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Фен-шуй вашего дома!

Feng Shui at home - this is a difficult but useful process and the ability to make a place Your living comfortable and harmonious. For owners of summer cottages came very heady denechki : Time to come to grips with native landscaping hectare. How to do it beautifully and correctly know not only the landscape designers, and experts of feng shui.
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Ancient Science teaches how to achieve a balance between nature and man, as a useful exercise to wrap the process of Feng Shui home. There are several the most important objects at home. First of all - this is the gate and front door the house. However, there are also many other items and lenses, a positive affect the aura: a supportive atmosphere is necessary to consider also pond, alpine slide and BBQ. In addition there are several important conditions, which necessarily should pay attention. Land or house should not located at the T intersection of roads with heavy traffic in the immediate proximity to high-voltage transmission lines, or under them. Undesirable, to your house were sent to the sharp corners of adjacent buildings. Of course this is only general recommendations, they do not take into account all the individual characteristics housing, the terrain, as well as dates of birth of residents and their profession. Feng Shui House also provides the most favorable location for the well alpine garden, rock garden or barbecue. Based on the principle of five elements, favorable place for barbecue - the south, rock garden - south-west of the reservoir - north, these are part of the world, respectively, represent the Fire, Earth and water. Feng Shui at home: design How to identify the parties and where need to build certain objects? It uses a special compass Feng Shui Lopan. First, find the center of the north section of the house, and then the rest of the world. Then, draw a diagram on paper plot dividing them into eight equal sectors, corresponding parts of the world. So you get a plan in the center of which shall be located. Further should determine which direction the element corresponds to each of these pieces. In short, the element object should correspond to the element of direction. In fact, according to this theory, trees, flowers, shrubs, and should grow in certain sectors. But do not think that planting in the south side of garden reds and whites in the north you will radically change your life. In garden art balance is the key word. The principles of feng shui at home very important, but they should not be tied to the fact that not one of them. So no matter where it will grow an apple tree or flower placed bed. The main thing - an enabling environment for human beings. For example, if the bushes grew and prevent walking on a footpath, or trees produce too much the shadows - you trim the branches, and dried flowers, or large tears and planting others. Thus, maintaining the proper form of the garden as a whole and each plant in particular, you create a positive atmosphere around themselves. After groomed or unhealthy, rob vitality. If the area very small, and would like to place as much as possible - a good compromise - The combination of multiple objects. For example barbecue area with seating guests. If it is necessary to choose between open and closed version gazebo, stop for a second option. Given our climate - is decision would be more reasonable. On small plots, even paths can execute not only its direct purpose. Wooden flooring, raised on different heights above the ground, use for sunbathing or relaxing. As such, it is not just a line, from which follow from one point to another, and an interesting design that can be decorated with the layout a small garden. Autumn - time for grace. Sunny autumn weather calls desire to be outdoors, have forgotten how to look like the walls of the office and spend time on the dacha. If you organize the space of feng shui, it is best to place Home not found. So it turns out: Feng Shui at home - it is harmony of space.


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