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Лифт для вашего дома!

The presence in a country house elevator - not only an indicator of welfare its owners, but often the need for easy living occupants. As a rule, is set in suburban homes are two types of elevators to provide a comfortable dwelling house owners and others to tenants - this cottage elevators and freight elevators ( or service ).
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Elevator to the private home should have a number of preferred characteristics caused by peculiarities of the place of installation and operation. This security low power consumption, quiet operation, reliability, installation in any building, regardless of its architecture, reasonable price. Quiet cabin lift is very urgent, because the sound of the lift devices in the cottage can not hide the background, as opposed to natural noise high-rise building. It should be understood that the silent elevator does not exist. But it is possible to bring down the noise level to minimum performance due to the choice mechanism with the lowest noise level. And due to the fact that the main source of noise is the drive (ie the device, which leads to movement of the elevator mechanism), the lowest noise parameters have hydraulic actuator, mounted in the hydraulic lifts. In addition to hydraulic elevators still exist electric elevators - the classic version of the construction traction lift with ropes and engines. As for the appearance villa elevator, now on the market, there are many solutions for elevators, intended for installation in private houses: elevators, usually easily adapted to the design of the room, whether it's retro style or modern. When finishing lifts can be used embossed, polished stainless steel steel coated with a gold / silver, mirrored surfaces, glass panel, a ceiling of polished stainless steel "starry sky", which allows reduce the effect of an enclosed space, floor coverings - from linoleum rubber, artificial stone to velor carpet, etc. As a rule, the acquisition of and installation of elevators in the cottage cost to the buyer in 18 - 70 thousand at. The cost is installation and commissioning of an average of 15 to 50% of the equipment. We also suggest you check with the company in advance of the contractor the cost of services to dispatch elevators and lifts the emergency service availability in spite of that the lift device is a sturdy, yet prefer to work with the company providing a wide range of services, not just performing for sale. Small goods lifts (service) Small freight elevators are designed to transporting small loads weighing from 5 to 250 kg. This lift gives purchase of the garage to the kitchen, raised breakfast in the bedroom or drinks and snacks in the fireplace. Typically, freight elevators, reliable, easy in circulation are noiseless, does not require any special care. Energy consumption minimum: for example, a lift of 50 kg (a load popular the owners of country houses) of 0, 37 kW, ie three times less than that of the modern household iron. Compared with the cottage in a small elevator freight elevator load transmitted to the construction of a building, is incomparably less, so it does not require a special shaft. To install the necessary Only one load bearing wall and a hole in the intermediate floors, in the absence wall lift enough to attach to the floor and floor decks. For a country home can also improve the comfort of a small goods lift: Typically, companies engaged in the sale and installation of elevators lifts, offer such options such as stainless steel trim, heating and lighting cabin installation protection against dust and water, sliding doors Electric Curtain, etc.


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