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Как правильно выбрать отопительный котел для загородного дома?

All presently known heating systems are classified into three groups: combined heat and power (the same city) , township ( a boiler room at the village - village - town) and individual (self- boiler in the basement or in a separate structure ).
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It would seem logical to talk about the summer air conditioning, heating and not about boilers. But, you see most often in the summer, many construction cleans cottage or country house. So, the installation of the boiler and heating throughout system is best done during construction of the house. Because for proper operation of heating system you lay a few tens of meters of pipes! And if it is done when finishing the house is finished to have a new Stroebe (Hollow) wall and floor, wrestle with what to do with pot, and so on ... Installers watch house plan, calculate the possible heat loss, heat output, the number of radiators, pipe length, etc. Therefore, it is advised to buy one or another pot. Therefore, we want to help you select the right heating boiler in the first place. And tell where, what and how to install, so that later, during the cold season, heating system worked properly, and secondly. City of CHP in this article, we will not touch - a "headache" of city authorities. About the village boiler also say there is no reason - it deals with A special state service. We will consider the individual's own heating system, and in particular, its holy of holies - the boiler. Boiler - the basis of the heating system. And the pots, and there are single-circuit system (Only heat the room) and bypass (heat the room, and heated tap water). * Single-loop copper body is in a spiral with coolant (water or antifreeze special), and serves only to space heating. * Two circuit has a boiler in one case two helices and is used for space heating and hot running water (the one that goes in water). * Single-system operates on single-circuit of the boiler. It coolant heated in the boiler, passes through pipes and radiators and returned to the boiler. The boiler is designed only for heating the room. * Dual system operates as a two-circuit on and on single-circuit boiler, which connect vodonakopitel for water (it spiral with the coolant is heated by the boiler). The boiler is designed to heat the room and heating water for plumbing. So, the topic of our today's conversation - Single-loop copper is a more reliable and ultimately more comfortable for "personal" use. Why it is more convenient single-loop copper? If it comes Turbofan down the boiler, then you will be without heating and without heating running water. And if you break single-loop, you will still reserve hot water, because a single-boiler, usually connected vodonakopitel. And more. Practice shows that the universal technique (ie is a multifunctional) are easily damaged. A turbofan boiler just refers to this very versatile technique. But let us not hurry. Because apart from the boiler to the individual heating system include: * Expansion tank; * damper * pump * pipe * radiator battery * thermostats; * Fluid that circulates through the pipes of the system. Expansion Tank Comes at work, when heated in the heating system fluid is increased in volume (according to the laws of physics) and in search of additional space rushes in the tank. Without it, the pipe may leak, and the boiler burst. Air valve or "air vent" Output air from the system. Initially the system is filled liquid up to as long as it does not remain the air. But in the process of heating fluid may appear air bubbles (as in a boiling kettle). Bubbles form an air lock and prevent the passage of fluid through pipes and batteries. So, the air lock and removed automatically through the air valve. Shakes all the liquid pump system at a certain speed. If there was no pump, circulation of fluid in the system created by the difference would temperatures. But there's a catch: if the battery tube and much, then water "Is not strong enough" to go through an extensive system of pipes and radiators. And she had to move to carry the heat to the batteries. Here the pump and it helps. Tubes Cheapest pipes - metal. If you decide to use such tube, do not forget to paint them, or they prorzhaveyut. In principle we can and put the plastic, but only those that can withstand temperatures up to 100 ° C (Boiling point of water). Copper pipes most expensive, but here too there are one caveat: they can be oxidized. The best to date (and not the most expensive) - metal pipe. By the way, to me unanimously advised by representatives of all the firms in which I was. Metal plastic tube consists of three layers: a plastic-metal-plastic. That is, metal tube with inner and outer sides covered with plastic. These pipes - persistent corrosion, easy to install. Go ahead. Diameter pipes of the system depends of the heat flow - that is, the amount of heat, cast 1 cubic meters of liquid for 1 hour. Mostly used diameters of 0, 5, 0, 75, 1, 25-inch (1 inch = 25 mm). The optimum pressure in the gas pipe inlet the boiler - 200 mm of water. Radiators or batteries from which the room Strictly speaking, and heated. They are mounted to the wall, mostly under window. According to the method of heat transfer and battery are conventional convector. Conventional battery transfer heat in all directions, and the device convector allows you to concentrate heat mainly on them. In general, the battery the main thing - to its power was enough for the room. To adjust the temperature controllers battery temperature it is set the thermostat. They can be automatic and "manual" and regulate the temperature of the fluid in the radiator at the inlet and outlet from the boiler and in the boiler. Battery temperature usually depends on the temperature indoor air and is given by the inhabitants of the house. For example, it is necessary to in a single room was 20 ° C - the sensor is mounted in an appropriate position, in the other room to do 25 ° C - also set using the sensor. You need to have on such a thermostat in each room. True, there are people who purchase a thermostat in every room. But as a rule, later, they equip their system with additional thermostats. Water or antifreeze? Some practitioners offer a fluid, circulating through the pipes of the system, instead of water, use a special antifreeze. For example, a representative of trading firm "geyser" Roman Romashov advises fill it instead of water if there is a threat that does not work in the winter time, the system could freeze and burst water pipes during the expansion. This can happen For example, if you do not live permanently in a country house, especially in winter. Special antifreeze - a liquid made on the basis of ethylene glycol. Since Ethylene glycol is aggressive and can cause corrosion of the inner surface pipes and radiators, it is diluted substances that neutralize chemical activity. For example, water. In the heating system can not be used antifreeze, adapted to cool the engine. Many firms (Eg "Mashtehinvest") use anti-freeze "Hatdip." But attention! On Scientists say a special antifreeze should not be used - chemistry may corrode pipes. Thus, the choice of heating systems and accessories primarily depends all the financial possibilities of their future master. The best system Heating - German - can afford not everyone. Complete set for the home area of


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