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Метро будет ездить!

Barely moved from raising utility tariffs , as once raise a question fare. Before that it was at the level of conversation , the last quite seriously advised deputies Kyivrada Kievgordministratsii to raise fares . According to their recommendation to get to the subway, alas , it is possible will be for two of the hryvnia.
What do you think? say
We tried to find out how much is reasonable price in 2 of the hryvnia. For those who goes to work at the station - this amount can hurt the family budget. The question arises: if, before the subway today, costing income from the current fare, why not tomorrow it must urgently improve four times as much? Many people know that the subway was to start in 1960 year and has become the most convenient and fastest mode of transport. This is especially significantly during traffic jams, when its own four wheels are not overcrowded on the streets of Kiev and had to spend hours to get to the house. But not many think about the cost of maintenance and modernization of rolling stock, about repairs, construction of new stations. According to some estimates the budget "Kiev underground" 7 million hryvnia. The construction of one station Metro, for example, "Vyrlitsy" at a cost of 99 million hryvnia. Station under construction - "Demeevskaya", "Goloseevskaya" and "Vasylkivska" stand - 1 billion 659 million UAH. The sums are huge. Partially cover their city's budget, some investment some money goes directly to the income of the metro, which fill the seats and advertising. Advertisers themselves are not in poverty. For example, as told to us in PA "Kinofest" cost of placing the largest poster in the lower piers cars a month is 93 000 456 UAH. Book be the end of October, before everything is sold. If the client decides that better advertised on the upper piers - then you have to shell out 110 484 thousand UAH. Results in the same car can be pasted 40 of these posters. A fewer still have posters in the same cars, travel posters on the walls, escalator rises, light-boxes in the lobbies. As the saying goes, think of themselves. But this does not mean that anyone can do the placement advertising in the subway. What would be among the "lucky" that during the year will please its customers passenger eye - it is necessary to pass competition, "the Kiev underground" on the right to advertise on wagon convoys and in the lobbies of stations. Total exposed for sale 75 lots: 50 wagon trains and 25 stations. According to some reports, the rental "Underground" space management manual in 2007, hoped to gain some 60 million USD. But here, found a fly in the ointment on his own ointment in the form of opinions that the space between the operators is to somehow special features. On At both think in advertising agencies, who are not fortunate enough to get a subway for rent reklamomesta. Nevertheless, both groups successfully work and do not complain about the lack of demand for advertising space. With respect to the issue of missing financial subway and raising prices - Director of RA "Image-service" Oleg Sakhno expressed the opinion that the subway fare should increase, since increases in the price of all resources. However, he said, if still underground and increase the cost of renting advertising space to operators market will also have to raise prices for advertising, and this in turn threatens serious loss of clientele. In this case, the head of the trade union organization "Kiev Metro "Alexander Mozolevich states that damages the subway for a year are 93 million hryvnia. Thus, the question arises from increasing legs missing income KP? People's deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, former MP Kiev city council, Vladimir Bondarenko in an interview said that by advertising the underground can cover a significant part of this amount. He also expressed confidence in the personal interest of certain persons involved in the determination of tariffs for leased space underground. "The less money from advertising goes to the treasury, the more they will go into the pockets " - He said. It turns out that there stick to the two ends. On the one hand there is Curricula citizens who expressed their outrage at first, and still pay because the work must go. On the other hand there is advertising, bringing huge profits, which also can be made to share. Can both, but then make the trip only twice as expensive. What will Kiev mayor - is uncertain, given the previous discussions of subsidies "marshrutochnikam," which still resulted in a rise in the cost of travel and confirmed the lyrics A. Makarevich: "Let the world will sag under us ". Reference: The advertising business in the metro is clearly divided into several areas. In the most profitable - placing posters (labels) in subway cars - Work just three operators. This is the "ART", "Alliance Media" and "Atlantis Suite". Advertising agency "Metro-Lite" advertise on light-boxes. Operator Monitor - the company "Trans-Media." Branding (integrated placement Product logo) stations and cars involved in the "Media-Policy Ukraine." Advertisement on the track walls puts the company "Metros."


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