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Квартира без посредников: опасности сделок!

If you do not have their own apartment and you need accommodation in Kiev you can try different options.
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The most popular way to save on rent - this is a departure from the services of intermediaries. Owners who rent their homes permanently, as a rule publish ads "Rent an apartment." You will be able to choose housing for a long time, spend a lot of money on ads, "rent a flat without intermediaries" or with the assistance of qualified agents to remove it very quickly. In fact, rent an apartment without any intermediaries in Kiev, is difficult. For a while they themselves are engaged in decision the question of rent. And spending time and energy to look for, almost all call to the agency. It is not surprising, because realtors have information about the real estate market. And this is their priority. Owners at the same time, more willing to interact with the agent than directly with random passers-by. Announcement of "rent an apartment without intermediaries" - a rare case. And even more so completely unrealistic to detect ad "rent apartment in Kiev, without intermediaries." For the most part demand exceeds supply in the property market, so to rent the apartment at the market price is not difficult. For this is not required to travel all over half the city. Of course, homeowners are extremely cherish them. And they offer, often, not an empty wall. Staff real estate agency will pick up quickly the client to your apartment. With real estate, renting your apartment in Kiev goes much faster, than you will do it ourselves. Agencies are not only for them client, but also help in the design of the lease transactions, and often provide support the implementation of other legal issues. Renting an apartment without intermediaries, you put yourself at risk to face the fraud. Most common type of fraud is renting an apartment in hiring on fake documents. How does this happen? Are you looking for an apartment without a middleman. At the same time Your search is limited to the price range of 30-50% below market value, Of course you need cheaper! And what do you think? Excellent apartment, almost renovated, with whom say - do not believe it! And the "boss" darling! What else is needed! Pay the owner of the funds and is infused with joy. Two days later to you now visited by the owner, and said that you did not know and asks leave the premises. In order not to fall prey to cheaters, swindlers and other unreliable types of tenants, the owners use the services of qualified agencies. Only disadvantage is that you will overcome Call with offers, but maybe it's not so bad, after all, will choose from a huge number of applicants for your apartment. Agents also will help you negotiate all the terms of the transaction will take into account all the details and omissions, you may have overlooked. You will also be offered to issue the contract Rent - this is a document which is made between you and the employer. That what you negotiate verbally, it is written with much detail, including passport details and contact numbers. The agency prepares a the deal, but in future the responsibility for your relationship can not be held. Why, you ask? The agency picks you the customer money in the future You get a contract drawn up between the tenant and the landlord, the agency appears in the contract only as an intermediary, have documented the fact that voluntary consent of the parties to the transaction.


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