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Выплату компенсаций вкладчикам Сбербанка СССР отложили из-за МВФ

Payment of compensation to clients of Sberbank of the USSR Soviet contribution to impaired again postponed, the press service of the Ministry of Finance . Acting Minister of Finance Igor Umansky at first promised to resume the issuance of 1000 UAH in June, then in July. Despite this, when funds can be listed in Oschadbank through which they are paid , the Finance Ministry do not know.
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Not clarified the situation and Oshchadbank - there is also nothing is known except one: the decision of the Cabinet, the last date of issue of compensation - 25 December. Alas, the economists forecast pessimistic: they say of the money depositors can not wait (though, recall that in 2009 budget inherent in the payment of 250 million UAH. v. 6, 4 billion USD. distributed to Premier in 2008). The fact that the IMF made by the Ukrainian government promises to reduce the budget deficit to 5, 5 billion USD. It is almost 0, 6% of GDP. As a result of Ukraine at the year end figure is expected to reach 6% deficit of nominal GDP. See also: Yushchenko knows where to get the 30 billion for Naftogaz If the Cabinet would honor his promise and started again give investors in 1000 USD, the financial situation in Ukraine could worsen. In particular, the next infusion of money into the economy could lead to a reduction hryvnia exchange rate and an increase in inflation. And besides, in this case, the IMF could refuse to issue a third tranche stand-by, which made it the de facto impossible to carry out government's economic program. Besides , the real purchasing power of 1000 UAH for inflation over time decrease, which could facilitate the state compensation. In June The Cabinet of Ministers proposed parliament to withdraw from the law of the state guarantees recovery rate of savings of Ukrainian citizens to index devalued the contributions and premiums in line with inflation. "Let's face it: the money is not and can not be, because that the Cabinet had already half a year understated performance reports about monthly plans income, but by the end of the year we are waiting for the bitter hangover. Not to mention the fact that now, when there is a healthy banking sector, in which the government difficult to find funds, payment of even 250 million to investors will look to say the least, provocative - says renowned economist, MP Ksenia Lyapina. - Indirectly, that "thousands" would not be said and accepted recently the law "On rehabilitation of the banks": the bad loans and problem deposits of all banks want to focus in a single institution (bank), and so let it dealt with them. Therefore, it is likely that "burned" the Soviet contributions will be in the same bank and they will bond the fate of Stalin's treasury bonds period, which restructured and paid for about 40 years. " "The Cabinet can count on strong revival of demand in the global market metal to the end of the year, which will give significant revenue. Only then the prime will carve out for "thousands" of 250 million hryvnia, and cast them as his last grenade fire in election campaign - says analyst ICPS Alexander Acorn. - But the likelihood of this - no more than 10%. "


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