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Мошенники занялись депозитами!

Using the services of mediators to return the deposit , the owner may be left without a penny ...
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The total non-payment of money by banks to investors wishing to earn a series of multiply on someone else's misfortune. Newly brokers promise to customers to financial institutions return the funds, "married" their deposits to loans at the same bank, for good bribes are ready to assist in solving problems and dishonest bankers. Offer their services, and lawyers who undertake to support the trial clients with financial institutions. However, the absolute guarantee that it will burn, does no one Putting out LOANS INVESTORS most common way today return the deposit - to find the borrower in the bank. In practice, this offset accomplished through two operations. "Initially, the depositor must assign claim on the deposit to the borrower. Then, the borrower makes itself offset counterclaims (extinguishes the credit), "- says a senior expert of deposit products OTP Bank Vyacheslav Fomenko. If the deposit Contract no relevant restrictions, the bank's consent to assign deposit is required. "The new investor or borrower automatically receives claim against the bank for return of deposit, confirming its right to the originals assignment of the contract, the deposit agreement, an extract from the deposit account, as well as the letter of the primary investor, whose signature must be certified notarized. To further offset by only one application is sufficient of the parties - either the bank or the borrower, "- said Vice President for Legal on AB "Diamantbank" Sergey Vasilishin. Sale and purchase of inputs is as chaotic (directly between bank customers), and in organized sites. For example, recently created a virtual market deposits. By placing an ad on its website, investors and borrowers can themselves find a partner. Customers, operating particularly large amounts (more than 300 ths.) Individually on the exchange service, charging for 2, 5% commission with each of the parties involved. At the same stock can be exchanged your deposit, not only for Cash, but also to make a barter deal, buying mortgaging real estate, land or car. Service resale (or exchange) deposit to needy borrowers (again with a discount) are increasingly offer and specialized firms. However, not wanting to bother with small things, Such companies take up the matter only if the amount deposited exceeds 150-200 thous. Wave without looking at first glance, the operation of buying and selling contribution promises benefits for both sides. Unpleasant moment is what you lose in this case a large part of savings. "Losses can be very noticeable, particularly on deposits in national currency. In recent months, UAH fell almost by half. And at the same depositor loses not only interest on the deposit, but must give him a discount, paying a commission mediator. In the end, he gets his hands on a penny "- says Artem Novikov managing partner of consulting company "Dialog Classic." According to Ukrainian deposit exchange, the average percentage of the discount rate on deposits in troubled Banks have already exceeds 40%. With the lowest discount traded contributions PIBe - 28%, the highest - in Nadra Bank (41%). Deposits in financial institutions, not who managed to finally stained his reputation by buying at a discount of 10-15%. Prospects for the borrower, who bought the cheap deposit, look even more rosy: he can in one fell swoop to get rid of credit almost half the price. "Borrowers deposits to buy at a discount of 5 to 50%. At the same time to repay the loan Deposit money goes to the full, which essentially allows the borrower to save on repayment of the loan "- explained« k: »Vyacheslav Fomenko. But not a fact that, having obtained a foreign deposit, the debtor can pay off with the bank. "These issues are regulated by the Civil Code, which provides that the obligations of the parties can terminate only by offsetting counter similar claims, the deadline that has come or is not installed. That is, in order to offset was made, should not end only term deposit, but the loan agreement. If the borrower's credit commitment for another two or three years, he can apply for only a partial offset (in part, for example, the monthly payment on the loan), "- said Sergey Vasilishin. To immediately pay to the Bank, the borrower will have to sign supplementary agreement, reducing the maturity of the loan. But the bank is unlikely whether to make concessions or to apply a solid penalty. First, by similar schemes bankers do not get real money and lose the income on the loan. Secondly, according to statistics of financiers, to close its foreign debt deposits are often not seek to problem borrowers, which is difficult scrape together the necessary amount of cash even with the discount, and disciplined debtors, not seen previously in violation of the schedule, but it is unprofitable for banks. As a rule, troubled financial institutions do not return the deposit after term for two reasons: either they have no money or they want to keep resource yet for some time and scroll through it. "And if the bank loses the netting opportunities for real money in the form of the loan, and thus at it means disappear from the deposit account. If this is not about the troubled, and the normal borrowing, such a scheme is not profitable for him twice ", - says Sergei Vasilishin. Ignorance of the legal nuances can take, and customers, trying to sell or buy deposits, for which the period has not yet expired. "Contribution for which has not expired accommodation can not be used immediately to repay the loan. Therefore, the investor may lose part of their savings, and the borrower will be required to continue to put out a loan from other sources. Suggestions the purchase of an unfinished deposits in banks neproblemnyh - rather it's a scam whose purpose - to buy at a discount from investors the right to deposit an unfinished in the wake of the panic and fear that the bank may go bankrupt ' - Chairman of board of BG Bank Konstantin strip. "Without the consent of the Bank deposit, whose term has not ended, such an operation to very difficult. The client may issue a power of attorney to dispose of, but not own contribution. However, any power of attorney can be revoked, and in the end customer can not subsequently demand the return of the deposit to him, rather than first owner. That is, the risks will be borne by the person for whom "reissued" deposit "- explains the Deputy Director of Business Development Retail financial network "KreditMarket" ("Center of financial decisions") Catherine Cherniaiev. Experts also warn that the risk of fraud in the commission such transactions remains very high. "A borrower paying real money risk - because the bank can refuse to settle on and is not credited sum in repayment of the loan. At the same time, if the owner assigns the deposit contribution without receiving cash in hand, he risks then do not get money from the debtor or not to get the full amount "- warns Artem Novikov. So sell or buy the best contribution only with the consent of the bank and its participation, concluding with the tripartite agreement. No less costly scheme return of the deposit is the court. The easiest way to file a lawsuit against the bank, who is illegally holding client money. Recall that in accordance with the legislation must return the financial institution client's funds, including by not elapsed deposit, upon request. However, this proceedings could last for months, and its results to predict impossible. At the same time have to pay a lawyer. It should also be trusted bank employees who promise to help with the return of the deposit for a bribe (depending on the financial institution it may be up to 40% of the outstanding funds). But the "volunteers" are taken to address only a very solid clients. In addition, the ordinary investor can not simply find them.


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