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Куда поехать в свадебное путешествие

Determined to legitimize the relationship, couples often think about how to organize unforgettable honeymoon.
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After the wedding with a "sweet ending" - the most important. Where to go in honeymoon and how much does it cost? Finishing preparations for the wedding, think about where to spend their honeymoon. Listen to your heart and decide, whether you want solitude or kaleidoscope impressions. I want to get into the little corner of paradise earth retreat and relax so, so then it has remained the most vivid and memorable event in your life. Those who are afraid of solitude, is to organize a mixed journey. For example, the beginning of a honeymoon to the beach and finish inspection attractions of the country where you are visiting. How best to organize Planning a trip honeymoon is already from the moment as you apply to the registrar. Such foresight is connected, first all, with a mass of organizational issues that will arise in the process of preparing travel. It is necessary to pre-determine the route, a visa, buy tickets, book a hotel room. All questions recreational can take on or trust the experts of tourist business. Turning a travel agency, you can choose a tour, book individual changes. For example, if it's Euro Hockey Tour, you will have the opportunity to change tour itinerary, selecting the country you want to visit. However, for additional flights and hotel rooms, will have to pay. Many hotels There are special rooms for honeymooners, because of their design, They are comfortable and hidden from prying eyes. Often hotels are willing to provide discounts on accommodation for young families (from 10 to 50 percent), improve category rooms at no additional cost or offer free nights (subject to accommodation more than one week), and also give souvenirs, towels, t-shirts. At race must present evidence of a recent marriage. Travel agencies, which organize the wedding of travel: - Travel-collection - All-tours - Svadba - Yanevesta - Vasha-svadba - Agtour Going on tour in Europe Wedding travel on the route of Miskolc - Vienna - Munich - Amsterdam - Paris (Disneyland) - Strasbourg - Salzburg will cost you 595 euros plus 550 hryvnia on train + $ 65 visa. Live you will be in 3 * hotels, 2-3 bed rooms with all amenities. The cost will include travel on a bus and tour mentioned in the program. Separately to pay for the move to train, travel on public transport, for ballet to museums, cathedrals. Do not forget to take a swim on a boat in Paris and climb the Eiffel Tower. The most memorable event will be visiting Disneyland. Tour for 16 days by city: Vienna - Baden - Baden - Strasbourg - Paris (3 days) - the coast of Spain (3 days / 4 nights) - Nice - Monaco - Venice will cost from 750 to 820 euros man. In this round of fare includes hotel accommodation, dinner in Spain, travel by train and bus excursions mentioned in the program. Tour does not include its value in the same set of services that are listed earlier. Be sure to ride on the boat around at night in Strasbourg. Kiev - Budapest - Vienna - Prague - Karlovy Vary - Dresden - Kiev 8 days will cost 220 euros, the travel agency provides services such as accommodation in the hotel, with meals, medical insurance, visa, accompanied by representatives of companies, tour "Elegy ancient Lviv" for tourists who join in Lviv., a sightseeing tour of Vienna. The price does not include consular collection, entry tickets to the Aquapark, excursions and entrance fees to museums. Vienna speaks for itself, the overall tour will not leave indifferent young couples. And do not forget to have dinner on the boat during a walk on Vltava River. Beach, sun, sea trip to sunny country - The most romantic honeymoon pastime. Maldives, Cyprus, Bali, Cuba - these places are full sun, dotted with white sand. Maldives It's 1190 islands, lost in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. This is one of the world's best diving and snorkelling - diving with mask. In the Maldives, this is all: the uninhabited islands, warm and crystal- clear waters with excellent visibility, sometimes exceeding 50 meters, a huge number of reefs and variety of marine life. Cost of the tour to the Maldives depends on the conditions of residence and number of days in there. On average, 8 days will have to pay between 1,500 to 13,000 euros per person. Cyprus Cyprus is renowned for having 340 days a year here the sun shines. Warm climate, golden sandy beaches, picturesque mountains covered with pine forests, monasteries, and along with it, a lively nightlife with a variety of bars, discos and restaurants make Cyprus one of the most popular tourist resorts around the world. Cost of the tour to Cyprus from 700 euros per week per person. Contrary to popular belief Bali holiday season continues in Bali year-round. The average annual temperature on the island - 26 ° C. Dry period - from April to October, wet - from November to March. During the wet period rain is here again in three days, and often at night. Cost of weekly travel Bali is 1000-5000 Euros, depending on the season visit and living conditions. Cuba to Cuba can go all year round for exotic dancing and carnivals. The magnificence of the tropical nature of the Caribbean Archipelago, the famous Cuban rum, Havana cigars and passionate charming Cuban give this country a special charm and appeal. "Big Island" Cuba surrounds more than four thousand small exotic islands, including which are the most popular Cayo Guillermo. Cost of a week of rest in treatment would cost the country from 1700 euros per person. Most often, travel agencies offer price to Cuba without a flight, so choosing a tour, be careful studying the tourist information package. In addition to the above directions You can choose any country and the world. It is not necessary to save on wedding travel, because it is one of the most important events in your life.


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