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Как купить залоговое имущество в ломбарде со скидкой

Every day, under the heading \"Your Money\" portal \" CASE \" we are helping to keep and multiply your money. Today we tell about how you can buy mortgaged property at a pawn shop at a discount, a discount can be expected and what to look for when buying a pawnshop .
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The crisis continues, and its bottom is not visible. People need money, they are actively apply for cash at a pawn shop. And not always get to buy mortgaged property, lists of which are growing day by day. Pawnshops, basically, sell mobile phones, audio, video and computer equipment. Main page of Internet resources and staff hotlines such organizations just remind them that advantage - price. Prices, of course, are impressive: Mobile Phones from 180 UAH, MP3-Player from UAH 200, from 340 cameras UAH 360 UAH from televisions, laptops, 1,800 USD, the musical centers of UAH 300, DVD-players from 170 UAH 700 UAH from the camcorder. We took several separate models and techniques were compared with prices in stores: pawn shops offer cheaper by about 30-70%. "I wanted to buy a phone with MP3 player and looked closer to these goals, the Nokia 5200, but the highlight 972 UAH from its modest budget could not. Wait another month until the new salary it was scary - to save money, I can not. On the advice of my mother, I went the pawnshop and found it really interesting thing I have. The phone was b / y, though almost look like new. But the cost of 330 USD cheaper, " - Says the accountant Catherine Morozenko. At the same time, such shopping has its drawbacks. We must not forget that we are talking about technology, second-hand. Pawnshops do not give the same warranties and product do not take back. Do not offer and service. Employees talk about it carefully. "You come here and check the equipment on the spot, - Answers on the phone a specialist technical department pawnshop "Aldan". - When we update, tested whether the selling technique, a specialist only insists that the buyers themselves are examined, and a pawnshop guarantees nothing. " The department pawnshop "Skarbnitsya" on the street. O. Teligi, 17, exhibited on display only phone (240 USD) and related accessories. "We snatch MP3-Player, is rarely home appliances - says the seller. - One mobile phone, which you look at, worth 240 USD, will work good player but his smallest memory and extra memory card You have not provided. There is a more expensive model - for $ 600 USD - also with player, but here the problem with the buttons - they cracked in half and fall out. If you look closely, you'll see - on the buttons have gone cracks. Price matches quality. Thing is checked three times - when taking it as collateral, then in stock for the third time - we have a commission office. It is a pity that commission offices in pawn shops offer almost no major consumer technique - it just rarely take a pledge. Buy on the cheap refrigerator - good luck. We have a refrigerator and stiralku currently in Kyiv Pawnshops not found. "Price is automatically updated, because what you see there, actually sold now - says the hot line "Skarbnitsі." - If a refrigerator (which happens very rarely), call the above in the table and ask the office "set aside" technique prior to your arrival. "


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