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Между Киевом и загородом!

Between Kiev and the countryside \" transcendence \" of prices in the metropolitan housing , chronic traffic congestion , ever-worsening ecological situation - all stimulates Kiev to move outside the city. Country house becomes increasingly attractive alternative to the close of the Kiev apartment.
What do you think? say
The buyer "wants to live outside the city, both in the city," says director "Cherry mistechko" Oleg Homa. The more the demand, if the goal Shopping - not just for the summer cottage, and the place of residence. Transportation One major problem of incentives - the closeness to nature. The point, however, not only in the fresh air and distance from the noise of the metropolis. Gridlock on roads of Kiev is growing every day, and get, for example, from Troyeshchyna at the other end of the city takes time. And, having bought a house with a convenient location if possible, or significantly reduce the time spent in transit, or at least make it more pleasant. The most popular 25-30-kilometer area around Kiev. But not over the hill, say experts, development and territory more remote. The main directions of the field bound to the motorway: in the direction of Odessa, Zhitomir, Korosten, Toompea, Chernigov, Borispol and Obukhov. It is associated with high costs of most people out of the city - Car owners. For example, residents of the 30-kilometer zone of Kiev road to work in the city center (with a stop in a shop or a visit) and back costs in about 30-50 hryvnia per day or about 200 or more per month. If take into account the ever-increasing fuel prices, it is not far off when change will have many public transportation. Houses are different Needs and financial capabilities of the buyer country real estate market home offers a different "age", the quality of materials, design, availability communications and infrastructure. If we exclude the already almost non-liquid homes built before the war, it is conditional, the experts say, the rest can be divided by giving the early 90's, cottage villages, the houses in the villages and some are modern and comfortable holiday homes. Choice in the first place depending on financial possibilities of the client. After all, afford comfortable country house not far from Kiev can a family that has the ability to buy or borrow one bedroom apartment in the capital (from 180 thousand dollars) - the total monthly income of at least 2, at 5000. is, described in "Ukrainian Trade Guild". It turns out, a country house and a car or a close flat panel in the house, but in Kiev - the issue more urgent than For many people of Kiev. As for the more expensive real estate segment, then, according to Oleg Homa, the owner of a business-class households (400 square meters. plus about 20 acres of land) - is "intelligent millionaire", earning an average of 300 thousand dollars a year. From the comfort of life with each passing day adds offers in many areas of trunk, but if all options are so good? Among the issues primarily of interest to potential owners suburban housing - proximity to the forest or water body and their availability, as well as the relative remoteness from the busy highway. But not Equally important, of course, the question of comfort. If the earlier house in the country associated with almost complete absence of the latter (by the standards of metropolitan residents), now suburban housing is quite civilized, - says Oleg Homa. As for gas, electricity and water supply, sewerage, telephone lines, Internet, the availability of cable television, then, according to the interlocutor, the buyers the finished product they want it to have a centralized communication, which there are many cottage town. Difficult, but possible, of course, easier when these questions for you solve development company, says the "Ukrainian Trade Guild. " However, most, though, spend "good" on their own. As a result, this will result in a tidy sum, and sometimes problems with unreliable employees of the relevant services. The farther away from the land are electricity and gas, the higher will be their sum, experts say. There is no fixed price: the average in the Kiev region, summing up for gas you have to pay from 2 to 5 thousand dollars (depending on area and distance to the house). Cheap cost and drill a well with drinking water (about 20-60 at. is per meter): The cost depends on the depth suitable for drinking water. And still need to drain: it can either be 100% recyclable waste as fertilizer for the fields, or have to pay for that sewer machine will be cleaned periodically cesspool. Do not forget about heating and hot water. The two-phase gas boiler to pull about 1000 dollars plus installation. And if you want to protect themselves from interruptions in the supply electricity, you can purchase a diesel generator - and even then people urban apartment envy you. One of the main items of expenditure for the operation home - gas. For the population consuming less than 2,500 cubic meters, blue fuel (if you have a counter) is 31, 5 cent per thousand cubic meters, with a September price increase by 13% 7 - 35, 82 kopecks. And from January 1, scaring the European prices. Today the tenants of 100 square meters. am paying for gas at an average of 100 up to 400 hryvnia per month, depending on the season and economy. That reduce the consumption of gas in the cold, experts recommend to put gas coil, insulated from each other, only desired to heat the room, but not the whole house, and use in the construction of energy-saving technology. Energy costs will average 150-200 hryvnia. In addition, well, if the village or town will be specialists who can support all systems are in good condition, clear snow and debris - in other words, a country ZhEK. Residents cottage "Cherry mistechko" household services costs about $ 600 a month. But in many villages, these costs can significantly reduce: joint efforts employ a watchman. If settlement quite large, it will take hryvnia for 20 homes. As for the garbage the majority of residents agreed with the relevant services or take out containers in Kiev. Of course, not everything is conscious, as evidenced by piles of garbage in the woods and ravines along the road. Views of "cottagers" The fact that all these blessings on forces to realize their own, confident and Helen Taras living in a private home on Rusanivsky gardens. They hire professionals for gas, water, electricity, sewage taken care of. The only problem was one with sewage (because of the proximity of groundwater) but and resolved. Of course, despite the proximity of the subway (5 minutes by shuttle bus) say, a huge plus is that the family has two vehicles. Leonid I., living in 30 km from Kiev, though, and spends more than $ 300 of gasoline per month, but the house in the country is also quite pleased. First, said, had to invest in energy saving technology and good communication, but now most of all money spent on a year-round heating bath and electric fireplace. The whole infrastructure is a problem in Head PR-department of "Ukrainian Trade Guild" Andrew Lazarenko says for most people, a vacation home today - still second homes. After all, if something is needed, in most cases it is in Kiev. Considerable importance is infrastructure, and this segment of the city developed the least, he says. And although developers often promise relevant objects "on paper", but when they realize that this will result a lot of money, and plans to pacify, at best, invest in the development of appropriate infrastructure in the nearby village, - said Oleg Homa. Therefore, if the family decides to move out of the city to live, does not interfere with available local infrastructure. This means that children should look for nearby school or kindergarten, a shop and pharmacy. Moreover, many of today need a gym, a hospital laundry and even a cinema. The opinions of experts, and the owners themselves of suburban housing often diverge when it comes to whether or not to choose a house for permanent residence. However, many Kiev residents who chose life in the country, can no longer understand what keeps so many metropolitan residents in concrete close walls.


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