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Finance companies and mortgage brokers to curtail the activities during the crisis . Some brave souls working with lenders and provide loans , and rates at the bank .
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In October 2008, when the banks massively curtailed lending programs, Financial companies have continued to lend money to the population, and credit brokers managed to break through favorable loans from banks to their customers. Now many are actively developed in the years 2007 - 2008. finkompany (FC) and credit intermediaries are closed. Do not give out loans even major players in the non-bank credit market, such as Capita, ProstoFinance, Eurocredit, T. O. C. K. A. Favorite, KreditSvit. In informal conversations executives finkompany and loan brokers do not exclude the possibility that work will resume no earlier than in autumn Of 2009, when, according to forecasts, the financial system will begin to gradually withdraw of the crisis. However, some still continue to FC to make loans, and credit Brokers help clients obtain loans from banks. Operation "Freeze" In Ukraine, known as the "finance company" are brokerage firms on the stock market, construction companies and those that provide services in Forex, real estate funds, etc. A special category FC - borrow money on goods and personal needs, lending to buy cars. Finkompany tend to attract money in the bank and then on its own risk borrowers lend. Some firms issue bonds or receive funds for loans from its shareholders. According to the General Director of "KreditMarket" Igor Duritskogo, money raised from banks or by issuing bonds to provide direct finkompany consumer loans. Car loans are mainly engaged in the firm by car dealers or car manufacturers, such offices are funded by shareholders' equity. Before the crisis, interest rates were higher in finkompany banking: the difference between the percentage of the bank attracted a loan and interest rate for the borrower leaves the mediator himself. However, until the fateful October 2008 (Beginning of the financial crisis in Ukraine), some loans were finkompany cheaper banking, in which case the mediators managed to draw the loan in bank at below market rates. FC run many former bank managers middle and senior managers, so banks "as a friend" gave them the cheapest loans. Some finkompany owned by banks, and are based more in midst of a credit boom. In order not to spoil a lot of reporting problem loans (especially consumer), financial institutions lend population through its own FC, who are not accountable to the National Bank and must comply with regulations of the regulator. Mortgage brokers - middlemen in the financial markets - loans are not issued directly. They tend to cooperate with several banks (before the crisis, many brokers have worked with the 15-20 financial institution) help the borrower to choose the offer of a particular bank, to prepare documents for the loan, that is, assume all paperwork for registration loans. Some brokers provide services under the key: The client does not even appear in the bank until the loan, all the negotiations leading credit broker on behalf of the potential borrower. "The brokers a great experience with financial institutions, brokerage firms, many employees - came from the banks. They know how to better handle the documents for a loan, have good relationships with banks. Sometimes, for a commission charged to the borrower, Brokers offer kickbacks bank workers to pay those higher rated customer and given credit "- says Chief Financial Officer" Prostobank Consulting "Alexander Gray. Before the crisis, some banks have created own businesses instead of finkompany brokers, for example, Delta Bank indirectly owned credit supermarket "T. Charles O. KA "and finkonsultantom" Favorite ". Their own brokerages provide an additional influx of customers in bank and financial institutions to help increase the loan portfolio. However, with beginning of the crisis, many FC stopped their activities: they are precisely as well as the banks have no money for lending. For example, ProstoFinance, Founded by French bank Societe Generale Group, on November 5, 2008, practically froze lending (before the financial crisis the company credited purchase of new cars, has worked with retail chains "Foxtrot", "New Line "," ABC-technique, "etc.). Hot line phone company "Eurocredit" do not answer, point credit in most retailers do not work. Brokerage houses, too idle: the official website of the credit Supermarket "T. Charles O. KA "hot lines are removed, in the firm acknowledge that credit is suspended for an indefinite period. Not advised company and "Favorite". Expensive, however, not all FC and credit brokers suspended operations. Now basically lend small Little Known finkompany that before the crisis, did not invest large sums in promotion, or company owned car dealers. Credit Astrakard, Credit Market, Center for Financial Solutions, Eurocapital (loans to buy cars Corporation "AIS"), NICO Capital (works with car dealer "NIKO»), RCI Financial Services Ukraine (car loans, Nissan and Dacia). To obtain consumer credit finkompany needed an income statement for the last three months (in the bank - for six months), passport and ID code. Even during the crisis, acting FKkredit not require borrowers to high white salary. Credit Market, for example, provides a loan of 3, 5 thousand USD at the official monthly salary of 800 UAH. However, the amount credit finkompany still depends on the size of the official income potential borrower according to credit managers, Marketa, the higher the income, the greater the loan customer can obtain, but no more than 15-20 thousand UAH, if the loan is issued for personal use or purchase of household appliances and computer equipment (consumer credit). The maximum loan period for personal needs in finkompany - not more than three years, but largely credited the organization for one year. Agents of FC claim that the design of consumer loan in just one to three days from the filing of all required documents by the borrower. Minimum the first installment of consumer credits in finkompany now averages 40%. And, unlike banks, the interest rate may vary the amount of down payment: for example, Enmark with minimal contribution of 30% interest rate - 25% pa in UAH, at 60% - 10% in national currency (Without additional fees). Interest rates on consumer loans in finkompany in January 2009 averaged 25% per annum in the national currency (in U.S. financial intermediaries do not lend). However, besides the stated interest rate, borrowers pay a monthly fee of FC - 1, 2-2% of the loan, as well as one-time - at 15-20% of the loan. As a result, year use of consumer credit will cost 55-68% of the loan amount, which, incidentally, corresponds to an effective rate on bank loans. Value car loans finkompany Now 2 - 5 pp higher than the bank and is approximately 28-33% per annum in UAH (in banks - about 26%). Most FC also charge a monthly fee for service - 0 25 - 0, 5% plus 2-3% as a single payment for a