only hand-made. They accepted live in unity with nature and the main parameter of housing for Europeans - Ecology. For our own countrymen to the house to be higher than the neighbor, here is a cottage village built in the home of cylindering, laminated veneer lumber, shaped timber, panel, frame and there is little chopped carpenters. As for fire wood at home. During the fire chief risk are no walls, and trim. People usually die from food burning of synthetic materials: carpet, linoleum, vinyl wallpaper and other achievements of civilization. The walls are the same during the fire and charred the combustion process is slowed down dramatically. Brick houses are burning wood is not worse. And finally, tell you what the house antiseptic process. Their market great variety. We can only advise the use of environmentally friendly. For example, on the basis of birch tar. Yes, the house will turn black. But it is very stylish. Imagine - a black house with red windows.


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