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Декоративная отсыпка.

Dumping - it's different kinds of soft cover . The most popular include gravel dumping . For gravel backfill used crushed granite various fractions of gravel and a natural river or sea pebbles.
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Gravel and very decoratively well with paving and plants. This is also the most environmentally friendly type of coverage, not preventing water and air exchange of the soil. However, it is not without flaws. If no action is measures, through the dumping easily sprout weeds. As this coating is difficult to haul garden cart, ride a bike. In winter, this coating can not be clear of snow and ice. In addition, fines may be gravel backfill clog the surrounding area. To avoid this we can track of flat stones, tiles or other material. For weed control under a layer of gravel underlain geotextile - a material that transmits water, but does not allow weeds to germinate. Also, instead of geotextiles You can use the plastic wrap from the steps of holes in it. The edges of the platform or track strewn with gravel, often reinforce the curb stone. Alternatively, you can raise the level of the lawn at least than 10 cm to the surface of gravel. The thickness of the layer usually 5-10 see gravel may have decorative inclusion of natural stone, paving slabs and plants. For planting in selected locations necessary to make the cross-cut in the geotextile with a sharp knife, and then in the hole to plant a plant. No need to limit monochrome gravel. You can use the gravel of different colors and create interesting images with smooth contours. It is better to avoid the gravel fill parts sharp outlines, more effort to smooth the contours and curls, creating motion effect. Sometimes dumping gravel is used as a drainage along the retaining walls. The use of gravel - a method of creating an attractive garden that does not require significant maintenance. Alternative forms of dumping include such material as stained glass. Covered their surface looks very original, and the plants are planted in it, look for new things. Other common materials include pine bark, which sold by different factions. Usually it is used as mulch material, because it is environmentally friendly, long decay (especially a large fraction) and does not lose the decorative properties. But can be successfully used as decorative finish which blends well with the other species, and paving. In the market there are also other types of mulch such as pine husks and wood chips, painted in different colors. However, these materials though have a wonderful decorative effect, yet not without drawbacks. Painted wood chips is not as durable as pine bark, as the dye usually quickly washed away by rains, and cedar hulls too easy and is carried away wind.


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