loan. That is, effective rate on auto loans in FC - about 33-42% per annum. On the assertions of management finkompany, they assess the creditworthiness of car buyers in Credit loyal than banks. For example, in "Eurocapital" Contracts assured that give out loans even without income. The truth, loyalty to customers - A single vehicle plus programs in FC before banking. First payment on the loan of a financial intermediary - a minimum of 50%, loan term - An average of two years, the loan amount - only 40-70 ths. According to Contracts finkompany providing small consumer loans, willing to lend money. But the company, lending to a major purchase (eg vehicle), admit that the credit given only two or three of ten potential borrowers. In deciding to grant car loan, managers finkompany preference for those who wish to obtain a loan for a short period (one year) and is able to immediately pay 60% of the value. Mortgage Loans financial companies do not issue more than six months, even before the crisis, few FC have the means for crediting purchase of apartments and land plots. Between heaven and earth in the informal conversations of top managers of the companies - credit Brokers agree that in October-November 2008, their company generally helped customers to withdraw money from bank deposits. Design credits for potential borrowers are practically engaged. "In the autumn many owners bank deposits was difficult to recover their contributions - financial institutions detained payment even demand deposits. At this time, the broker provides clients with legal advice, legal help to get their money, " - Said Tatiana Abramova, general manager - mortgage broker. But in December and January, some returned to the lending KB physical persons. Another six months back mortgage brokers willing to disclose information about, what banks they cooperate. Now most of KB, not gone into long-term leave, offer new customers to bring all the necessary design loan documents and pay an advance (of commission), and only after This agent will call the client the name of one or more potential creditor banks. Such precautions are justified - knowing the name of the bank, the customer will go a financial institution without going through a broker. "The population is now easier and more profitable to look for independently offers banks for loans - and the benefit of their little choice especially not from what. Mediation services of brokerage firms to potential borrowers are not necessary ", - said Alexander Gray. According Prostobank Consulting, in mid-January cash loans provide Kredobank, Index-Bank, Swedbank, Credit Europe Bank, OTP Bank (the list of financial institutions, loans to individuals, in fact more widely - not Prostobank Consulting monitors services most small banks). However, mortgage brokers claim: even in the financial institutions that provide loans to individuals, to obtain a loan is difficult, and therefore help the financial intermediary will be most welcome. The fee for brokerage services - as a percentage of the transaction amount or a fixed rate: 3-5% of the loan, $ 200-300 (on getting auto loan borrower, the current rate) or 300 - 500 UAH (consumer credit). For example, for help in take out a loan to buy a car Enmark takes 3% of the loan amount, but not less than 1500 USD, in granting consumer credits to bank 10 thousand UAH commission is 980 USD, from 10 to 20 thousand UAH UAH - UAH 1500. Interest rates on consumer loans to KB - at the level of bank: about 3, 5-4, 5% per month or 42 - 54% per annum. Auto Financing cost borrower is about 25-26% per annum (not including brokerage). Mortgages mortgage brokers do not undertake to execute (although such deals are usually charge relatively high fees) now get a bank loan to buy an apartment is difficult, even with the intermediary links. Global cold C in October of 2008 (the beginning of panic in the Ukrainian financial market), domestic banks have massively curtail lending program population. According to the company "Prostobank Consulting" in August 2008 credits, for example, a new foreign car gave out 38 financial institutions in the early Of 2009 - only 4 (ratings Prostobank Consulting does not include proposals Some smaller banks). Those finstruktury that while lending to the Ukrainians, require potential borrowers to high official salaries: a crisis time monthly salary of the customer must be at least three times more regular payments on the loan. While a year ago pay individual borrowers often equal to the sum of the monthly repayments on a loan. The first installment is At least 50%. The banks do not take into account when the loan unofficial income borrowers - for example, cash income from the rental Real estate for rent, wages in envelopes, etc. According to financial advisers, today met only every tenth application for credit. At the same time interest on the loan now at 1, 5-2 times higher than before the crisis, in March of 2008 average rate, for example, the hryvnia loan for the purchase of new foreign cars was at 16% per annum at the end of the year - more than 28%, but with the additional fees - 35-45%. The actual paper documents required for registration consumer and automobile loans in the financial company or by mortgage broker in a bank loan without collateral in cash for the purchase of household and computer equipment • Passport • Original certificate of identification Code • Information on income from employment over the last three or six months, your position. For pensioners - a certificate from the Pension Fund and / or Social Insurance Fund of the amount of pension credit cash bail Real Estate • Passport • Original certificate of identification Code • Information on income from employment over the last three or six months, your position. For pensioners - a certificate from the Pension Fund and / or Social Insurance Fund of the amount of pension • Certificate of title • Help the property of BTI • Information about the registered persons and the absence of debt on utility bills (form № 3) • Expert assessment of the property • Copies of passports and identification codes of co-owners of real estate Auto loan • Passport • Original certificate of identification code • Help on income from employment over the last six months, position. For pensioners - a certificate from the Pension Fund and / or the Social Insurance Fund on the amount of pension • Driving license • Marriage certificate * • The passport of husband / wife * • Copy of work record with the location of the last three years, certified by the HR department • An invoice for the car • Data sheet • Expert assessment of the value of the car * If a potential borrower is Singles Deep Freeze Some finkompany and mortgage brokers, work which is frozen for an indefinite period in connection with the crisis 1. Credit broker "T. Charles O. KA. " 2. Financial Advisor "Favorite". 3. Financial Company "ProstoFinance." 4. Financial company "Center Credit". 5. Financial company "Eurocredit". 6. Financial company "Express". 7. Loan broker Capita.


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