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Как фальсифицируют вступительную кампанию-2009

Nimble -2009 applicants submit documents for 60 specialties in a row and have up to ten certificates.
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Once, during the current introductory campaign was able to hear how mother of one of the students regretted that in December 2008 did not use wonderful opportunity to give a bribe of $ 30 thousand for the seemingly guaranteed supply your child's faculty of law leading metropolitan university. At her dad has told others to do no less dramatic story about how he, in order to avoid competition certificates, ready to give 50 thousand euros, and if small, then go home and take the same amount. But since credible guarantees he was not given, then the deal fell through at ALL, bribes to evade competition certificates - the most popular now topic for discussion among students and their parents. How to do it, nobody can not say for sure, but still firmly believe that such opportunities exist and are widely used. The study, the results which are given below, indicates that such beliefs are not so too far from the truth. Just another campaign This campaign fundamentally different not only from the campaigns of previous years with their introductory examinations, but also on the 2008 campaign, when the system is still tender certificates not been implemented in full. During the inaugural campaign of 2009 no longer considered the gold and silver medals received by Applicants at school, as well as evaluation of their certificates. The determining factor is the sum points in the certificate of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment, future entrants received the results of examinations in May and June. Significantly affect the course of the campaign provided for applicants the right to file copies of documents for an unlimited number of specialties at different universities. Obviously, the developers of the rules of admission were hoping that this number will be limited by common sense and physical disabilities wishing to continue their education. Below we will see how bitter they were wrong. Except Furthermore, there are four categories of entrants have advantages over competitors with higher scores certificates. The first - a benefit recipients, list is defined in Article 22 of their order of the Ministry of Education and Science № 802 from 02.09.2008, the Beneficiaries are enrolled in high school out of the competition, if the amount points in their certificate is not below a certain, very liberal level. The next group - it's winners of international competitions, as well as phase IV Ukrainian Olympiads and competitions Phase III research Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The third group includes the so-called tseleviki from the Chernobyl area and rural areas, which are allocated under the appropriate quota. And the last one privileged group to which each applicant can classify himself - are the ones who filed the original in the chosen university documents, not copies. These will be coming to school and after Competition certificates, even if their competitors have filed at the time only copies, can boast more high scores. It is within the boundaries of admission to universities of the four categories of people and lie opportunities for corruption and, in fact, rigged the entrance campaign-2009. And find features such corrupt practices helps the online system "Competition" (http://www.vstup.info), Ministry of Education and Science, developed in conjunction with a program based on the idea USETI Director of the Department Higher Education of the Ministry of Yaroslav Bolyubasha. On this website promptly placed the data on exactly who has applied to one or another institution, whether an applicant for a privileged group and whether the documents provided to them by the originals. Sami received, submitting the documents indicate, in a statement that they have no objection to bringing publicize their personal data in the inaugural campaign. Partly and is in the published material. All conclusions in this article were made based on public data systems "Contest". These findings relate solely to Action admissions and fundamentally can not testify of any wrongdoing by applicants. The names of applicants, found This material - no more than guidelines for the identification of "problem" admissions. The benefits of fast running undisputed champion inaugural campaign-2009 in Ukraine, according to the commission, an applicant is Mirgorodsky Alexander, who on July 22 managed apply in 61 admissions. If we consider that since the beginning of feeding the universities of documents (June 29) for three days admission commissions were not working because of weekends, it turns out that Alexander managed to give an average three sets of documents per day. Recall that there is nothing criminal - This practice is prohibited by the administration, approved by the MES. Although, if we admit the existence of a collective body - the Ministry of Education and science - a sense of humor, Mr. Mirgorodskogo mandatory is to award a diploma "For the will to win" and the right to learn in any university of the country of his choice. Or - to oblige him to attend classes on 61 degree, which he applied. Second place is shared Martynovich Valery V. Smyshlyaeva and Tatiana, who defeated on 58 committees. And the third step taken Shramchenko Alena Alexandrovna whose achievements have exhausted 52 commissions. Another 35 received filed documents from 40 to 51 times, 181 - 30 to 39 times, 1333 - from 20 to 29 times, and 13,276 students - from 10 to 19 times. Y 205 000 entrants the number of sets of documents submitted did not reach ten, with less thirds of them - about 65 thousand coming - have applied only one times. We can only sympathize with the rector, who, after summing up the outcome of contests certificates will be horrified to see how the bombarded quite good for today passing scores in the high schools they lead. So the vast majority of students attending now Schedules the originals of their diplomas to them will not do. Extremely original Certificates One would think that everyone entering must be only one set of original documents. Him, he can immediately be attributed to the elected school and thus gain an advantage there. Or until completion of the competition Certificates stuffed everywhere only copy (the rules of admission is granted for applicants such a right). However, in reality, the situation looks different. The system of "competition" fairly informs: many foster commissions (say, more than one in each case) believe that a particular graduate filed the original documents to them. What data and provide an online system (which equivalent to formal reporting to MES), which then puts them site, where they can see anyone. Author or in no way intended to blame the coming of the fact that they made false sets of documents and gave them to the originals. Or that they or their parents bribed members of the admissions to those set marked "Original", taking a copy. While you can say only one thing: many admissions under the impression that they own the original documents some graduates - whereas in fact they have the originals are missing. How got the impression the mass - or simply evoked strong, or someone has formed - an issue not to the media information, and to law enforcement authorities. Whatever it was, but for 9057 students in more than one institution felt that the original documents are found in them. Relatively abiturientok Kostya Ekaterina Ekaterina anointed - unchallenged leaders in this category - so consider 10 colleges and universities, and about Pavlyuchenko Angelina Igorevna Yastrebova Ekaterina and Prikhodko Yasmin Vladimirovna this opinion on the 9 universities. Benefits - becomes This is the backbone of corruption sphere - a real Klondike for possible corrupt machinations. Ethics provide massive benefits in this delicate matter, as the formation of future intellectual elite of the nation, in general, should be the subject of wide public discussion. And especially at a time when to buy identity affected by the Chernobyl accident or similar for an enterprising person is not the problem. Again, the dry figures of "competition" suggests that in this area are very precarious. There are cases when some part of admissions is pleased to help on the benefits of certain graduate and other higher education institutions, in which he also filed documents, those same information is recognized. Obviously, this is a clear signal of is clearly an abnormal situation in such commissions. Because the rules for recognition benefits are the same for all universities. In the meantime, we have that we have students, the benefits are not universally accepted by admission committees, which were filed with the relevant documents had accumulated 3060 people. Almost half of the cases (1402 people) benefit recognized only one Commission, although the specific documents filed by Applicants in a much more seats. Clearly, these commissions for various reasons already firmly decided that they will learn it this coming. Good word about admissions have been made to patching holes identified in this article, receiving the commission still hold. It you can see, if a couple of days to watch for changes in data system of "competition". For example, an applicant after submitting the documents appear at the top of the list as a person enjoying privileges or party contests and stayed there day or two. Then - apparently after learning more picky market - it lost its privileged status and moved to the bottom of the list to participate in the tender of certificates for common grounds. Here are the cases such a shame not enough, the unit against the above thousands. To more of them, and wrote this story.


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