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Только 20% киевлян заплатили за ЖКУ

According to the newspaper in Kiev , only 20% of Kyiv residents pay for utilities services. This has not happened.
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I remember, more recently, in advertisements on the doors of homes of citizens in the name of the city head, even with his autograph, calling to pay rent on time. Apparently, Times have changed. Today, many ads pasted on all areas of the city written on behalf of ZhEKov and more like a signal SOS. "Because of the non-payment of utilities will break "- is written in the appeals, plastered in the Shevchenko district. In other areas, residents simply tearfully urged to come and pay for communal least under the old rates. And, presumably, the disastrous state of urban public utilities not exaggerated. Pricing experiments led to the city administration that citizens massively sabotaged fee for new accounts - even more so that in the art of passive protest against the Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky they are quite adept. Well, do not respect the people of Kiev this power, because and do not pay. But most importantly, we have long faced the question as to what actually speaking, we pay? Even if the rent increase is ten times better on this will not be any in our parade, no elevator, no yard. Too often service houses and do minor repairs themselves tenants, and not even their ZhEKah electricians and plumbers. "We were so surprised to see these ads the more so because they do not indicate the number of our housing department. Thought it was some kind of provocation - says a resident of house number 89 on the street Zakrevskogo Valentine Kachurina. - I think it is unlikely that these calls for someone to impact - time people decided not to pay, and will not. And those who are willing to give money, already went to the savings bank .... " In ZhEKe № 314 immediately confirmed that these ads - their handiwork. "All 18 ZhEKam Desnyanskiy area, including and ours, handed out the leaflets, so we hung them on the houses - says № 314 housing department head Mary Hops. - You have to go to extreme measures, because that the situation is critical: most people do not pay for services and contractor organizations can simply turn them off. In no case do not require and ask people to pay at least the old rates - how much can be: who 50, who is 100 UAH ... So much so that our employees are personally go from door to door lists of defaulters and beg. What else should I do if nearly 4 thousand apartments have paid accounts, only 11%?. This is the data on Monday, but I do not think that they are now significantly improved. By the way, these measures are taking and Nivki, and Lukyanovka. " "We put up these calls for about a week ago - says Deputy Chief KP "Lukiyanobskaya" Svetlana Karashchuk. - Explain to people that do not have to wait until the conversion is ready - it is better immediately pay the old rates. If no one pays, the situation becomes critical: nothing to cover the costs for companies that provide services. And turn off the electricity, gas, water, we can not - housing office must ensure that all of these residents, regardless of payment. In this case, the enterprise just running at a loss, we grow a huge debt, we have to beg delay ... Fortunately, announcements take effect: in these days many residents came to the housing office to correct figures in their payment system, stamped and pay. On Monday the district was paid for 12%. " As noted Director Stanislav GIVC Kaplunenko, faced with such underfunding only after the tariff increase in 2006. "Then the interest payment was only 40%. In July of 2009 - a little more, but 50% still do not "hold out". All services Kiev granted us a loan. The next month, can really stop junk cars - they will not buy diesel fuel for which to export garbage, do not come to liftoviki stuck, will not be as warm water in the boiler. Therefore, and appealed to residents to wait for the official allocation, not elect the tactics of "no pay" - says Kaplunenko. According to "Newspapers ...", only 20% of Kyiv residents pay for municipal services as on July 21. According to Vladimir Storzhenko, chief of State for Housing, a record low. Storozhenko urges Kiev to pay for utility services, promising to recalculate if tariffs in force from June 1, cancels President or the courts.


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